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American Monarchist Society is reforming to Establishment of Public Traditionalism in America (EPTA) Anonymous 07/11/2020 (Sat) 15:42:17 No. 1265
It seems that they are taking a step back in merely promoting Monarchy, which they still will, but are going to broaden their goals to attract a wider base that may find Monarchy off putting as a sole objective. This will most likely help rope in paleolibertarians, paleoconversatives, and join with other High Tory Gang enthusiasts. https://americanmonarchistsociety.com/ams-reforming-as-epta/ http://epta.online/
(252.04 KB 1242x1230 EcH4ZK9XkAMxMmV.jpg)
(12.10 MB 480x360 Tar the Bastard.mp4)
>royalism >in America Nice LARP, OP. I don't understand why these American peasants are so adamant about their nonconformist political views in a country that explicitly rejects royalism. How do you recouncil with this, if you're an activist? Sometimes I understand that my burger anons will say, "We'll be like the HRE, have an electoral monarchy," but I don't see how that'd work. The problem isn't about a hereditary regime, but then you'd have to deal with "ruling for life" and honorary titles like emperor. There's no establishment-friendly means. The closest thing you have to a monarch is the President, who gets swapped in and out every few years or down the line. There are niche cases of royalty like the Hawaii royals. But being an American royalist is such a quirk, idk why bother doing it outside of just LARPing or having political ideals in general. >American Monarchist Society is reforming to Establishment of Public Traditionalism in America So they gave up?
American Monarchist Society would have been better off, tbh, than muh tradism. I try to make it seem like a hobby, at best, IRL. I don't see what point there is being a political activist anyways. Sure, there are other nonconformist political movements with public appearances like ANTIFA and the literal communists/anarchists. Those are considered against the grain for America. But a monarchist partisan is a contradiction, like I always say. Especially, if there isn't a monarch. My two cents that if America were to have anything like a monarchy, it definitely wouldn't look like one. That's my general opinion for monarchies post-CY 05 is that being a king is unfashionable in general, why bother? If I was a monarch, I wouldn't call myself a king. It just gives them another excuse to call you a tyrant, and royalists themselves have all this fluff in mind. There is a very strong hatred for being a king in the CY no matter what. Imo, the hobby route or simply "just LARPing" is better.
>>1268 I assume they probably realized they would only have but a few members, as advocacy for an American Monarch is extremely niche and ultimately futile in the current timeline with a greater culture war going on. I think it is somewhat wise to ally with the 'paleos', as it will help expose them to ideas of monarchy. I think the biggest hurdle for monarchy in the US is religion. Catholics of course will take to it the easiest, and the Orthodox (which I am) really would have no problem with it, but protestants would be the biggest hang-up. A lot of evangelical protestants see being free from monarchy and religious hierarchy so intimately tied together that they are both one and the same. >My two cents that if America were to have anything like a monarchy, it definitely wouldn't look like one. Charles brings up some good points as to how this might unfold. https://youtu.be/C8AiIIvAs14
>>1287 >I think the biggest hurdle for monarchy in the US is religion I don't see how religion is a problem in an increasingly irreligious country. A Catholic monarch, sure, would meet more resistance, and I'm not sure any American monarch (as Pres. Donald Trump now) would submit to Pope Francis. There are far greater problems, and with religion it really is the lack thereof. We are talking about a change in the form of government, with a sanctioned Constitution prohibiting a royal state altogether. It is already a cultural taboo in this country... then you have the demographics... and the petty political divisions... I doubt it.
(51.72 KB 323x500 51pHlbXqy-L.jpg)
>>1288 It would be a factor, but probably a smaller factor than the cultural factor. Charles hints about this in that video. You would need a fairly homogeneous culture before the conditions would even then begin to be ripe. Probably a reason why the AMS also decided to broaden out. Check out his book if you want to learn more. He probably has put the most thought into how that would realistically happen in the US than anyone else I know.
>>1290 The Constitution basically prohibits a royal state. Have you got an answer? That is a pretty big issue. Unless you want a "crowned republic" like the Doge of Genoa with term limits, but come on now, even then, I don't think even that is possible. I wouldn't be content with it either.
>>1291 Of course the Constitution would have to be changed, no one suggested otherwise. No one is naive enough to presume that in a decade or so we will have a King either.
>>1292 <Of course the Constitution would have to be changed Some tradcaths already consider the U.S.A. a masonic country, and a change doesn't happen overnight in an oligarchic government. Between the two-party system and divisions, that change would be hampered and take time. It would take an extraordinary leadership to fix that. <No one is naive enough to presume that in a decade or so we will have a King either. >going against the two-term Tradition set by George Washington, founder of the country, let alone the Twenty-second Amendment and the Rule of Law~ >not appreciating the Limited Monarchy that exists in the Oval Office, the US Presidency, and the constitutional form of government >assuming your ideal monarch wouldn't get Sic Semper Tyrannis'd for this Independent candidates and other parties outside the Republican and Democrat partisans don't get very far. That's why American Monarchist Society should have stuck with its ideal monarchist roots and went with the hobby route. They could try promoting the royal heritage in the country or even the colonial past. It is a waste of time meddling like a political party.
>>1293 >Some tradcaths already consider the U.S.A. a masonic country Some of them consider everything that doesn't fit within their strict view of Catholicism as masonic. It is pretty hard to completely escape from any slight masonic influence at this point. Just look at how many monarchs and members of royalty were members. >That's why American Monarchist Society should have stuck with its ideal monarchist roots and went with the hobby route. I agree somewhat with you. They are after all a fairly new organization, perhaps they should have gone the hobby route for some time first letting membership build up, and have some conferences and publications etc. We will see what they do, they could very easily go bust. I was just happy to at least see some hint of a Monarchy society in the US. >They could try promoting the royal heritage in the country or even the colonial past. Now this I definitely agree with. Unrelated, here is a video explaining who would be King of America if Washington accepted the crown. https://youtu.be/ZxnBveop5no
(43.73 KB 700x399 idiots.jpg)
>>1288 What does Pope Francis have to do with anything? America will always be majority Protestant, There is no need for a Catholic monarch. Why do tradcaths always insist on forcing their shit denomination on others?
(130.26 KB 447x539 Hamilton_Checks_and_Balances.jpg)
>>1297 >What does Pope Francis have to do with anything? IDK, I just imagined, that he would be there. If it becomes a Catholic empire, better submit to Rome.
(101.96 KB 400x463 Alexander.jpeg)
>>1299 Sadly cute boys don't run empires.
>>1300 I don't understand how trads cope with it. I'd take Alexander the Great as a monarch any day, but these people basically say screw having kings or emperors--I want a pope as monarch. No matter how trad they call it, that's lame. My unpopular opinion is I'm not against having a youthful ruler. Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Caligula), he was young and so was Nero. Sometimes we need a bit of vitality and youth, ambition and long life. Sure, by virtue of being older, they say, but I say by virtue of being younger also. There is much potential in a young monarch, especially in prime and able age. I suspect they like it the same reason they like woman royals. It's the opportunity to have someone they could manipulate better like a figurehead, a feebler someone. The very elderly popes are like an artificial means to setting term limits, wittingly knowing that they are soon to expire.
I think we are best suited to a monarchy, yet I doubt the robots will care much for that though.
I imagine monarchy as an intrinsic part of our collective concious whether people like it or not. We've all met those people, some here maybe those types of people, which lead humanity towards an ordered understanding of the chaos so that we might change our circumstances for the better. Not sure if anyone here knows much about tachyons and the idea of information being sent back in time but not just from a singular future but instead multiple potential realities. A great issue we have as a whole right now is choosing what we see value in and what we denounce to having no value. I think... the intrinsic KiNG for this earth will have many names, and many faces. And for those it matters, relatable. And in that relatability cosmic connections will shift the balance towards what I hope to be the truth of our nature. Man split the atom with knowledge of a seemingly simple equation. Wonders will be accomplished when the learn the knowledge of their true self. ZS.
>>1265 >gang meme Reminder that this became a meme after /leftypol/ became full of redditfags; it is a reddit meme.
>>1297 I'm not a Catholic, but the more I spend time with Protestants, and the more time I learn about the past, the more I have to say Cathodox is the way to go. It is unfortunate that the Reformation has forced others such as myself to dare to have the arrogance to "choose" what is the "right" denomination, but this is the Protestant Curse.
>>1374 What's wrong with Eastern Orthodoxy? Are they incompatible with Western tradition?
>>1392 When did I say there was anything wrong with Orthodoxy? Cathodox = Catholic + Orthodoxy. I actually prefer Eastern Orthodoxy; please excuse my arrogance in saying so, again, the "Protestant Curse".
>>1407 I thought you meant Orthodox / Traditionalist Roman Catholicism, unless you meant catholic as in universal.

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