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(284.10 KB 412x425 MagicwandmakemyCIAGLOW.png)

Anonymous 10/08/2020 (Thu) 12:04:46 No. 421
>Anon.cafe bunker up for months >Never gets advertised on 8kun so things stay split for weeks to a end >Finally a sticky goes up >It links to the fucking glownigger's website instead You fucking retard
(45.99 KB 577x558 glownig3.png)

>>421 > >It links to the fucking glownigger's website instead How is it a glownigger website? It's a hidden serive, which means it's a million times more secure than 8chan.moe or anon.cafe (You really should lurk /g/ or /tech/ more if you have no clue how Tor works. Only because Tor isn't perfect ddoesn't mean it's not a thousand times better than the clear web.). A plus for nanochan: Nanochan doesn't need cookies or javascript for posting (8chan.moe and anon.cafe need cookies, even if they pretend they don't.). A plus for anon.cafe: anon.cafe plays gifs automatically which is another plus. You're the glownigger my sir. Stop spreading hate. We are decentralized, which means if you sir nuke 8chan.moe, then there's anon.cafe. If all the clear net image boards are nuked, there's Nanochan.
>>421 Actually excuse my post if you've meant 8chan.moe/8chan.se/etc. is a glownigger site. That could very much be the case. I don't have enough intel on that. But This site is still a lot better than 8kun. I'm also not sure why we're not on anon.cafe. It's the software I've seen.
>>423 *It's pretty good software.
>>423 >Actually excuse my post if you've meant 8chan.moe/8chan.se/etc. is a glownigger site. I did. Not sure how you thought you were on Nanochan. As for 8moe, there's no clear proof but damn it I hate this Acid faggot. He wants to make a new 8chan to replace the webring but he's not trustworthy enough for it. I also assume you're a decentralization fan from your last post so I don't think I need to go into more detail on that. Everyone should avoid using this website as anything but a quick bunker.
> How is it a glownigger website? For those who don't know the story: 1. Anti-Gamergate doxxed Acid Man, found out he sold heavy weaponry that needs a license, and reported him to the FBI. 2. It turns out Acid was a licensed gun dealer and sold to local cops and FBI who asked him wtf was going on. 3. Acid compiled evidence on the people who doxed him and sent that back to the FBI 4. This makes Acid a glownigger but somehow not the people who reported him to the FBI in the first place I recommend the BO close this thread because it'll cause nothing but bitching
>>427 Somebody spams every board that opens on this site with this sort of shit. One keeps asking the BO of /monarchy/ "why did you leave the webring?". They play dumb when confronted. It could just be angry /cow/boys who are mad Julay imploded, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of the people who tried to dox Acid are still angry the FBI thing got bounced back on them. Most of them weren't anti-GamerGate at the time, but they started ggrevolt when Acid didn't want to join their irc cabal. Now they hang out on /cow/ and mock GamerGate. They've earned a bad reputation, even on most webring sites, for starting drama. They don't care when boards and sites explode as long as they are entertained. Closing it is probably best. Moving anons around a ton causes burnout, and its only existence seems to be to spread disinformation.
(543.29 KB 1280x1024 0PercentOrangeJUice.png)

>>427 >I recommend the BO close this thread We know.
Sorry lads I've been working for most of the past 18 hours so I hadn't checked the board for quite a while. >>421 (OP) I don't follow post-8chan.net diaspora meta discussion at all I'm being honest. I used two boards on the original 8chan: the original /loomis/ (which was showing great promise until 8chan shit itself for six months straight while Hotwheels and his friend-who I understand went by the handle 'Joshie-Woshie-Moonie-Bean' "fixed" the site)-and a board made as a sanctuary for a dwindling population of aging libertine shitposters who'd recently lost their own website. I don't know much about anything that's been going on for the past several years as far as the greater 8chan community goes nor am I invested in it much at all either, if that makes me a retard well, that's a badge I choose to wear with distinction! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZ8-ETHE9AI[Embed] >anon.cafe From a software perspective I don't know what about it that's any better or any worse than this place; afaik they're both vanilla Lynxchan installs right? The BO there had a following at julay.world I believe-another site I know little about other than it being one of many 8chan alternatives; seems like a good lad, I don't have anything negative to say about him. I don't know if he's an artist himself but he's done a good job curating his board nonetheless and I'm happy it exists. Having seen 8chan.moe shrug off a sustained attack, whereas I've personally witnessed many others wither under little resistance if any, whatever its faults I am mostly optimistic about its future.
Edited last time by loomis on 10/09/2020 (Fri) 05:40:28.
>>428 If /cow/ is angry they need to direct their shit at Rob for literally giving up, >>421 Oh please all sites are glownigger sites, 8chan was, people found out that FREDDIT and not even fucking Jim was the one behind datamining scripts, if you feel ashamed about anything you do online or fear the glowniggers coming at your door, my advice? Get off. Tor is compromised even if people say it isn't, and so is clearnet, Become the villain people want you to be and watch as they fall back stunned at their inability to deal with the situation any further.
>>437 >>428 >/cow/ >someone dug up the word lolcow out of internet history and made a board out of it Would I be correct in assuming /cow/ is made of literal diagnosed and on the spectrum autists whose only understanding of imageboards comes from encyclopedia drammatica?
(31.94 KB 300x300 1423180384093.png)

>>432 Alright, I see. Are you willing to put up a link to anon.cafe's loomis?
>>440 Given that any imageboard's existence is tenuous I intended to put a link to that and (perhaps against my better judgment) 8kun in the board announcements at some point after we got a little more settled in, yeah. >>439 It's just a board for weird people looking to gangstalk other marginally weirder people iirc.
Jesus christ I'm out of things I thought this all died with 8kun there's like 3 alternatives and weapon selling or some shit
(142.61 KB 720x1031 giga-cucked.jpg)

WOW I just checked out 8chan.t*p and it seems to be giga cucked. Good thing we at least escaped to this place. Enjoy the nice thing fully as long as they last

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