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/monarchy/ general redux Peasant 05/01/2020 (Fri) 02:52:28 No. 59

For general discussion.
(408.65 KB 828x828 s7GwUFtJ3n0.jpg)

Public dining was a frequent practice in the reign of James I (1566'€“1625), who liked elaborate spectacle and lavish entertainment. Following the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660, the custom was revived by Charles II (1630'€“85) with great splendour and ritual. While breakfast and supper were private, the king's dinner, eaten in the mid-afternoon, was held at least once a week in the Presence Chamber of the state apartments or in the Banqueting House at Whitehall.
(230.36 KB 1280x720 EUiF1XGXQAE94JG.jpeg)
(293.01 KB 822x1080 xm7rOXSnTp4.jpg)
(516.21 KB 744x1080 vJayUqQa72A.jpg)
(478.28 KB 782x1024 LrEKrV-_fMA.jpg)
I hate the fact most here are clearly ideologues who may or may not have jumped from libertarianism to monarchism.
Very original. Whoever made these should be ~~sent to a prison camp~~ congratulated.
(92.03 KB 1080x773 TkmeWfL9Tw8.jpg)
(376.06 KB 885x1080 cVXiCr-wiDM.jpg)
(96.78 KB 640x480 n_-ZOL-wMVw.jpg)
(100.34 KB 1050x566 97WW_vmlaTU.jpg)
Very good.
Most /liberty/ crossposters on here aren't really ideologues, since for them muh freedumbs isn't really an ideology. They want to be left alone, and recognize that kings are more likely likely to leave them alone than meddling bureaucrats.
(154.43 KB 703x1067 ayMR8JyWaYo.jpg)
(175.35 KB 720x466 IihkoGBigJw.jpg)
(41.44 KB 395x395 tJNxbOwT_400x400.jpg)
(258.73 KB 524x1080 Ler7sA76D_8.jpg)
Libertarians just want to have fun.
Why the backwards newspaper in the last image?
(177.65 KB 1266x720 Xurr2ha61AY.jpg)
(258.04 KB 810x1080 b7P7IgT0DVM.jpg)
(453.38 KB 1280x949 DzpKCnhdJqk.jpg)
(198.30 KB 1080x1080 EOP_yvSWkAQlOZa.jpeg)
It's folded. Sheesh… don't you even read newspapers, zoomer?
(76.70 KB 327x416 Charles II.jpg)

Do you think other /monarchy/ anons know about hoppe-sama /monarchy/?
Sorry, I mean upside down. English is not my first language.
(70.22 KB 984x722 EVvuoI9XgAIQMgF.jpeg)
Here. Better?
Yup, thanks for calm down my autism.
(488.39 KB 810x1080 OMFgGcO2rrU.jpg)
(498.63 KB 810x1080 uFmiW1097EE.jpg)
(474.98 KB 810x1080 1AZiZT1n7io.jpg)
(505.21 KB 810x1080 sTXBwkFI0QQ.jpg)
(164.46 KB 308x412 EVrvOtwXgAEs_sf.png)
(305.27 KB 720x1080 Ehoul8xQoSU.jpg)
(694.72 KB 1200x912 BqJBX55C2pg.jpg)
(117.45 KB 667x680 EUDQqdPXQAA5G6R.jpeg)
(43.71 KB 400x400 QqjWiLqO_400x400.jpg)
(382.03 KB 1280x921 _F5ikj9sp1c.jpg)
(123.20 KB 750x480 hIj9eTE8kNo.jpg)
(49.89 KB 800x368 New Canvas.png)

Are there any monarchy restoration movements in your nations? If yes, what do you think of them?
I guess you could say restoration of monarchy is quite popular among nationalist kids these days, they see it as more/less the best kind of nationalist government, but that also means a monarchy has to serve the Russian people before being seen as legitimate, ie. the old "Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationality" ideology.
None that could be considered too influential. You see its kind of interesting because Im from an ex-commie country and after communism fell here there were a number of parties formed, some of which were supportive of the restoration of monarchy, but pretty much all of them died by know or became obscure and negligible. There are a few webpages and groups that are still existing thoug, some I frequent atleast on a weekly basis.
(170.32 KB 760x1000 KQp9yKrefyE.jpg)
(210.09 KB 504x810 CUqk7GDDhYU.jpg)
(276.75 KB 1280x854 OZpyzbagwaM.jpg)
(73.11 KB 462x541 M0Mq6BL-Rgc.jpg)
(5.88 MB 480x360 Lully's Death Scene.mp4)

Lully died from gangrene, having struck his foot with his long conducting staff during a performance of his Te Deum to celebrate Louis XIV's recovery from surgery. He refused to have his leg amputated so he could still dance. This resulted in gangrene propagating through his body and ultimately infecting the greater part of his brain, causing his death.[11] He died in Paris and was buried in the church of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, where his tomb with its marble bust can still be seen. All three of his sons (Louis Lully, Jean-Baptiste Lully fils, and Jean-Louis Lully) had musical careers as successive surintendants of the King's Music.
We do, but our constitution forbids anti-democratic movements, so they're parliamentary monarchist movements.
To me, parliamentary monarchy is unacceptable. It inevitably leads to parliament using gibs to get the mob on their side and de-facto taking power from the monarch.
On the one hand, I can understand them not wanting to become political prisoners, on the other, I'm not going to waste time advocating for a compromise with a force that cannot be compromised with.
(162.00 B 24x22 empire.gif)
(220.98 KB 1280x960 NwWXF9Zd2kc (1).jpg)
(434.21 KB 1044x1044 kSfDrJSp1xU.jpg)
(248.17 KB 1280x853 _PQ3cphnBVo.jpg)
(320.06 KB 800x719 EVFJDjaWsAElkqj.png)
(51.98 KB 641x521 EV3pO5sWsAAxJvH.jpeg)
(86.67 KB 512x512 mdCA07pFwH4.jpg)
(142.30 KB 1280x901 uqxzabQKWSE.jpg)

Do you think we lost anyone in the migration here? Seems to be 4-7 posters around /monarchy/ these days. Maybe others on the Webring would like to visit, or I could visit them.
(1.01 MB 674x647 apafi.PNG)
>4-7 posters
Guess that excludes the shameless lurkers (like me)…
Lurker checking in.
>>715 Lurker battalion, reporting for duty.
…yet another lurker checking in.

Another lurker reporting for duty.
>Don't know what to post.
>Just lurk.
>See that 90% of the board is lurkers lurking around because they all don't know what to say.
Is this basically what's going on here?
I just dont want to be humiliated by the bigbrain intellectual chads for posting something stupid.
(209.93 KB 1323x2048 EUxAoIvXQAIGR.jpg)
My opinion is that a /monarchy/ imageboard has never been tried before. That's why there are so many lurkers. Confused, unsure what to say, because this is a completely new environment for some people.
(1.78 MB 640x360 AQjJ7jg_-gKunDbA.mp4)
(309.21 KB 1200x703 OnOb0EwlVqI.jpg)
(223.23 KB 623x820 ZtLZeQagZ1w (1).jpg)
(243.42 KB 1200x900 H-EU-nKgnks.jpg)
(239.51 KB 1062x685 u1j_256uvwo.jpg)

You see, now that Ive read about the whole "monarchy restorationist movement" question a question has occured to me. Suppose youre living in a republic/democracy/generally any country with a non-monarchical governmental form. How are you supposed to make steps necessary to restore the monarchy in such an environment? Is it acceptable or credible from a moral standpoint for one in favor of monarchy to say, enter a mainstream republican party and building up the foundations for a monarchy after winning the elections or one is better-off taking a more "militaristic" approach? Suffice to say, none of these methods appear to be that particularly simple for different reaons, and many republics/democracies have specific points in their constitutions specifically forbidding the alteration of the form of the government, not to mention just how deeply republican/democratic sentiment is entrenched and indoctrinated in the societies of many of such countries.

(2.22 MB 3312x3000 grace_angry.png)
Who made it back? Report in, anons. This is hopefully the last major migration period for a few months. 8moe will be the new paradise. Maybe we'll receive an 8moe welcoming party.
>>962 We'll have to wait and see.
(786.65 KB 600x600 15911886520140.png)
>>962 Russians go forth.
(211.02 KB 549x598 2394723948729842.gif)
>>962 >8moe welcoming party Welcome faggots
(2.34 MB 2048x1484 EZakrIiWoAgqwVh.png)
(86.99 KB 1298x321 4917205470291.jpg)
We received a migration update. Even Mark-sama seemed to notice us.
(2.25 MB 3192x3000 grace_blush.png)
>>965 Thanks anon. What board are you from? If you aren't afraid to tell us
>>962 Anons, don't forget to report in! If you're just getting back on /monarchy/, give this a (you).
(2.46 MB 494x740 wataten noa.gif)
>>973 I use the Overboard to post on all of them
>>962 >8moe welcoming party Posting best cat!
(2.66 MB 3408x2800 Gr01m.png)
>>979 mfw /leftypol/ of all people comes to your /monarchy/ welcoming party >>965 Even /pol/ is here for a royal welcome. Do any other boards want to appear at the welcoming party?
(118.06 KB 668x623 peasant coming through.jpeg)
>>962 Unintentional spammer of the thread reporting in.
>>59 Is the hoppe site broken?
(793.53 KB 650x960 United_In_Freedom_And_Order.png)
>>962 Here. Came from /liberty initially. And yeah. Hopefully this will be the last migration.
(2.74 MB 3168x3280 grace_dante.png)
>>1027 Welcome, anon. It looks like the Triumvirate is broken up. Back to /monarchy/ & /liberty/.
(92.72 KB 753x1280 15920856994790.jpg)
>BIG TREE >GO WAR What did The Queen mean by this? She usually completely ignores Russia, but this time, in an uncharacteristic display of goodwill, she personally sends us a message on our National Day, and it spells these words when read vertically. Really weird. All the Russian anons are trying to decypher this.
>>1035 It's a mystery, Russian anon.
(139.41 KB 1086x412 15920912965530.png)
>>1036 I got a bad feefee about this...
Seems slow lately.
>>1053 Aye. Everyone's asleep.
(305.51 KB 367x337 Pooh_what_the_fuck_is_this.png)
>>78 It's funny. Commies copy that "aesthetic" as well. Why copy what un-Godly ideologues use instead of making our own? >>59 Fascists are obnoxious. The esotericfags are as bad as /lit/ in terms of pseudo-intellectualism.
(1.44 MB 1200x854 Hastings Feels.png)
>>1035 Where do you get that? Here it is arranged differently: https://tass.com/world/1167193 >>1066
>>1066 While I cannot say I miss all the /fascist/ crossposters that came here, I miss their drawfriend much. <Why copy what un-Godly ideologues use instead of making our own? >/monarchy/ >make anything Russiaboo is the only anon who makes OC here apart from Grace. I'm surprised he hasn't already given up on this place, not like I have.
>>1074 Drawfriend + Mexican pro-Maximilian I poster were both nice. /monarchy/ seems to be a dying board.
(53.78 KB 504x450 s2E7OCE6Jck.jpg)
>>1066 Hmmm, well leftists copy a lot of shit, anon. They also drink water, does that mean we should die of thirst? If we come up with something else, they will copy that thing too. Even the most radical areas of art, like pepe frogs or black metal, eventually get infiltrated by posers. >>1067 It's a printed letter from the British embassy in Moscow. >>1074 I just posted what I found on the internet. The only OC I made was also Grace. >>1076 tbh I don't think it's dead. Let's be honest, y'all niggas are just introverts with nothing to talk about, that's the first issue, the second issue is that we just lost a lot of posters, and apparently some guys still didn't know where to go or what happened after Hoppe-sama stopped working. The important thing is that the demand for a monarchist board is there, so you can still find a userbase if you shill in the right places.
>>1077 >introverts with nothing to talk about In the name of the introverts I object. Introversion isn't about not having to talk about anything or not wanting/daring about anything, it is about considering ones thoughts and points carefully (true, sometimes more longer than what usually turns out to be needed) and regenerating through silence and contemplation instead of seeking out companionship and partners for discussion. In short, while the extrovert gains mental strenght through further socialisation and debates the introverts gain the same through taking pauses, enjoying a hot coffee and reading through his favourite book. It's just that we live in a world that favours extroverts more than introverts, hence the "introverts are antisocial virgins seeking the destruction of society and/or suicide" meme. >some guys still didn't know where to go or what happened after Hoppe-sama stopped working Advertisement in the right places can help and although I'm happy to see efforts have been made by some posters in that direction it's still not sufficient enough for the old posters to regroup here, let alone for others to get to know this place.
(77.21 KB 640x714 dKEiWwEHYig.jpg)
>>1087 One of the defining characteristics of introverts is that they do not initiate topics, they prefer to wait and respond to things other people say instead of taking on the leading role in conversation. So as far as social organization goes, it's nice to have a few extraverts, because they bring the energy and give us opportunities to ramble about shit while the introverts give them attention and other social value, otherwise things remain "dead" and stagnant. This is one of the reasons I'm personally against the strictly no-fun types who try to standardize imageboard behaviour via social policing until we end up with some shitty subreddit.
(219.68 KB 680x387 1512737595107-0048.png)
>>1088 I never meant that extroverts don't have their own values in discussions and debates, but while introverts have the bad habit of "retreating to their houses and not coming out" and often lacking the kind of "entrepreneurial spirit" to start new threads/discussions, extroverts sometimes fall on the other side of the horse (e.g. excess shitposting/derailing the thread).
>>1077 Please kill yourself.
(112.64 KB 600x632 cheevo_upset.png)
>>1074 And all of his OC his shit.
(118.35 KB 400x400 HIV_elmo.jpg)
>>59 FACT: Imageboards were better when they were full of people like me. FACT: Imageboards turned to shit when more normalfags i.e. the idiot children I grew up with found them when they gradually became more and more well-known. FACT: Most people who use 8chan.moe are overall stupid. FACT: Most people who use 8chan.moe are overall ignorant. FACT: I hate all of you fuck you long live Sheev Palpatine niggers.
>>1115 Atleast he's making OC while you are just being a faggot. >>1116 Same for you
<You're an enlightened despot! >yes
(76.07 KB 480x633 EbP8tA5WAAIj1rm.jpg)
/monarchy/ is seeing activity, at least.
(334.77 KB 680x798 1586813397960.jpg)
(247.80 KB 640x640 12380-17ghpe5.jpeg)
Have you taken the dharmapill, maties?
(358.06 KB 600x643 1307842325001.png)
>>1266 Dharmapill me on the state of this board.
(1.25 MB 1280x720 12380-bcvd90.png)
>>1269 Kinda like pic related, I guess. 4.5~ lurkers chilling in the shadows. Could use more posters, otherwise pretty comfy. We should advertise somewhere.
>>1271 I would advertise, but I don't know where to pull from these days.
(209.93 KB 1323x2048 EUxAoIvXQAIGR.jpg)
I have a few plans to promote board activity, but they'll come in due time. I guess I'll go bug some other boards and make a few royal visits around the web. I used to colonize /his/, but got bored with /his/ autists.
>>1271 A lot of anons are turned off by not being on the webring, that's why /fascist/ ended up abandoning their slot on 8moe.
A meta for a the diarchy is established. >>>/site/319 Between /monarchy/ and /liberty/ other boards are welcome to the party
(490.39 KB 460x460 23909-1tvt7ov.webm)
>>1272 Just pull from anywhere and everywhere. If we get too many undesireables, we'll just ban them and go back to how things were. No problem. I was planning on making some ads for /monarchy/ and /liberty/ to drop in other places and haul in some more anons, but I also wanted to make some nice CSS for our boards for a pleasant and aesthetic posting experience, so if you have any ideas, let me know. Currently, we can't have custom CSS, because we have to wait for the front-end of the site to finish developing (they said it will be done in like two weeks), but by then I want to have something.
(800.57 KB 1274x718 bane_chen_space_ninja.png)
Let me guess, you're going to advertise on r/DarkEnlightenment or whatever, just like those one or two /christian/s who, despite our warnings, advertised the board to reddit and effectively destroyed it and perhaps affected the rest of the site as well. Giving control to the users was a mistake. Unsurprisingly, this is what happens when you build a website on ideology versus practicality like 4chan. Unlike 4chan, 8chan's structure is fundamentally flawed, which many of us in the first couple exoduses criticized the site for. Also, >muh mass over quality Typical materialist ideologues.
>>1278 Fuck /liberty/
(31.09 KB 300x356 300px-Inquisition.jpg)
>>1281 First of all, reddit is purging all even slightly right-wing sub-reddits, it will soon be impossible for a sub-reddit to exist unless it's explictly left-wing, so an unimagineable amount of reddit trash is already flooding imageboards without your efforts to advertise there. Second, it's literally not a problem who is invited here or from where but ONLY as long as the moderation is uncucked and will mercilessly ban whoever compromises the values of the original board. You purposefully ignored this part from my previous post because you perfectly understand that my whole argument rests on effective moderation, which means you're a sneaky manipulator, don't make me have to repeat it a third time for your dumb ass. Third, the "mass over quality" accusation is total bullshit, it's not some universal law of reality that for something to become popular it should become shit as prerequisite and vice-versa. This is another manipulative trick on your part, because even if it were a real dichotomy, I would never want to sacrifice quality for quantity, but when you have less than 2 posts per day and some days with no posts at all, no new content worth saving, no posts worth replying to, no interesting conversations to read, no curious people who want to know what's going on, that is already a shit quality board because it's a dead fucking board, you can't go much lower than that. If you're afraid of new blood coming and having the community grow, at this point you might as well get everyone's emails and take the conversation somewhere else, but I'm personally not interested in sitting on an empty board with one depressed asshole who moans and complains more than a bipolar whore on her period, if you can't bring any value, at least don't prevent new people from coming and bringing the value you're supposed to bring.
>>1285 Oh boy, shots fired. >>1280 We will see. I think some boards will be getting a few visits.
>>1285 I somehow ended up here a while back so I still feel like a relatively newfag so I'm still lurking around I presume there are 3~4 more anons that do this. Though despite this, I've tried to find monarchy books and post them in the read thread as much, I'm trying to fit in slowly without being too much of a sperg.
(501.06 KB 548x598 ezgif-3-dd8a3ee88570.gif)
It's a miracle to me everyday I don't find this board dead and abandoned.
(379.00 KB 1536x2048 EU5DdxmXkAAi5Ki.jpg)
For Newfags on converting Youtube to MP4 MP4 converter: https://ytmp3.cc/en13/ Video size reduction: (Scale 'reduce' video to 720 width) https://www.videosmaller.com/ I also use this sometimes: http://www.mirovideoconverter.com/ Use these if you want to convert videos you find on Youtube to mp4s and contribute those to threads. I'm not sure you are able to embed on this site, so I recommend making mp4s by converting youtube vids to mp4s.
I want us to go back to having "Peasant" rather than "Anonymous". We should have some board renovation since we're trying to change the board up a bit. I suggested an Italian flag b/c I want /ita/ lurkers to feel welcome here. Because there's so much burgerposting, I thought a grand union flag would be good for burgers. What we could use are new banners If only we had a skilled anon lurking about.
>>1326 It's not a miracle.
(1.19 MB 1280x1110 Grace Muse of Monarchy.png)
Looking into ways to funneling over the newblood. The board is too dead these days.
>>1383 Newblood here, maybe ex-/fascist/ when Julay collapsed, corona happened and too blackpilled to go back to fascist ideologies so thought of looking into monarchy, and libertarianism later. Communism and socialism is a failure, anarchism is a nuke and (((democracy))) hasn't solved much problems since it got pushed. Just saying that there needs to be something personal for people to come here, just like any other board. Someone else shares the same belief. >>139 As for suggestions, >high entry barrier I have to lurk more to get into this but /pol/-like boards are easy to get into because of personal experiences and current events influencing how discussions proceed. Maybe something new to make this place newfag friendly? >glossary thread, mistakes newfriends make thread Someone said monarchy isn't monarchism somewhere. >threads about historic events, wars, one king a day - good, bad, worse Everything is already written elsewhere at other blogs or places but nobody who's not into this would take the time to personally search for them, but someone using the overboard might check it out and try to interact with it if he's really bored. >too bookish Books are heavy and time consuming. Alternative media could help others get into this easier. There's a videogame thread. Movies? Documentaries? Youtube videos? In general, anything small and easy to consume ie. propaganda, memes, redpills. >more OC There's an OC thread for your board-tan but no OC thread for flowcharts, videos, infographics and stuff. They're found at other threads though, like here but they're just not there at one thread for easy viewing. >more threads Maybe make more debate/discussion threads? Something that links current issues that affects everyone personally and relate it to monarchy? Why monarchy will solve current problems? How will monarchy handle mass immigration, overpopulation or global warming? Why Hitler failed to bait /pol/ into discussion and how Monarchy could have fixed his mistakes? Some suggestions might be stupid. Ignore. I guess this place has always had high entry barrier, never lurked here much before.
(3.92 MB 3400x3082 grace-reprimands.png)
>>1384 >so thought of looking into monarchy It really isn't rocket science, I'd have to admit. "Let there be one Lord, one King!" said Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Caligula), reportedly by Suetonius. That is enough for me. I'm not here to be a big-brain or anything. Other people usually delve into royalism and being trads. I wouldn't treat /monarchy/ entirely like /his/ or /christian/ or another /pol/, but you could have some of it. >(((democracy))) hasn't solved much problems since it got pushed Democracy? Yuck. But my opinion is not to let hating democracy define everything. It is better to simply like monarchy. >Just saying that there needs to be something personal for people to come here, just like any other board It is really challenging to make a board like /monarchy/, such a niche subject matter, communicate with people on a daily basis. It would probably help if we made more self-improvement threads or community-based ones like the gaming thread b/c that does help. I could point to 9 threads on the catalog that I ended up making. Plus, I've been deliberately trying to keep hands off on /monarchy/ since Hoppe-sama move. >this place has always had high entry barrier There is a bit of Elitism here. But the problem I diagnose is the small size. /monarchy/ is an extremely tight-knit circle. Anons idolize the comfy small board... but having a small /monarchy/ is probably the source for all these problems. It means there are feuds between anons because when a board is this small... it is hardly anonymous. That is most self-defeating. >Maybe make more debate/discussion threads? On a board with more people, this would be easy to have. But because there is a lack of circulation between anons... it is usually the same old debate and when you're growing bitter after a debate you don't want to butt heads again and again. If there was more circulation between anons, you could easily find fresh debate. Heck, you'd even have opportunity to reconcile with old anons because you wouldn't constantly be at each other's throats. Every board is a kind of hugbox at some level, but it would probably be healthy to have opposition here and there. Especially from other boards, because in-fighting between monarchyfags gets annoying for a while. Anons want an elitist board, hoping that it will draw people in rather than approaching them. I don't think a board like /monarchy/ could become so attractive that people would start coming here. Many anons were lost and couldn't find their way back here... because this place was unknown. Elitism relies heavily on peer pressure. There are hardly enough like-minded peers to pull it off and make /monarchy/ that comfy small board. >Why Hitler failed to bait /pol/ into discussion I'm okay with this as long as we don't become ultra-contrarians like /his/ in rejecting /pol/. It is that way with /his/ because they're on /pol/'s front doorstep. We don't need to. >There's an OC thread for your board-tan but no OC thread for flowcharts, videos, infographics and stuff I felt this was a problem too. I'll let someone else make an OC thread... for a while the /monarchy/ general has been the OC thread pretty much. >Books are heavy and time consuming. Yep, but I think it's great we have so many books! It is a resource we all need. Let more people contribute more books. >Documentaries? Youtube videos? In webm/mp4 thread. >Movies? No movies yet. >propaganda I make propaganda sometimes. Reading list + Grace reading pics are my explicit propaganda. >redpills There are only two pills on this board: dharmapill + purplepill. I wish this board did more to interact with other places and imageboards. I advocate having a few colonial ambitions. Ambiguity is another. /monarchy/ as an imageboard hasn't been tried before. Many people belonging here aren't imageboard people.
(31.68 KB 359x398 grace book.jpg)
If we all pitched in and invited people over to this board, /monarchy/ would definitely have growth.
Remember what they took from us
>>1409 Use new rhetoric if you want to distinguish yourself from /fascist/.
>>1384 >blackpill You can first start by acquainting yourself with imageboard archives, electionfag.
(736.09 KB 2700x1800 reading.jpg)
>>1384 >Newblood here, maybe ex-/fascist/ when Julay collapsed, corona happened and too blackpilled to go back to fascist ideologies so thought of looking into monarchy, and libertarianism later. Communism and socialism is a failure, anarchism is a nuke and (((democracy))) hasn't solved much problems since it got pushed. You sound like a useful idiot who should spend less time on imageboards and more time reading and thinking. Please go away. >>1383 Quality > quantity.
>>1414 I don't see the need for /monarchy/ to distinguish itself from /fascist/.
>>1416 Having a dead board isn't quality.
(17.51 MB 320x240 1561521125664.webm)
>>1426 There really needs to be some kind of compromise because I think we lost one too many anons from the splintering of julay and then hoppe-sama.
(2.49 MB 2600x3718 grace unhappy.png)
>>1433 Getting tired of this conversation, anon. Shill this board and link/namedrop it when the time is right for you, or maybe colonize another board for me. What we need are /monarchy/ colonies.
(314.69 KB 740x952 1595977195027.jpg)
Just stopping by to say hi. This board needs as much attention as it can get.
(37.54 KB 336x476 1579897906149.jpg)
>>1437 Thanks, cutie!
(9.13 KB 654x154 monarchy at bottom.png)
We are at the bottom of the list.
>>1434 I managed to get the nyafag back into our midst and one more random anon. I'll try to bring more, I'll see if I can also find some random artist to join us too and have them make us more art of Grace, I doubt the chance of it succeeding though.
(1.09 MB 1522x1100 14 lichess.png)
>>1451 If that's the case, I will also go shill the board my hardest.
another newfag (me) is still lurking, and lacks knowledge to involve in meaningful conversation yet
>>1451 Okay, I went and advertised. But it is difficult for me because half the royalist community blacklisted me (no joke). >>1453 /monarchy/ general is a good place to start because it's not always political here. You could simply have a conversation or talk about a monarch you like... like your favorite Roman Emperor.
>>1472 Some autist. Life goes on.
(1.35 MB 1600x1600 history of monarchy.png)
(82.16 KB 451x457 kings of monarchy.png)
(109.06 KB 505x529 Ages of Monarchy.jpg)
I finally decided to write down the history. It was a lucky thing, too, that I saved screencaps from Julay... julayworld /monarchy/ is gone. I thankfully had the screencaps from the 3rd king describing /monarchy/'s history... I was also afraid of the magna carta being lost to time... so I put it on the history chart.
>>1572 Excellent work
Has anyone else here ever met a royal? Shook hands with a Thai princess once.
What's with the increase in traffic?
>>1572 These are not good.
(47.34 KB 335x375 x00213123.jpg)
>>1677 >>1678 We've been trying to increase traffic on this board for months, lol. What rock have you been under? >These are not good. Go make your own, then.
>>1451 >I'll see if I can also find some random artist to join us too and have them make us more art of Grace Any news on this, peasant?
>>1692 It's a no-go for the artist, it seems that nowadays hardly any artist does anything for free. They all want to get paid or commissioned for it.
>>1695 Sometimes you find a beginner artist that will do requests. There are request threads and other places too. If you're looking to nab a request, don't bug the big professional artists because they usually do commissions strictly. It's usually the new artists or those who are casual, hobby artists who have room to do requests.
>>1696 I'm looking for an artist that will also join us here and being able to draw things for us from time to time. This is why I'm having a hard time finding one, won't stop me from trying to recruit more people as well.
>>1952 I just found this board again after hoppe website went down. I do some art, not really good at people but will draw something " wont be quick though up if you request it
>>1964 Welcome back then. I think we could use more Grace-chans in different poses and situations. The time doesn't matter, I'm actually glad that you've found your way since I can ease up on begging artists.
rip /monarchy/
>>1384 >too bookish >Books are heavy and time consuming. well, may I interest you in a brazillian called dovahhatty? He has a series on youtube concerning history of roman empire and as his view on romans themselves is lacking his takes on plebs, women and germans is spot on easy to digest and uncontrovercially correct overall
>>1416 that is easily the worst reading list on this board

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