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(48.64 KB 596x576 ebolachan.jpg)

(462.95 KB 826x657 corona and ebola chan.png)

trying to find a song, bit of a request thread Anonymous 05/30/2021 (Sun) 23:46:40 No. 47
at some point, someone on youtube made a video called "ebola chan tribute" that featured a song i enjoyed and said song was even uploaded on youtube but then the song's official video was gone, so the video about ebola chan was the only thing with the song left years ago, that video disappeared too and i can't find the song anywhere these are some details i still remember >the song's name was probably "happy morning" >there was some piano at the beginning >name of the artist was something close to "tamara" or "tahara", i can't quite remember the name well >it was some upbeat/positive song too i guess and there was a cute girl singing is anyone here at least aware of something close enough? i still have it in my head and it's been years it's driving me insane i swear it was a real song

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