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I just want to help you 07/02/2020 (Thu) 04:57:19 No. 1170
I'll make this quick because I can't be bothered: You people seem to be largely ideologues. You seem to have jumped from lolbergism to monarchism just because of some Austrian twat. You seem largely ignorant, and generally stupid like everyone else. But you ought to have been informed thusly: God > History/Facts/Traditions > Practicality/Reality Today/Attitudes Today > Theories/Ideology God informs all else, just like Medieval Man. Then the stories of the past, and an understanding of how things were done. Then what is practical, and what is practical in this day and age. And then theories like capitalism or socialism. Whereas it seems you jumbled together tradition, God, and ideology and economic theory and then called yourself monarchists. If you were better, then you would adjust your opinions according to the situation, instead of immediately condemning "wrongthink" like every other ideological echo-chamber. And then taking history on its own instead of viewing it through "lens", whether purposefully (e.g. "Marxist lens") or accidentally (e.g. "The Crusades were fought for resources, just like war in the Middle East today."; "all wars are bankers' wars, because I guess politics aren't nuanced and decisions aren't made on multiple reasons, always one, amirite?"). Case in point, can you imagine how Romans would react to our attitudes about the Punic Wars? In a thousand years, another civilization will look at our Great Wars with the same cold third-person view we do today. Anyway. Europeans are obnoxious faggots and need to be humbled by their betters. Ideally, America will invade Western Europe and conquer or some of it by 2100. Russians are obnoxious but at least have a reason to be blindly patriotic, because they're still a world power, and aren't faggots like Europeans. To the Americans here—study American history and the history of your State. Look at history in the grand scheme of things. Don't let the foreigner scum put you down. You are Americans, and America mirrors Rome.
>>1170 Yeah, a lot here don't seem very Christian, or don't seem to recognize the reality we live in. I'd love little more than to see France become a kingdom again under an autocratic, and devoutly religious king, but it will never, ever happen. The best we can hope for are Caesars in the world-power countries like the USA and Russia because this is very likely to happen, and even then it will take some time until these powers solidify into true autocracies, albeit with republican-facades like the classical Principate. Have you ever met Europeans? Only older Europeans and post-communist Europeans are any good. I don't know what happened to make them either complete retards or effeminate faggots. Although we have a problem with effeminacy in America (and apparently in Russia too, even if the Russians here won't admit it), it pales in comparison to Europe. What a joke. And then Europeans online are just disgusting people in general, unless they're from the countryside and devoutly religious, but they're very few in number. I really hate seeing Americans put themselves down, or even lash out at their grandparents for fighting in the Pacific/Great Patriotic Wars, as if Hitler really would have set everything right, or as if he was absolutely perfect and there were truly none better.
>>1171 Not only that, but appear to be too friendly with the plebs. /pol/ was best when it was politically diverse and full of elitists who hated normalfags.
>>1171 Although one can do perceive similarities between ancient Rome and the US, it is also hard to ignore how the US was built on much more "libertine" principles than Rome. We are talking about a country that intervened in what was up until then the greatest war humanity have ever seen (namely, the Great War) to spread its liberal and democratic views on a continent that was largely ruled over by monarchies. True enough, once upon a time the US was just as much territorially expansionistic and religiously idealistic as its ancient predecessor, but now it replaced territorial expansion with economical and its religious idealism with ideological idealism. I am a European so you might as well call me either a "faggot European" or a "post-communist European", but how I see it on the other end of the ocean is that the US will either return to its founding principles or it will go through a Brazilification or outright balkanization as religious and cultural ties were also seemingly replaced in that big country with "racial" and blood ties as the primary common denominator. Regarding "staying in reality" and not being a larper, I can see the sense in the Spenglerian "Caesars" replacing the current governments leading the "world powers", although purely out of principle, I don't see why I as one advocating for monarchy would have to support candidates that up until now proved to be only really slow down the decline of western civilization but not to stop it. Again, come at me with the accusations of me being an "ideologue" or "living in a dream world" but the only alternative I could see before me as part of the "plebs" is to just take up a passive stance to the republican, "democratic" establishment of my country instead of leigitmizing it through taking part in the democratic process by voting. Of course, I don't say it is the perfect or the only way to do it (if you have any meaningful way to push for the "restoration"/establishment of a monarchy, by all means go for it), but this is the only way I can see before me that wouldn't just prolong the existence of the powers in place.
>>1170 >American, the ur-republic and the country that forswore a landed aristocracy for a financial oligarchy No thanks.
You're only 56% White and dropping even lower once the Boomers are finally dead. Once that happens, Murica will keep losing any ability to be relevant as an empire thanks to poor breeding and demographics. It'll contract and just decline so stealthy that no one will notice until it's already happened. Rome was a degenerate and clown show of disastrous mismanagement and seeking to emulate it in any way is dumb. >>1171 > I really hate seeing Americans put themselves down, or even lash out at their grandparents for fighting in the Pacific/Great Patriotic Wars, as if Hitler really would have set everything right, or as if he was absolutely perfect and there were truly none better The Axis posed no threat to Murica outside of its island posessions (and the Japanese were willing to negotiate) and opposed the Soviet Union. Of course Roosevelt like other liberals in power sympathized with "Communism" (really just an older stage of Globohomo) so he did all he could to aid Stalin. The best thing about the Boomers dying off is that it'll be much harder to push Holocaustianity on the public without going full We Wuz Kangz fantasy. The likes of the Chinese or Achmeds don't give a damm about Jews at best to actively despising them at worst and don't see Hitler as anyone special. There was nobody who did more to aid "Communism" than Murica. Even today, Murica's Deep State and its tendrils spreads tranny bathrooms and demands. >>1178 All Men Are Created Equal does indeed lead to tranny bathrooms and BLACKED porn. Saying otherwise is in denial.
Reminder: The best way to discredit liberal/cuckservative history is to ask if the Deep State forcing desegregation was okay.
(61.84 KB 922x934 Twi_smug.jpg)
Proven right yet again. Should I even bother continuing the silly Blini content if the board shows itself to be lacking worth? I'd be throwing pearls before swine.
>>1181 Little Hans slowly tries to make his way to his computer. His extreme physical weight makes it much harder for him to navigate properly across the room's floor, littered with empty Mt. Dew bottles and all kinds of various dragon dildos. He seats in his dirty and run-down chair, which groans at the shock of his 200, extremely heavy pounds bearing down on it, and presses the start button on his outdated computer. As his computer boots up with a humming sound, Hans picks up a dossier from the trash-littered floor and examines it. It's his trusty old manual made by the National Action, containing various instructions for debate with Americans in online forums. He proceeds to open the dossier with his fat, and very smelly hands. One of Hans' fat arms accidently knocks down one of his countless empty Vaseline tubes, and underneath exposes an old picture which he had long forgotten. Hans was utterly surprised to see it was still there. "Oh Miranda, you dirty American whore, why wouldn't you love me?" Hans whimpers under his heavy breath. Suddenly, all of his repressed and painful memories back from high school return to Hans. Being rejected by his love, her filthy American friends laughing at him, him starting to cry and running off like so many times before. To this day he remains a bitter and hate-filled virgin. He always blamed the Americans for his own failures. "I don't need this stupid slut anyway, or any inferior 56% American cowgirl for that matter," Hans bitterly mumbles, filled with his own impotent anger, and proceeds to throw the picture of Miranda into the trash, which is already filled to the brim with used Kleenex tissue papers. Finally logging into his computer, Hans is greeted by his home wallpaper, consisting of a huge black cock. After discovering the Internet, he soon found an outlet for his repressed sexuality, by fapping to Somalian cuckold porn. He wanted to approach Abdirahim about his feelings, just so he could lose his virginity before he turned 25. Still, Hans had not found the courage to talk to Abdirahim, or anyone except for his mother after he finished high school, for that matter. "I always just wanted to suck your black dick, Abdirahim," he sighed. Hans opens up his outdated Internet Explorer, and searches on Bing for 8chan's "Monarchist" sub-board. Suddenly, he remembers his mother's words. She always told him to get a job in factory work, or become an electrician like his father, Josef Nowakowakópickówaszk. "Please get a real job, Hans. I'm begging you," she would say. But she just doesn't understand. She doesn't understand how utterly important it is to protect the white nations of Europe from these scumbag American patriots and regular Americans on the Internet, whose ultimate goal it is to wipe him off the map. Hans now begins to type on his keyboard. "Fucking commie 56ers, listen up here..." After a short time of posting on 8chan, Hans is sweaty and frustrated yet again, like so often before. "Fucking amerikkkan scum!" he aggressively yells at his computer monitor. Hans is so upset that he actually knocks his Pinkie Pie pony figure off his desk. Little Hans sniffs his tears away and forces himself to calm down for a little while. "I'm sorry, Pinkie," he says. Hans then turns to his wall, which he has covered in NA, anime, MLP and cuckold posters. In the midst of this most unholy mess is a framed picture with the arched words "Remember Dresden." Now, Hans euphorically salutes his wall, and with a burning passion for Europe in his heart, sitting in his mom's basement, he types endlessly. "Oh, you goshdarn basketball americans..."
>>1221 9/11 forgot to complain about the Jews.
>idealogical snobbishness among royalists Really. Not something we can afford at present. People come by realization of need for monarchy in a number of ways. How they come across it doesn't make the realization any lesser.
(10.68 KB 330x320 eilonwy.jpg)
>>1225 >people The vast majority do not, and these here ought to have understood this realization by now, but they have not, because they are plebs. I miss the old elitism. Understanding us to be different from the rest was essential for past growth on any board. It seems most who have used imageboards for the past few years are too comfortable with normalfags, assuming they aren't normals themselves. Even if they masturbate to lolicon or think negroes should be gassed, if they still behave like normalfags, then they're normalfags. Believing otherwise is as retarded as neo-libs who think neo-cons are genuinely unintelligent because they are self-professed neo-cons, and vice versa, despite both acting moronic about it. It is exactly the same sort of faggotry.
>>1221 >>1216 You aren't White. And let a half-Nigger be your president.
>>1225 Amerimutts have always been Communists as Moldbug noted.
>>1227 >>1231 Shouldn't the priority be in refining their beliefs, then?
God, tradniggers sure are annoying

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