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Resource Begging Thread Anonymous 04/26/2021 (Mon) 13:38:10 No. 2623
ITT beg for resources, anything from broad categories to specific angles goes. Pls post cute girl hands. 2d or 3d. I can't make my fingers not disgusting.
Fingers are an affront to god and should be removed from the Human Anatomical Canon immediately. Just give me a mitten flap thing with a thumb and index appendage and call it good.
(1.04 MB 2841x2000 small_big_hands.jpg)

>>2628 >Hand thread >Not posting hands Epic Hands and fingers are the best things to ever exist aside from the human brain.
Does anyone have some good photo references of the medial/anterior side of the forearm? I'm struggling a bit with making sense of it. The Flexor Carpi Ulnaris, Flexor Digitorum and Palmaris Longus don't seem very defined in any of the pictures I've found but I feel weird just leaving that area blank. Also wasn't there already a thread for resource begging?
>>2703 I usually just draw a butt shape for the biceps to wedge into and then a couple lines to imply the various associated tendons that travel up to the hand and wrist.
>>2704 Also oh, actually I think some Proko stuff that was featured in ImagineFX at one time has what you're looking for. If I'm not mistaken it can be found early on in the ImagineFX thread
>>2705 Here it is: >>177 In hindsight it's a bit brief. I'm spoiled because I have Proko's premium content which includes a very exceptional 3D model to supplement his lecture on the subject. There's probably something on sketchfab that is suitable, though. The OP of the practice thread has a text file that links to a pretty thorough Ecorche model.
>>2706 Thanks, that was quite useful to me, although the Proko thing shows the arm from the lateral side (out of curiosity, did you also assume that the thumb side of the forearm is medial? I made that mistake at first and only found out I was wrong after googling to double check). Assuming the Ecorche model is accurately proportioned it helped correct a couple things. I also found >>166 which kind of helped a little. After significant amounts of cross referencing and double checking; that twist really messed with my head.
>>2713 >did you also assume that the thumb side of the forearm is medial? (yes) >Assuming the Ecorche model is accurately proportioned it helped correct a couple things. Good to hear. I found a lot of that stuff pretty helpful though it remains somewhat incomplete. Perhaps there are better models floating around out there now.
>>2628 Leopold II was on the right track.
>>2623 where are some free, anatomically-correct-enough male/female models that I can use in blender for reference posing? I'm not sure if I want to pay money for both the ecorche models in the loomis pastebin.
any good... anything on the basics of construction with shapes? i'm just learning how to do this
(218.59 KB 766x1000 1411238019229.jpg)

(123.96 KB 743x505 persp2.jpg)

(354.32 KB 1000x1297 preston_blair_cutecharacter.jpg)

>>4013 >any good... anything on the basics of construction with shapes? i'm just learning how to do this I would start with just looking at some pictures of cartoons characters or objects you have and tracing shapes over them. Anything complex is made up of very basic shapes, the square, circle, and triangle. You'll learn about perspective as you get a handle on construction, and be able to tackle more difficult subjects. The idea is to take simple forms and turn them 3D. Once you can do that, you can twist and turn them, change these shapes to be whatever you want, and you'll be able to visualize in 3D. Form drawing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhOdCVZjdDA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uEtdDvK6Xo I would start with CtrlPaint's beginner course on traditional sketching on his website.
>>4033 Thansk for the advice, but the shapes part is what I've already done. Those animals made from shapes is where I'm at now, and it's what I'm looking for. I don't mean to sound like I think I've mastered it, or anything. But I've been shapes and perspective for months and I want to move on from it.

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