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/monarchy/ ♕ Music Homecoming ♕ Peasant 05/01/2020 (Fri) 01:27:14 No. 23

Relax and listen to music

Back when the basques were good subjects of the crown instead of the leftist trash of today.
(7.70 MB 320x240 Entree d'Apollon.mp4)
(8.25 MB 640x360 Publions en tous lieux.mp4)
(9.09 MB 640x360 Le Roi Louis.mp4)
(4.65 MB 640x356 Vive Henri IV.mp4)
(6.07 MB 640x360 Er Air Des Espagnols.mp4)
(5.83 MB 640x360 Lully1.mp4)
(4.56 MB 640x360 Chant du Jura.mp4)
(2.88 MB 360x360 Bourbon Restoration1.mp4)
(9.03 MB 640x360 Song of Monsieur Henri.mp4)
(6.62 MB 640x360 Song of Charette.mp4)
(6.47 MB 854x480 La_Catholique.mp4)
(4.06 MB 384x288 La France bouge.mp4)
(6.21 MB 640x360 Debout les Gars.mp4)
(8.30 MB 640x360 La chanson de l'oignon.mp4)
(7.97 MB 640x360 Complainte.mp4)
(4.59 MB 640x360 Complainte de Louis XVI.mp4)
(10.32 MB 640x360 Preobrazhensky_marsch.mp4)
(3.40 MB 640x360 For the Motherland march.mp4)
(4.22 MB 480x360 Yegersky.mp4)
(12.82 MB 640x360 Vzveytes' Sokoly, Orlami.mp4)
(6.16 MB 640x360 Song about Suvorov.mp4)
(4.11 MB 480x360 Voyna i Mir The Senny Song.mp4)
(5.95 MB 640x360 Rejoice Russian Land.mp4)
(4.26 MB 640x360 God Save the Tsar.mp4)
(4.81 MB 480x360 March Totleben.mp4)
(5.34 MB 480x360 anthem.mp4)
(3.21 MB 720x404 tsar-march.mp4)
(12.43 MB 640x360 White Army march.mp4)
(3.99 MB 320x214 Yiddish-anarchist song.mp4)
(4.25 MB 640x360 Rusland bafrayt!.mp4)
(4.99 MB 1280x720 Kyng Enjoys His Own.mp4.mp4)
(14.84 MB 720x406 HH- English Civil War.mp4)
(14.51 MB 640x360 Mo Ghile Mear.mp4)
(11.70 MB 480x360 Ye Jacobites by Name.mp4)
(6.29 MB 640x360 Vicar of Bray.mp4)
(11.50 MB 640x360 Ey Iran.mp4)
(13.24 MB 640x360 Vatanam Vatanam.mp4)
(14.29 MB 640x360 Ey Irân.mp4)
(11.51 MB 640x360 Payande Iran Javid Shah.mp4)
(15.61 MB 640x360 Heil dir im Siegerkranz.mp4)
(12.07 MB 640x360 Wien bleibt Wien!.mp4)
(4.88 MB 640x360 Das Preußenlied.mp4)
(12.24 MB 480x360 Ich Bin Ein Deutscher.mp4)
(13.86 MB 640x360 Unsere Marine.mp4)
(15.97 MB 640x360 Yorckscher Marsch.mp4)
(11.33 MB 640x360 koniggratzermarsch.mp4)
(11.62 MB 450x360 kaiserparade.mp4)
(12.57 MB 480x360 Kaiser_Wilhelm_Back.mp4)
(14.51 MB 640x360 Hohenzollern Marsch.mp4)
(14.28 MB 480x360 Fridericus Rex.mp4)
(15.70 MB 640x360 Song of Prussia.mp4)
(6.77 MB 480x360 Erzherzog Albrecht Marsch.mp4)
(14.39 MB 640x360 Marsch Preußens Gloria.mp4)
(3.30 MB 320x240 Prussia Gloria.mp4)
(12.27 MB 640x360 WEEB Die Wacht am Rhein.mp4)
(7.06 MB 640x360 Radetzky_Marsch.mp4)
(13.40 MB 640x360 Pepita_Marsch.mp4)
(10.22 MB 640x360 Bald,_allzubalde.mp4)
(12.36 MB 640x360 Miyasan Miyasan.mp4)
(13.55 MB 480x360 JP_3.mp4.mp4)
(12.03 MB 480x360 JP_4.mp4.mp4)
(6.23 MB 320x240 JP_7.mp4)
(10.80 MB 352x262 JP_8.mp4)
(9.26 MB 480x360 JP_9.mp4)
(11.66 MB 540x360 JP_10.mp4)
(5.65 MB 352x262 JP_11.mp4)
(11.94 MB 640x360 JP_12.mp4)
(1.87 MB 480x360 海行かば.mp4)
(9.80 MB 422x360 Kimigayo 1931.mp4)
(6.38 MB 720x404 qin.mp4)
(3.68 MB 640x350 qing-anthem.mp4)
(6.56 MB 640x360 anthem of Manchukuo.mp4)
(5.25 MB 640x360 410248.mp4)
(7.62 MB 640x360 manchukuo-anthem.mp4)
(9.77 MB 640x360 Soldiers_of_the_Queen(1).mp4)
(3.55 MB 608x360 Soldiers Of The Queen.mp4)
(5.17 MB 360x360 Ovah the Hills.mp4)
(4.10 MB 480x360 Lilliburlero March.mp4)
(8.39 MB 352x264 Rule Britannia.mp4)
(4.46 MB 640x360 British Grenadiers.mp4)
(9.22 MB 640x360 The British Light Infantry.mp4)
(11.25 MB 480x360 The Bonny Light Horseman.mp4)
(6.30 MB 640x360 Spanish Ladies.mp4)
(2.84 MB 320x240 Men of Harlech.mp4)
(7.23 MB 640x360 You'll_Be_Back.mp4)
(3.99 MB 640x360 What_Comes_Next.mp4)
(11.15 MB 640x360 By Order of the King.mp4)
(8.16 MB 480x360 Land of Hope and Glory.mp4)
(9.45 MB 480x360 Royal Navy - Heart of Oak.mp4)
(11.89 MB 480x360 Scotland the Brave.mp4)
(4.82 MB 480x360 God Save the Queen!.mp4)
(6.10 MB 640x360 Dutch anthem.mp4)
(7.01 MB 384x288 Hand In Hand, Kameraden!.mp4)
(9.92 MB 640x360 Den tapre Landsoldat.mp4)
(2.38 MB 640x360 Huldgungsmarch.mp4)
(7.48 MB 640x360 Kronprins Frederiks March.mp4)
(2.41 MB 640x360 For Konge og Land.mp4)
(6.20 MB 480x360 Kong Christian.mp4)
(7.84 MB 640x360 Der er et yndigt land.mp4)
(3.51 MB 640x360 His Own Again.mp4)
(936.22 KB 1280x720 For King and Country!.mp4.mp4)
(8.70 MB 640x360 The Death of Steregushiy.mp4)
(4.78 MB 360x360 Brit Grenadiers.mp4)
(4.09 MB 640x360 Farmer Refuted.mp4)
(5.96 MB 480x360 Kings of Iraq.mp4)
(11.17 MB 480x360 King Faisal II of Iraq.mp4)
(12.88 MB 640x360 National Anthem of Jordan.mp4)
(10.80 MB 400x288 Egypt Royal Anthem.mp4)
(6.23 MB 640x360 Anthem Saudi Arabia.mp4)
(2.63 MB 640x360 Saudi Arabia.mp4)
(4.71 MB 640x360 Saudi National Anthem.mp4)
(502.73 KB 312x180 Anthem of Saudi Arabia.mp4)
(10.01 MB 640x360 National Anthem of Oman.mp4)
(6.00 MB 640x360 Ishy Bilady.mp4)
(6.14 MB 640x360 Pheng Xat Lao.mp4)
(12.52 MB 640x360 Đăng đàn cung.mp4)
(9.45 MB 640x360 Anthem of Cambodia.mp4)
(4.19 MB 640x360 Teki wa Ikuman.mp4)
(3.36 MB 640x360 Heitai-san yo arigatō.mp4)
(4.26 MB 640x360 抜刀隊.mp4)
(5.30 MB 640x360 Battotai.mp4)
(15.40 MB 640x360 Thoughts are free.mp4)
(11.08 MB 640x360 Die Gedanken Sind Frei.mp4)
(3.34 MB 320x240 ALL HAIL BRITANNIA.mp4)
(2.63 MB 640x360 Every_Man_A_King.mp4)
(3.94 MB 320x240 The Pirate King.mp4)
(3.35 MB 640x360 He is an Englishman.mp4)
(9.04 MB 640x360 Pastime with Good Company.mp4)
(3.12 MB 640x360 Greensleeves.mp4)
(3.47 MB 640x360 The Tyme of Youthe.mp4)
(3.46 MB 640x360 Green Grow'th The Holly.mp4)
(3.50 MB 640x360 Whereto Should I Express.mp4)
(13.18 MB 640x360 King Henry VIII.mp4)
(10.61 MB 640x360 Suvorov teached.mp4)
(5.98 MB 640x360 The Moustached Hussar.mp4)
(3.83 MB 320x240 greeensleeves.mp4)
(10.87 MB 640x360 The Barrel Song.mp4)
(8.64 MB 320x240 14 Omladinci Ravnogorci.mp4)
(6.42 MB 320x240 Beli Orao Krunu Nosi.mp4)
(11.02 MB 480x360 Moja Zemlja.mp4)
(8.56 MB 480x360 Oj Alija, Aljo!.mp4)
(8.20 MB 480x360 Pet Stotina Godina.mp4)
(6.93 MB 320x240 remove kebab.mp4)
(5.81 MB 320x240 Sedi Cetnik Na Kamenu.mp4)
(14.56 MB 640x360 Spremte se, spremte.mp4)
(6.05 MB 432x320 Sve Dzamije u Oblake Lete.mp4)
(5.71 MB 640x360 Tamo daleko.mp4)
(8.72 MB 480x360 Teci Drino, Teci!.mp4)
(6.89 MB 640x360 U ranama na bojištu.mp4)
(6.83 MB 320x240 We Serbs are Supermen!.mp4)
(6.70 MB 320x240 Ziv Je Draza Umro Nije.mp4)
(13.79 MB 478x360 Boj na Kosovu.mp4)
(8.04 MB 640x360 On the Hills of Manchuria.mp4)
(3.51 MB 640x360 Wrangel.mp4)
(5.79 MB 1280x720 I know him.mp4.mp4)
(7.18 MB 480x360 King James I of Britain.mp4)
(7.88 MB 480x360 Goodbye Dolly Gray.mp4)

(9.84 MB 640x360 In Honolulu.mp4)
(1.79 MB 640x360 Italian Imperial Anthem.mp4)
(4.35 MB 640x360 Faccetta Nera.mp4)
(8.30 MB 480x360 La Canzone del Piave.mp4)
(4.47 MB 640x360 Marcha Real.mp4)
(3.28 MB 640x360 Marcha de Oriamendi.mp4)
(6.89 MB 640x360 Two Sicilies anthem.mp4)
(5.53 MB 640x360 Canto dei Sanfedisti.mp4)
(4.01 MB 640x360 Slav'sya.mp4)
(5.23 MB 640x360 Knights of Honour and Duty.mp4)
(9.28 MB 640x360 Horseman.mp4)
(3.04 MB 1280x720 Prince Rupert's March.mp4)
(11.84 MB 640x360 Over_the_Hills.mp4)
(12.00 MB 640x360 Chingges Khaanii Magtaal.mp4)
(17.17 MB 640x358 15736576916220.mp4)
(7.32 MB 1920x1080 15732406311650.mp4)
(4.25 MB 480x360 敵は幾万.mp4)
(11.06 MB 640x360 Teki wa ikuman.mp4)
(11.12 MB 640x360 Yuki no Shingun.mp4)
(5.90 MB 640x360 Noi Vogliam Dio.mp4)
(10.94 MB 640x360 World War 1 Cousins.mp4)
(10.04 MB 640x360 Charles II King of Bling.mp4)
(4.22 MB 640x360 Cock o' the North.mp4)
(9.50 MB 640x360 Boys Of The Old Brigade.mp4)
(6.84 MB 640x360 victorian_christmas_waltz.mp4)
(6.47 MB 480x360 Louis XVI Martyr-King.mp4)
(14.58 MB 640x360 Over There (Par Là Bas).mp4)
(14.60 MB 480x360 dear name kim jong il.mp4)
(3.40 MB 640x360 ZobAhan AryaMehr!!.mp4)
(2.89 MB 640x360 Pahlavi March.mp4)
(16.35 MB 640x360 Sattar Shahbanou.mp4)
(1.60 MB 640x360 Imperial Ethiopia Anthem.mp4)
(1.02 MB 480x360 Ethiopia.mp4)
(3.43 MB 494x360 Vive Henri IV.mp4)
(4.70 MB 480x360 Vive Henri IV !.mp4)
(6.51 MB 640x360 Le chant du Jura.mp4)
(11.65 MB 640x360 Oj, Kosovo, Kosovo.mp4)

(7.37 MB 640x360 O Hino da Carta.mp4)
(4.25 MB 640x360 Hino de Glória.mp4)
(4.44 MB 640x360 Drum Bun.mp4)
(17.00 MB 480x360 We Cannot Live Without Him.mp4)
(8.14 MB 640x360 Le Bleus sont là.mp4)
(5.68 MB 640x360 La Piémontaise (1705).mp4)
(5.29 MB 640x360 Fanfan la Tulipe (1711).mp4)
(4.26 MB 640x360 Auprès de ma Blonde.mp4)
(6.17 MB 640x360 Pelot d'Hennebont.mp4)
(9.79 MB 640x360 Jerusalem.mp4)
(7.24 MB 640x360 Golden Spurs.mp4)
(5.48 MB 640x360 RAF March Past.mp4)
(8.88 MB 640x360 The Garb of Old Gaul.mp4)
(10.56 MB 640x360 Pomp and Circumstance.mp4)
No genuine supporter of monarchy would praise the farce and mockery that is the British royal family. An utter disgrace to the institution and nation.
(15.93 MB 640x360 The Girl I Left Behind Me.mp4)
(2.85 MB 640x360 Lass of Richmond Hill.mp4)
(3.51 MB 360x360 Begone Dull Care.mp4)
(18.42 MB 640x360 I Vow to Thee, My Country.mp4)
(19.86 MB 640x360 Zadok the Priest.mp4)
(30.92 KB 392x500 519kDjLVihL._AC_.jpg)
I understand that there is a lot of drama surrounding the royal family in Britain, and people who ridicule the 'celebrity' culture surrounding those family members. I strongly dislike the celebrity culture myself. I never cared for the royal family in particular.
But all those who insult the Queen and call it a mere institution–would those same people say the same nasty words to their own Grandmother?
If the grandmother was continually raping me and sacrificing my brothers because of some weird oculta crap the kikes told them to? Yes I would call her out of her shit, they had post the favor of God a long time ago.
(3.40 MB 360x360 La Fête Infernale.mp4)
(9.90 MB 640x360 Les Demons.mp4)
(1.57 MB 640x360 Rondeau pour la Gloire.mp4)
(3.52 MB 640x360 Marchez, marchez, marchez.mp4)
(5.46 MB 480x360 Code geass OST The master.mp4)
(42.76 KB 600x427 France w LouisXIV portrait.jpg)
(9.94 MB 480x360 king louis xiv.mp4)
(10.53 MB 480x360 For Rus and Tsar.mp4)
(14.76 MB 640x360 Rataplan delle camicie nere.mp4)
(7.79 MB 640x360 Duce, Duce, Duce!.mp4)
/ita/ tribute
(10.69 MB 480x360 'Hero' Russian Imp March.mp4)
(18.58 MB 640x360 KaiserParole [German March].mp4)
(6.55 MB 640x360 Kaiser parole German march.mp4)
(7.36 MB 640x360 The Kaiser Parole.mp4)
(6.53 MB 480x360 Pour l'Empereur.mp4)
(6.79 MB 480x360 La Victoire est a Nous.mp4)
(5.89 MB 480x360 Pas Cadencé.mp4)
(3.10 MB 480x360 Saluts des Aigles.mp4)
(17.37 MB 480x360 Thou Prince of all Ages.mp4)
(7.84 MB 640x360 Preußens Gloria.mp4)
(3.20 MB 320x240 Spanish Ladies.mp4)
(4.38 MB 640x360 maritime england.mp4)
>>23 A crew must have a captain.
(17.27 MB 640x360 Fighting for Old Charlie.mp4)
"Therefore it is established that every good thing is good because it subsists in unity. As concord is a good thing in itself, it must subsist in some unity as its proper root, and this proper root must appear if we consider the nature or meaning of concord. Now concord is the uniform movement of many wills; and unity of will, which we mean by uniform movement, is the root of concord, or rather concord itself. For just as we should call many clods concordant because all descend together toward the centre, and many flames concordant because they ascend together to the circumference, if they did this voluntarily, so we call many men concordant because they move together by their volition to one end formally present in their wills; while in the case of the clods is formally present the single attribute of gravity, and in the flames the single attribute of levity. For power of willing is a certain potentiality, but the species of goodness which it apprehends is its form, which, like other forms, is a unity multiplied in itself according to the multiplicity of the receiving material, just as soul, number, and other forms subject to composition." "These things being premised, we may argue as follows for the proposed exposition of the original assumption: All concord depends upon unity in wills; mankind at its best is a concord of a certain kind. For just as one man at his best in body and spirit is a concord of a certain kind, and as a household, a city, and a kingdom is likewise a concord, so it is with mankind in its totality. Therefore the human race for its best disposition is dependent on unity in wills. But this state of concord is impossible unless one will dominates and guides all others into unity, for as the Philosopher teaches in the last book to Nicomachus, mortal wills need directing because of the alluring delights of youth. Nor is this directing will a possibility unless there is one common Prince whose will may dominate and guide the wills of all others. If the conclusions above are true, as they are, Monarchy is essential for the best disposition of mankind; and therefore for the well-being of the world Monarchy should exist therein." "The Monarch is capable of the highest degree of judgment and Justice, and is therefore perfectly qualified, or especially well qualified, to rule. Those two qualities are most befitting a maker and executor of the law, as that holiest of kings testifies by his petition to God for the attributes meet for a king and the son of a king, praying: 'Give the king thy judgments, O God, and thy righteousness unto the king’s son.'" A phenomenon not to be forgotten attests the truth of all the arguments placed in order above, namely, that condition of mortals which the Son of God, when about to become man for the salvation of man, either awaited, or ordained at such time as He willed.1 For if from the fall [60] of our first parents, at which point of departure began all our error, we survey the ordering of men and times, we shall find no perfect Monarchy, nor the world everywhere at peace, save under the divine Monarch Augustus. That [61] men were then blessed with the tranquillity of universal peace all historians testify, and all illustrious poets; this the writer of the gentleness of Christ felt it meet to confirm, and last of all Paul, who called that most happy condition “the fulness of the time.” Verily, time and all temporal things were full, for no ministry to our happiness lacked its minister. But what has been the condition of the world since that day the seamless robe first suffered mutilation by the claws of avarice, we can read—would that we could not also see! O human race! what tempests must need toss thee, what treasure be thrown into the sea, what shipwrecks must be endured, so long as thou, like a beast of many heads, strivest after diverse ends! Thou art sick in either intellect, and sick likewise in thy affection. Thou healest not thy high understanding by argument irrefutable, nor thy lower by the countenance of experience. Nor dost thou heal thy affection by the sweetness of divine persuasion, when the voice of the Holy Spirit breathes upon thee, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” --Dante Alighieri, De Monarchia
(2.42 MB 480x360 instrumental.mp4)
(1.91 MB 2536x3000 grace sunglasses.png)
(5.64 MB 640x360 Age of Absolutism Rap song.mp4)
(6.58 MB 640x360 Hero march.mp4)
May he reign, this hero (Louis XIV), may he always triumph May with him always be peace and victory Of the Seine and the Loire May he reign, this hero, may he always triumph May he live as long as his glory
(19.26 MB 640x360 People Joy - Moranbong Band.mp4)
"The love shown by Kim II Sung all his life Kim Jong Il showed it to the youth." "We cannot forget his love even in dream" "We are the youth following the sun" "The youth know nobody but Marshal Kim Jong Un" "As a flower cushion of filial duty "As a golden cushion of best wishes "We will hold him in high esteem forever" ^Reminds me of the Themistian concept of the loving monarch.
>>600 Serbia did nothing wrong
(27.27 MB 610x458 Burning Wish.mp4)
DPRK: "Defending the Sun, we gain a powerful hand" "We will defend General KIM JONG UN with our Lives!" Internet Monarchists: "King Baudouin refused to give royal assent to an abortion bill! KILL HIM, WHERE IS THE GUILLOTINE!?" or, "The best thing about monarchy is that it only takes one bullet to kill one man~" The only pro-monarchy talking point I ever see monarchists give^
Whether 1,000 ri or 10,000 ri, We will follow him Supporting only our Marshal into eternity Let's go forward into our stride for high ideals, to become one with him... We are all under his guidance Nothing in this world can separate us We came from the same bloodline "The kingly form of government prevailed because they were of the same blood" -Aristotle Don't believe it? Christians also drink the blood of Christ. The body of Christ is like the body-politic of the royal state in this fashion, that the kingly form of government prevailed because they were "of the same blood" and "suckled with the same milk".
(6.58 MB 1280x720 Grace-You'll be Back.mp4)
Our rewarding workplace where the morning sun shines The joy of growing with the love of the leader It's a song just like our happy life With the high will of the leader in the heart The red flower of loyalty will bloom forever~
>>2566 I wish monarchists reserved a portion of the pre-eminence DPRK propaganda videos do for their Leader, but alas >waaah, waaah, that's tyranny! we can't tolerate the pre-eminence of one person!
(6.17 MB 640x360 Fly, Bold Rebellion!.mp4)
(5.04 MB 720x404 King James II version.mp4.mp4)
(5.46 MB 720x404 What_Greater_Bliss.mp4.mp4)
(6.29 MB 640x360 Vicar of Bray.mp4)
(10.96 MB 640x360 Women are Flowers.webm)
(9.66 MB 464x360 Our Comrade Kim Jong Il.webm)
(13.71 MB 640x360 Hullari 흘라리 2.webm)
(12.83 MB 480x360 Komunjare.mp4)
(22.56 MB 640x356 Red Sun in the Sky.mp4)
(7.89 MB 720x480 Mao Song.mp4)
(678.79 KB 1200x1824 Grace birthday transparent.png)