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Majo Minarai o Sagashite

The movie is finally translated! And to think, this movie was the reason why /mahodou/ was conceived on in the first place. Thank Doremi-Fansubs for translating this movie, those guys are awesome. Here's the whole enchilada, make sure to seed

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We're Back

Welp, the votes are in! /delicious/ wanted it back, so here it is; /mahodou/, exclusively on! There aren't many rules here, other than discuss the show, games, visual novels, movies, OVAs, toys, etc. without devolving into meme babble. This show's age demographic may be for children, but that doesn't mean you aren't adults! Discussing the art side of the fandom is acceptable, but keep in mind, there's already a thread for risque pictures of Doremi and the gang. If you're interested in those types of images, they can be found here:, and when that thread eventually sinks, just CTRL + F "doremi" on /delicious/ or any of the other rorikon boards. Boorus and doujin readers have lots of material too. And with that out of the way, there's not much more I can say other than Have Fun, Relax, & Post Doremi

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I love the Ojamajo Doremi art style so much

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I saw your thread in the list just 2 hours ago but I was tired I thought I would reply later. I didn’t know this board was just made, I could’ve greet you earlier. For introduction: Hello I’m the Board Owner of /ai/, a board for shows aimed at little girl demographic, mostly Aikatsu and Pri series. I hope we can get along.

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Ojamajo Doremi Manga

I know it looks weird and the story is different from the anime, but it's official so I wonder if we'll ever see it translated. Or at all! Damn, it's weird that a manga that was published and broadly distributed less than 20 years ago is now lost media.

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Hana-chan love thread

Hana-chan, the final Ojamajo. She is a cute little blond loli who seems ditzy and carefree at first, but turns out to be pretty bright... but she is still pretty bratty and immature in a lot of important ways. I love her babyish voice and the pink hearts on her butt.

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Two hundred adorable pictures of Aiko

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Mystery CD

Anyone has it? It came with a Spanish magazine.

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Momo supremacy.

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Fan games and doujin games

They're not easy to find. Let's collect them here.

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Ojamajo Cards

I wanted to make this thread back in the old board... Ojamajo Doremi cards! They´re legendary, fun, and you can play with them! I think. I would like to have them all, but it seems like no one even knows how many are they. Do you like 'em? Have some?

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Anime Similar To Doremi

In this thread, we try to fill the void in our hearts that Doremi and her four seasons of anime + OVAs couldn't fill. Personally I can't think of any shows that are similar to Doremi in terms of writing and just as likable characters, but Toei's adaptation of "Let's climb that mountain!" is somewhat similar visually. Of course Crayon Kingdom is a lot closer to being similar to Doremi. It's a shame it'll probably never get a full English translation. ;__;

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Ojamajo Doremi Books

How many books are there? I'm not talking about the novels, manga, or anime comic. I mean books about the show.

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Happy Birthday, Doremi-chan!

Today's a very special day for a very special lady.

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¡Bienvenidos al Hilo en Español de Ojamajo Doremi! [spoilker]There are countless Hispanic fans of the show, so I think it would be good to have a Spanish thread so those fand that aren't too confident about their English skills can participate too.[/spoilker]

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I spent some time digging around old Japanese webring-type fansites for Ojamajo Doremi. They seem like they were really nice places to be around at the time. People would register on some free hosting service and build up their little shrines to whatever they were into and share their fanart and their .midi music. You get the impression that everyone you'd run into when browsing around was a genuine fan who put his whole heart into it, even if the technical skill level wasn't so great. These sites tended to have いただき pages for fanarts received as gifts with a few dozen pictures listed. Those are a good way to find more sites. A lot of people were just as big fans of Fushigi Mahou Fan Fan Pharmacy as they were of Ojamajo Doremi. These pictures are from After diving through sites like this for some time you get a sense of where to find content. Look for keywords like リンク (links) or CG (computer graphics) or いただき (received things) or BBS (bulletin board system). Some more sites as a starting off point for your searches:

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Thoughts about Pop's tiny classmates? I think they're cute as can be, I wish they had their own episodes.

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I was looking for this farting picture that I saved from 8chan /mahodou/ that I had given up on finding, and I found it by chance just now!

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I love little Beth. I wish we had more episodes about/with her. Is she in the novels?

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Magical Shota Transformations

Thoughts about when the Ojamajo turn themselves into boys and men?

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Ojamajo Adventure: Naisho no Mahou

Any chance that we'll see this game ever translated, or is that just a dream? Is the game basically another OVA?

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Non-H Doujin

Are there many clean (or at least not openly sexual) doujin of OD? This one is kinda ecchi, but not really. And I lost the rest of the pages, and I would love to know who the artist is. Anyone knows? Also, there's one about a French witchy that comes to Japan an goes to Doremi's school. I think someone translated it?

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This is how Onpu would look if she had Komachi from Yes Precure 5's horrible hairstyle that looks like some roadkill's hanging by its tail from the back of her head

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Hazuki Thread

Hazuki is cute. Cute! Shes CUTE! And so, Hazuki Thread.

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This anime can have a tremendous effect on people.

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Momo-chan is cute. Cute! She's CUTE! By fad my favorite Ojamajo, although they're all wonderful.

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Hola Bandada

Just found this board from a Hispanic IB. My fully support for you.