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Monarchy in Fiction Peasant 10/20/2020 (Tue) 23:54:51 No. 2163
Monarchy appears to be the dominant form of government in almost every fantasy and space opera series, and this is the place to discuss it nya~
Yeah, and half the time they are corrupt, and the hero has to deal with the corruption.
>>2211 but then the hero becomes king
(2.36 MB 2964x1680 76998713_p0.png)
Curiously in fiction, monarchies in crisis will generally have the plots surrounding them end more likely in different ways based on their culture of origin. Monarchies in western media more often than not are there to provide some kind of place for an intrigue or other such nonsense, or they are branded as a quality of the opposition, the big and evil empire coming to slaughter the innocent neighboring peoples. This generally ends in the monarchy either losing in the latter case, or generally becoming more democratic/ a republic after being brought to heel by some liberator/hero. Contrast with two Japanese settings, falcom's trails (and more specifically trails of cold steel) or Attack on titan. (Spoilers from this point on) In trails of cold steel the evil empire is one you live in and rather than making the villain leading the evil the corrupt and evil monarch, it makes it the chancellor, something most western media(looking at you, Avatar) does not do. Furthermore, the civil strife that occurs far from having anything to do implicitly with the empire, is mostly a matter of the nobility, and while the nobility is pointed out as being the ostensible villains, they have the tact to make it more than clear that the reformists merely use their decadence as an excuse than truly fighting the nobles out of the goodness of their hearts. And the way it is resolved, the chancellor is put from his seat, and the imperial family's position is untouched, this is unthinkable for any western media, whom would without a doubt have him "deposed by the people" and the monarchy be made into mere figureheads, or perhaps even more likely, brand the monarch as complicit and depose them altogether for a republic. Similarly, in AOT, the solution to the corrupt regime?, place the humble, new and legitimate monarch on the throne, compare this to western media with the latest developments in Ba Sing Se where the prince simply gives up the throne entirely to form a republic.

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