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(236.41 KB 1920x1080 Ryan-Screenshots-408.jpg)

Avoiding nudity? 11/29/2021 (Mon) 23:35:52 No. 5168
Could I learn figure drawing without nudes? I don't want to look at naked people Using models that use underwear would be fine, right? Like in this proko ref
>>5168 yes
>>5168 Yes
>>5168 yes
Artchad said he migrated to anon.cafe btw He told me to say this (?
>>5318 Oh, that reminds me-I need to update the announcement to remove the disgraced 8kun.top as a bunker. I will leave anon.cafe though of course.
(46.70 KB 522x717 wa.jpg)

>>5318 Is anon cafe good? /loomis/ has been getting quite weird lately due to the artkike guy. However anon cafe also seems full of drama that are related to artchad for some reason.
>>5168 Yeah you can but you are missing out drawing people nude is one of the purest forms of freedom and beautiful sites to behold in art.
>>5319 >disgraced 8kun.top What happened? I know the timeline as this: >Hotwheels leaves because he's a cunt and blames everyone for "bullying" him. >Codemonkey takes over >site gets shat on by alt left. >Jim decides "let's rebrand" to 8kun. >codemonkey talks with lawyer about loli because unironic pedos have been getting loli banned everywhere. >lawyer says loli is not allowed >traffic bombs as anons leave to the webrings. >eventually codemonkey steps down and that's all I know. what happened afterwards?
>>5395 The story of 8chan so far as I know it, being a guy that posted on /loomis/ pretty much exclusively this entire time (but still believed in the "idea" of 8chan as a hedge against over moderated, censorious websites like R*ddit): >8chan.net picks up Gamergate traffic and becomes relevant out of nowhere after a couple years of just sort of floundering around like most non-4chan imageboards >Hotwheels begins taking heat from journalists, SJW-types etc. which he bravely shrugs off >8chan is taken over by a rich old boomer named Jim and his son Codemonkey, with Hotwheels remaining basically the CTO or whatever you might call it; Hotwheels was painted into a corner because he was cut off from all conceivable mainstream payment gateways so effectively selling the site was his only option >Suddenly, just a few months in the site stops working properly, posts on the front page are frozen in place for hours, sometimes days at a time (the catalog still works normally) >Instead of fixing the problem, Hotwheels and his friend Josh Moon who Jim hired with Hotwheels' recommendation deign to make a new imageboard engine entirely. The site is left broken for six months and well over 90% of the users, maybe over 95% even had left by that point. >Hotwheels has an epiphany and investigates the code; it was one of Josh's commits that broke the site and instead of taking care of that which probably took him no time at all and giving themselves time to work on this second project they put the cart before the horse, losing everything in the process. >8chan.net was still around and now "fixed", then some Kiwi shoots up a mosque full of people who unironically didn't do nuffin' and instead of blaming it on Reddit implicates 8chan, which is subsequently taken out in the legal kerfuffle that followed. >Some months pass after that and then 8chan comes back as "8kun", is hosted on a toaster and riddled with posting errors >We stuck it out as long as we could there despite its flaws but it was pretty insufferable, eventually I was approached by Mark who moderated /v/ from the beginning of the affair who'd apparently made his own imageboard with help, and that's how we ended up hear
>>5397 Sorry, but that really isn't any less or more than what I already know. I was wondering if there were any updates on drama after CM left.

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