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Draw because you want too & not because you have too

Anonymous 03/09/2022 (Wed) 09:28:25 No. 5883
Looking to know how to space "impeccably" in animation, especially looping walk cycle. counting naturality, physics, and weight of the character, i want to be able to generate poses,motor patterns that are at least correct enough to be a walk cycle, of various states, the key is spacing and timing, drag/follow thru, i suppose. but there arent always rules for different scenes and perspectives... this seems like a necessary basic skills to have but i cant find enough in any animation book. books are welcome to recmmend.
AMB animation is the best animation instruction content that exists online or off and it's not even fucking close. The only downside is that it's all videos only (I have attention problems so I've struggled to make proper use of it) and they're unedited which can cause further difficulty as there can be (often informative) tangents in the flow of instruction, trolls in the comments sections interrupting things or AMB himself seething about something or other which can all detract a bit from the instruction and waste a bit of time. However, it's all extremely meticulous stuff and whatever the hell he's asking for his content these days is well worth the cost even if it's in the thousands and I say that without a shred of irony.
Edited last time by loomis on 03/09/2022 (Wed) 12:48:53.
>>5884 you mean that it needs to be completely captioned to even be moderately useful?
>>5886 It's like a live class that you can loop, pause and replay. If you can learn in person you can learn from this.
>>5887 hahahahahahhhahaa yeah i dont learn well in person either otherwise i d have been done by now i wouldnt say books are easier but then it's more readable than sounds, right?
>>5888 Yeah I agree. Sadly the only real resources outside of that are ones you'd likely heard before: the Animator's Survival Kit the Illusion of Life Timing for Animation Drawn to Life
>>5883 >"impeccably" Even if you perfecting the movements you'll be at risk stepping into uncanny valley or creating robotic movements. Organics aren't flawless. You should expect this. >but i cant find enough in any animation book. In that case study yourself with rotoscoping.
>>5890 anything else? i have seen those. >>5894 >uncanny true but simulations these days have been impecabble to simulate disney like materials or even realistic, like in the past, while rotoing also gets you these weird chunky movements. either way maybe it's to systematically define things at least since there is an amount of consistent styling...

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