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(23.28 KB 375x375 rurutu.jpg)
Unknown Restoration Possibilities Anonymous 07/19/2020 (Sun) 02:48:31 No. 1346
This is the island of Rurutu. Until 1900, it was ruled by Teuruarii IV. At that point, France took it over. The people still have a lot of respect for the Teuruarii family, and they are still very influential in the affairs on Rurutu. What would happen if they declared independence from France? It's so small, and in the middle of nowhere, would they really care? Incidentally, there are a handful of other islands in the Austral island chain like this. Rimatara is another one.
>>1346 I hope America conquers it because that would make me hard.
>>1346 I want to become Queen of a small Pacific Island nya~
>>1346 >What would happen if they declared independence from France? It's so small, and in the middle of nowhere, would they really care? The criminal syndicate ruling the world right now would not allow for fair and just forms of government such as monarchies to emerge, it threatens their own legitimacy by proving that something better than their socialist democracies exists, and it threatens their monopoly in those areas. They will meddle with any restoration project to try turn it into yet another socialist-democratic post-modern den of corruption. It's honestly a miracle that monarchies still survive in the Middle East, I guess they use their grip on oil as a way to buy out their right to exist, but even still their power is constantly being chipped away.
>australes sounds like they have a dire need to embrace the art of shitpostingland. also this >>1601 The sea steading project off the coast of thai land but still in international waters was destroyed by the thai govt even tho it was outside of their borders. The gang doesnt want more competition than there already is.
If we're going to hang out on a tiny island we might as well just go to Sealand.
(377.03 KB 1080x1080 _2alJtYOXXk.jpg)
(206.02 KB 1280x720 XxsParI40PE.jpg)
>>1609 This guy is living the dream, he's trying to restore the Romanovs to power in an artificial island off the coast of Gambia. If we can wrest away some crumbs of territory to create new countries (monarchies) to compete with the democratic bandits, we are still challenging their power just by existing, such a project carries with it a lot of political implications. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fljtMTGeZMc
>>1633 A pretender, anyway. The mainline Romanovs disavowed him on the grounds that actually taking part in the republican system is not on.
I'm sure most of you know about the restoration of monarchy in Greece that happened in 1949, ending the Greek civil war, with the monarchy there lasting until 1974. What consequences can we draw from this restoration for the future of monarchy?
For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_Civil_War
>>2030 >>2025 Sounds like what happened in Brazil. Ideally the monarchy should be first in the hearts of the soldiery such that a coup by the generals will be undermined.
>>2031 That seems to be self-evident. However, could that be mitigated if the monarch would be a general himself? Surely that would bring him closer to the troops he is supposed to command as the head of the state and government.
(1.34 MB 640x831 the lust penis.gif)
>>2041 You know what else is self-evident? The BO's desire for BIG MEATY COCKS!

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