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Internet Archeology Anonymous Ojamajo 07/07/2022 (Thu) 08:12:40 No. 377
I have an idea, a project really. Maybe some of you are interested? I wanna form a group dedicated to Internet Archeology. See these lovely pictures of Onpu? I just recovered them from a dead website. They haven't been seen for over a decade, they would have been lost. How many pieces of art are hidden and forgotten in dead websites, waiting to be found by Internet Archeologysts? If you're interested, let me know. I have a plan.
(76.27 KB 400x800 al_onpu13.jfif)

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(71.39 KB 400x800 al_onpu06.jfif)

Oh, and of course this wouldn't be just limited to galleries of Ojamajo DOremi. Or to pictures, even. I bet we could recover cool music and videos, too. Entire websites! This means fans of other anime and manga could be also interested.
(80.85 KB 400x800 al_onpu05.jfif)

(72.85 KB 400x800 al_onpu02.jfif)

(72.71 KB 400x800 al_onpu01.jfif)

Ojamajo Doremi came out at the exact right time, when the Internet was still seen as new, but already had appeal to average users. When digital art was becoming popular, but was still niche. When on-line galleries were common, but centralized services for artists and social media didn't exist yet. Therefore, many defunct galleries contain lots of Ojamajo Doremi stuff. But, as I said, this project is for all. If we get it going, we should inform fans of other anime, manga, and fans of all sorts of media. They'll also want to see what can be recovered.
id be totally down to help. I havent done much digging on dead sites before, but ive spent alot of time downloading, preserving, and organizing art from specific fanbases. got ~3000 unique pieces of doremi art (mostly lewds from /delicious/, but im considering making it an all-encompassing doremi fanart folder) here: https://mega.nz/folder/yc4w2SaZ#RTI_7gzYcXCWy7_UzLPYCQ
>>377 it sounds like it would be good to explore neocities and geocities.ws
>>382 Oh, you're the one that made the Mega? Thanks! >id be totally down to help Great! Look, this is how I do it normally: I have two ways to find the URL of old sites. The first way is going to sites where they share doujin, such as nhentai.net and I check the doujin that looks old. Then I check the last pages. Those pages usually have info, and if that info includes an URL, then step 3 is to type that URL into Wayback Machine.
>>386 And then, if you're lucky the galleries can be explored. Some times you get broken websites, but other times you really get lucky. And that's one way that I use. There's another way that I have to obtain URLs. Of course I'm open to other ways. >>385 Yes! Yes, of course. Well, sounds to me like there is some interest. So, later I'll tell you how I propose we unite all the people interested, so we can all work together united, in one centralized place.
(21.67 KB 400x400 085647857656868.png)

I'm very interested in this subject. I've expressed quite a few times on this board that I'm passionate about the history of oekaki, and after years of booru browsing and torrent downloading, seeing so many oekaki images in art collections brings me a great feeling of dread that we'll never truly know who that art belongs to. This project could potentially help find out just where these oekaki images come from. Some from doujinshi circles' BBS boards on their homepages, others from miscellaneous Futaba spinoffs, who knows?
(23.22 KB 239x464 momoko1.jpg)

(51.59 KB 667x628 hana.jpg)

(95.05 KB 794x385 summergirl.jpg)

(132.38 KB 480x632 onpu-bd.jpg)

(124.93 KB 863x655 yj-ojdj.jpg)

>>394 It's so good to see people interested! If we work together, I bet we can recover awesome, awesome art.
(36.42 KB 367x506 haduki.jpg)

(38.61 KB 373x468 doremi.jpg)

(50.99 KB 417x567 mama.jpg)

(66.85 KB 420x516 marina.jpg)

(70.56 KB 420x630 1652411939678.jpg)

>>387 I'm kinda autistically obsessed with media preservation, especially when it comes to niche Internet stuff, so I'd totally be down with contributing to this in some way. If you're able to find someone who knows scripting, they could probably find a way to compile links/images more efficiently than what you're doing now. One thing I propose we could do is try to archive lost Doremi fanwork from other mediums, in addition to the artwork. I think it'd be cool to find lost Doremi fanvideos/AMVs, for example (I know the Wayback Machine occasionally archives Youtube videos). If that's outside your limits, though, we could just stick to the artwork instead. >There's another way that I have to obtain URLs. What is it, if you don't mind me asking?
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