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(102.25 KB 546x756 m82685489931_1.jpg)

(240.67 KB 720x540 180867770.jpg)

Ojamajo Cards Anonymous Ojamajo 04/22/2021 (Thu) 03:04:29 No. 4
I wanted to make this thread back in the old board... Ojamajo Doremi cards! They´re legendary, fun, and you can play with them! I think. I would like to have them all, but it seems like no one even knows how many are they. Do you like 'em? Have some?
the cards for playing are different from the character cards? two different kinds of cards?
If I win the lottery...
(33.15 KB 300x400 1563251446360.jpg)

(83.51 KB 285x400 1556751034924.jpg)

I'd buy them all if I had the cash, but since I probably won't ever be rich, I wish they'd just re-release all the cards. The game cards and the collectable ones. I'd try to buy them all. It still wouldn't be cheap, but it wouldn't be as expensive as that'd be today.
How can I hck someones Insta account. I have kali installed in my pc.
(226.29 KB 366x514 1556895705955.jpg)

(72.62 KB 363x512 gg045192.jpg)

(71.90 KB 363x512 gg045190.jpg)

>>126 You seem to be serious about collecting cards. Sorry, cant help you but I wish you luck. Hope to see you share pics of the cards as you obtain them.
>>128 Is that first card based on anything? I know many cards are parodies and references of other anime, and jokes about the VA, so maybe that one with Onpu and Doremi sharing6a bed is like that? Because if it isn't, then what's the context? They never did that in the show. I would remember if they did...

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