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Republican Bullshit Crazy Luxembourger 07/10/2020 (Fri) 00:14:47 No. 1240
Well, while I've been away enjoying retirement from this place, this bullshit happened: https://chronicle.lu/category/at-home/31678-waringo-report-advocates-reform-of-luxembourgs-monarchy I've attached the full report, because why not. If you actually read it, I think I can read behind the lines to see what they want to do (eliminate the monarchy, obviously), but more centrally vital is that at the moment the Grand Duke actually owns a lot of property and they want the republican government to take it. There's a lot of sickening, "We should do this because Belgium does it!" crap. Also, they want to make the Royal House have a bullshit HR director because the Grand Duchess is apparently too much of a hardass for them. Anyways, what the hell has been happening?
>>1240 >Jeannot Waringo clarified that his acceptance of this mission was aimed at encouraging debate on the modernisation of the functioning of Luxembourg's monarchy. Yep. Hopefully the Grand Duke will not be turned into another curio.

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