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Juan Carlos I Controversy Peasant 08/04/2020 (Tue) 22:09:46 No. 1490
What are your thoughts on the recent flare up with Juan Carlos I? He is alleged to have been sent $100 million from the Sauds, but long ago in 2008 (I think). Related to Spanish companies and a high-speed Mecca-Medina rail He left the country. Weigh in and discuss how condemning the scandal could be and the future of the Spanish crown.
I'm surprised nobody on /monarchy/ is jumping in on this. Whatever Juan Carlos I did, there is word he went to the Dominican Republic.
>>1508 Was he also visiting Epstein's Island or the Saudi equivalent? What was he paid 100 million for nya~?
(140.92 KB 1071x642 3264.jpg)
>>1514 >Spain’s supreme court prosecutor has launched an investigation into the role the country’s former king, Juan Carlos, played in a deal in which a Spanish consortium landed a €6.7bn (£5.9bn) contract to build a high-speed rail line in Saudi Arabia. >Reports emerged in March suggesting Juan Carlos received a $100m (€88m) payment from Saudi Arabia’s late King Abdullah in 2008, three years before the contract was awarded. >According to a statement from the prosecutor, “the investigation pertains to the second phase of the construction of a high-speed rail line to join the cities of Medina and Mecca”. https://www.revistaitransporte.com/tag/al-shoula-consortium/ https://www.worldconstructiontoday.com/industries/transport/spanish-consortium-wins-saudi-rail-contract/ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/08/former-spanish-king-juan-carlos-faces-inquiry-over-67bn-saudi-rail-deal Apparently, it is also connected to suspicion that Spain is an arms dealer to Saudis and that Juan Carlos I has more money than they supervised. Not that I mind a royal having money, but that and the Saudi kickback, I guess... I am cautious because leftists in particular might begrudge him for Franco.
>>1518 >I am cautious because leftists in particular might begrudge him for Franco. Kind of ironic, given how he stopped a bunch of fascists from starting a coup in the early 80s. https://invidiou.site/watch?v=4DodgdzMBkM >>1518 >The King secured a huge contract for Spanish people. >People give him shit because he got money for himself on top of it. HE SHOULD BE LAUDED FOR THIS, NOT LAMBASTED. Reminder that this King is the only one who told off commies: https://invidiou.site/watch?v=wizlL5acKEM There are loads of stories I've heard about Juan Carlos I. Supposedly when he was younger he would sneak out on his moped and drive around. There are stories of people stranded on country roads being helped by this guy on a moped, only to find out just before they were about to part that it was the King. They're just trying to sling any shit they can on monarchies nowadays, just like in Luxembourg they tried to throw shade on the Grand Duchess because of 'turnover.' What minor fuckall complaints.
>>1522 >HE SHOULD BE LAUDED FOR THIS, NOT LAMBASTED. That's what I initially felt, but I am sitting here waiting for more news. Not that I care, because my opinion is that a king is worth more than a thousand men anyways... As Louis XIV says, Nec Pluribus Impar, not unequal to many
>What minor fuckall complaints. Also, I admit, that the previous scandals concerning Juan Carlos I are minor af.
>>1522 >HE SHOULD BE LAUDED FOR THIS, NOT LAMBASTED Ikr? Like how dare they accuse a member of the royal family with an act of crime? Isn't that supposed to be a kind of lèse-majesté? Just goes to show that "democratizing" a monarchy is one of the worst things a monarch can do. Not saying that he should've kept the fascist state of Franco, but he should've push for a more traditional arrangement of things.
>>1531 >they accuse a member of the royal family with an act of crime? They aren't even accusing them of a crime though. This isn't a "crime." This is bullshit.
>>1537 Then what's the fuss about? They're making it look like as if Juan Carlos is a child abuser, a serial killer or something like this...
>>1594 Tbh the Sauds are shit.

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