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(427.50 KB 640x480 onpu_fire.png)

WWYD? Anonymous Ojamajo 08/11/2022 (Thu) 17:45:15 No. 421
the board is kinda silent lately...i was pondering, what would you do if you had the choice of being a pseudo-immortal witch or being a mortal in the last episode? i mean, they wanted to be witches all this time, but they left all behind, even left hana behind would you rather being an immortal witch or would you prefer to be an embassador of the magic world like they chose to be?
Depends on the circumstances. If you're just asking a basic question of 'would you do it?' without any context or consequences attached, then yeah. I'd just take the magic and the long life and try to live out the rest of my many days in peace. If I'm in the same situation that the girls were in, then I would probably make the same choice they did.
(164.48 KB 640x480 zzz.jpg)

There is no way that I could leave Hana-chan behind.

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