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(253.53 KB 1200x1200 1562289257719.jpg)

Anonymous Ojamajo 04/22/2021 (Thu) 03:43:30 No. 6
I saw your thread in the list just 2 hours ago but I was tired I thought I would reply later. I didn’t know this board was just made, I could’ve greet you earlier. For introduction: Hello I’m the Board Owner of /ai/, a board for shows aimed at little girl demographic, mostly Aikatsu and Pri series. I hope we can get along.
(18.02 KB 360x240 unnamed.jpg)

>a board for shows aimed at little girl demographic That spunds fun! I totally wanna check that board later.
I also wanna say hi y'all, and thanks for the board. >>6 And I'll be checking that one too.
(848.81 KB 1024x1280 53984881_p2.png)

I only watch the season where Onpu debut. Can I watch the newly subbed movie?
>>10 It has been reported, by reviwers that had seen 0% of the show, that the movie is incredibly friendly to those who don't know the show. Also, reviewers have given it overwhelming good marks, including those who don't know the show. It's probably even better as an experience if you are familiar with the show, but apparently you can enjoy it as it is.
(101.17 KB 1280x720 1607247962085.jpg)

>>12 I see. Do you people have any plan to livestream it? I plan to watch it in the next 2 months (since things might get busy in 8chan in Summer).
(17.44 KB 628x144 top 10.jpeg)

Also congratulation for reaching top 10 in 1 day
>>21 Yay! See¡ people care. Doremi is a classic after all.
>MAHO堂*Abandoned* Where on earth is your BO? Your custom view is one of the best in 8chan!
(26.09 KB 300x500 stop peeping!!.jpg)

>>73 How do you see the custom view?
>>79 Is that Marina? Absolutely cute, but close to being lewd.
>>79 Custom reply color is a good detail. Hmm, this is weird. I remember It have many more thing, like a an image hovering in catalog view, or did I misremember it?
(26.25 KB 1290x132 hover.jpg)

Ah there it is
Our 10th series anniversary will have magic and witch in its theme. Not magical girl, that's >>90 territory
Looks like site's birthday today
>>195 Wait, the site? Neat-o.
(305.10 KB 1378x2012 86135083_p2.jpg)

The only Nijigasakis fitting to me an ojamajo
(49.72 KB 480x360 7iZ0p6heakg.jpg)

Bangdream Doremi collab https://youtu.be/WDo26ApG5jM well, Bangdream is not /ai/ per se but an /ai/ community play the game and starting last week I tried inviting Bangdream poster too
>>6 > a board for shows aimed at little girl demographic sounds good >mostly Aikatsu and Pri series u wot? i've heard about those series before...they're good? i can have the same suffering inflicted to little girls as doremi? >>12 it was a very good movie they even used a pedofriend as an avatar for the typical onpufag
(168.79 KB 1920x1080 1558053787814.jpg)

(339.84 KB 1920x1080 PAREO from Raise a Sullen.jpg)

(1.03 MB 1812x904 1513365953471.png)

(405.96 KB 2020x1733 Screenshot (993).jpg)

Sorry haven't check for a while >>309 Aikatsu is pretty sugary (on top of dropping realism). I want to say the sad part is for viewers but since you ask about “inflicted to little girls”, check Aikatsu Stars >>>/ai/588 >Pri series Pri series which composed of -Pretty Rhythm series (2011-4) = coffee -Pripara (2014-8) = tea -Kiratto Prichan (2018-21) = whatever millennial drinks -Primagi (2021-now) = this coffee taste like tea served on millennial's cup lightshow notwithstanding, Pretty Rhythm series allow characters being ass to each other to the point of sabotaging people’s career and ruining their future. It is more about healing from pain. . now that I think about it, Pretty Rhythm series have highschooler as main characters compared to middle schooler in another. The arcade game Is aimed for little girls but whoever hired to write the anime make it taste too grownup. Think of it as Madoka of little girls shows.
While at it let me make a comparison to SAO and isekai genre. Around 2011-2 Madoka, SAO and AOT help propel anime into mainstream community. On the good side anime flourish more than before, on the flipside it bring ‘normal’ people outside of target demographic. The smartassess who think everything have to be made for them, ignoring what target demographic is. Since Madoka new mahou shoujo need to be edgy or something. Since SAO Isekai need to subvert some aspect of it instead of played straight. Now, most of anime watchers don’t like Idol anime. People watch zombieland because it ‘subvert’ Idol genre (or whatever). If Pretty Rhythm came out today, it might attract unnecessary attention:people who don’t even like idol stuff but having Schadenfreude for having a genre subverted. Basically they like everything else but the idol themselves. /ai/ are people who like this niche of Idol series with heap of sugar in it. We like it earnestly for what it is. (but IM@S and LL aren't really our thing)

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