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(11.33 KB 362x385 Felipe IV de Francia.jpg)
(11.76 KB 276x276 Templario.jpg)
Phillip IV of France Peasant 05/09/2020 (Sat) 07:40:42 No. 275

Did he and his puppet church in Avignon really do anything wrong respecting the templars? It's said a lot that he only really exterminate them because of the debts he had with them and in order to get to his treasure. But. It doesn't rob you the wrong way that a christian monastic order got to get that rich because of
(104.43 KB 387x448 Templars_on_Stake_02.jpg)

Phillip the Fair was a pretty hated king.
>(((CIA))) meme
Please stop this cancer.
But this is something that troubles me deeply. As far as I'm aware, the Templars did not engage in usury; banking in of itself is not "Jewish"; the Third Reich employed banking, they just didn't practice usury. (Though I'm not sure if they didn't charge interest at all or if they simply didn't have high rates of interest; I would hope for the former.)
But this entire mess with the supposed connections to the Freemasons is something only a 30-year-old /fringe/ wizard would be capable of answering, i.e. it's something no one seems to know; 2esoteric4plebs. Most surely not a single anon here knows better, given the ignorant and philistine behavior of the board.
(36.37 KB 510x349 Templarios a la hoguera.jpg)
(73.84 KB 624x447 Templarios banqueros.jpg)
>Every meme I don't like is CIA.
Leaving that aside, for my knowledge the templars did they charge interests and I may be biased but I simply find the modern concept of banking very flawed so I'm beware of whatever thing associated with it.
I don't have any clear proof that they are related with masonshit or whatever crappy secret society, it's only that it bugs me how (((modern media))) always portray them as "dindu nuffin" who were tricked and framed by "evul" Philip IV and the church. And we know how the kikes in movies and series today like to portray anything pre-French Revolution as bad and barbaric, so that they made that exemption with the Templars raise my eyes.
(1.44 MB 448x536 i wonder who it could jew.webm)
Both of those correctly called out Jews, I don't see the issue. They quite literally echo throughout history.

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