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(453.52 KB 650x577 threat.PNG)
Banned 4 life Anonymous 12/04/2020 (Fri) 19:24:13 Id:02ca56 No. 5248 [Reply]
What are some key words or phrases that can immediately get you vanned or shoahed? Posting anything about the federal reserve seems to get you insta-killed on any website
"The jews are bad because the are bourgeois, not because they are jewish." That very sentence is a threat to powerful people.
>>5248 >no fucking link I have been able to talk about it in the past.

(95.59 KB 875x560 S L O W A N D S T E A D Y.jpg)
Who else is FUCKING PUMPED for THE JEB SURGE today? Anonymous 11/03/2020 (Tue) 06:12:14 Id:4b81b5 No. 1974 [Reply]
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(291.01 KB 600x338 cnn yeb.png)
oooo .o8 .o. `888 "888 888 888 .ooooo. 888oooo. 888 888 d88' `88b d88' `88b Y8P 888 888ooo888 888 888 `8' 888 888 .o 888 888 .o. .o. 88P `Y8bod8P' `Y8bod8P' Y8P `Y888P
>>5088 How annoying.oooo .o8 .o. `888 "888 888 888 .ooooo. 888oooo. 888 888 d88' `88b d88' `88b Y8P 888 888ooo888 888 888 `8' 888 888 .o 888 888 .o. .o. 88P `Y8bod8P' `Y8bod8P' Y8P `Y888P

(239.38 KB 1366x864 david lane 02.jpg)
awakening pills Anonymous 11/14/2020 (Sat) 12:35:45 Id:000000 No. 4657 [Reply]
(142.29 KB 1024x543 1606197218619.jpg)
(148.06 KB 612x792 1605032935109.png)
(1.37 MB 3722x1330 1605658624384.jpg)
(348.59 KB 1341x402 1606183611908~2.png)
(140.75 KB 769x960 1597244225833.jpg)
(9.90 MB 900x518 523ydsadugd.gif)

Ultra far leftist DisobedientLupus of Kiwi Farms Anonymous 11/25/2020 (Wed) 17:36:59 Id:2c001f No. 5003 [Reply]
DisobedientLupus, the ultra far leftard incel that LOVES Wikipedia: >"Bryan, dude, stop posting on /pol/. I'm tired of seeing you posting screenshots. It's weird. The more you post the more I'll make everyone I know ..." >"You've found me out!" >"I am an ultra far leftist that LOVES Wikipedia." >"We showed him the 2018 movie of Mortal Engines. He's working with both parties to draw up legislation to ban the books and make the 2018 Mortal Engines movie required viewing in every school." >"Ultimate chaos outcome: Electoral college tie kicks the decision to the Senate and House. The dems take the senate but not the house so the house votes for Trump and the senate votes Kamala for VP." >What is his plan here? The vast majority of gun people are either gung-ho Trumpers or support him because he isn't a democrat. He's going to lose everyone except for angry ladyboys and ANTIFA types. Big Guntubers won't want to work with him because of it and I'm really interested in what Brownell's is going to do when every review of the WWSD carbine gets comment bombed by people posting about his retarded SJW satanic poly life style. He is known as JustARandommer, himself an ally of Putin UK progressive Koncorde AKA Britain BatteryIncluded. https://www.reddit(Please use archive.today)/u/JustARandommer Analog Devolved: >Someone calls out @DisobedientLupus on GAB. >It seems he has caught on to our agent @DisobedientLupus who [is an ultra far leftist that LOVES Wikipedia] ... It seems he has caught on to our agent @disobedientlupis who [is an ultra far leftist that LOVES Wikipedia] ... The democrats can't touch me. I'm immune to leftist gay ops. All of my businesses are flourishing even during quarantine. I'm not scared I know daddy Trump will win the election just like he beat Hillary. 4 more glorious years. I'm dedicating this next glass of whisky as a toast to you Pam.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

DisobedientLupus is a friend of Analog Devolved, whose friends include Koncorde, Wyvernkeeper, JustARandommer, BatteryIncluded and StreetGangsta. He has friends like MechQueste (now StarLightNova) and Kirkburn.

(693.92 KB 2000x2000 Pol_logo.png)
/pol/ for the Infinity Winter Cup 2020! Anonymous 11/23/2020 (Mon) 13:11:53 Id:ec7a3f No. 4960 [Reply]
Hey there, /pol/! We're in the process of organizing a new edition of The Infinity Cup or /icup/ for short, a virtual soccer tournament pitching various boards and imageboards against each other, and we're trying to find out if any of the boards that previously joined us wanted to reserve a spot in the final tournament. Since your team was already present in previous iterations, we already have both your roster, your kits and logos, so the only thing we ask of you if you want to join is the following: 1) Making sure your team has the correct number of medals (1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze), which you can see from the wiki page; 2) Making a thread over at https://anon.cafe/icup/ with your team's pledge, you just need to make a new thread telling us that your board wants in on the cup. Optionally) Assign player cards, roles and special strategies to your players, which can be referenced from the following wiki articles: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki(Please use archive.today)/wiki/Player_Cards http://infinitycup.shoutwiki(Please use archive.today)/wiki/Rules http://infinitycup.shoutwiki(Please use archive.today)/wiki/Team_Strategies Optionally2) Change roster names and/or give us 3D models to use for your team, or new kits or whatever contribution you'd like. I hope to see you guys on the pitch!

Jews Hide Among All Races: Pretend to Represent Them Anonymous 10/31/2020 (Sat) 22:35:42 Id:483834 No. 1943 [Reply]
I am sure a good portion of anons here might be aware of this already, but for lurkers and others I figure it might be worth going over in a bit of detail. As many of you already know kikes are in-fact a parasitic race, an anti-race if you will, that have infected the European genepool through miscegenation over centuries. They actively pose and camouflage themselves as a European specimen when convenient for survival, whilst simultaneously throwing us under the bus politically, socially, and culturally. And when others attack them for their “Whiteness” the pull out the “jew” card to deflect blame and escape criticism. They are not only a biological parasite in the way they infect a host tribe and destroy it from within, but also a social parasite in the way they behave and act on almost every level, that inserts itself into movements, institutions, culture etc to fracture, re-route, divide, and destroy. This being said I think it is IMPERITIVE for our survival and our ability to form alliances with other groups that anons understand that this has not only affected our own race, but also the other races. As such it is IMPERITIVE that we not only learn to identify jew features among our own race, but also among the other races too. Developing a keen “jewdar” so to speak. Certain jew traits are very easy to spot once you understand what to look for; the obvious being the hook-nose, but the teacup or big ears, thin oddly colored lips, narrow face shape, and even freakishly big, puffy eyes can be identifying factors aswell. I’ve only recently started to be able to identify jewy characteristics in certain Indian and East Asian faces. And it is clear as day what a normal Chinaman looks like versus a kike blood infected one when you can decipher it. Henry Ford spoke of a similar thing in his book The International Jew, where he exclaimed Jews pretending to be German as German Businessmen. And as Americans as American Businessmen and how these parasitic imposters are able to fool the general public into forming opinions and assertions on said countries and groups based on the actions of jewy shekel stealers pretending to be the nationality of XYZ country. Likewise I would wager the same is the case regarding our impeding racial conflict. Jews pretending to be Black, Asian, Latin, Indian etc and coercing the natives of the groups to fight each other, or band together to target Whites. I believe this is the key to being able to break down the tensions and be able to work with other groups to accomplish the same goal by pointing out the the actions the jew is taking not only harms Europeans, but also Blacks, Asians, etc. and that a jew-free world would result in a better place for all groups. This is how the jew is molding these other groups (including us) into working for him as his pawns. Pointing out that even if Whites are wiped out that Asians will be next to be enriched with Blacks, or that the destruction of the Black family was the work of jews. I believe the only way we can succeed is to break through this and work with groups who are jew-aware and intelligent enough to understand that this is a global war that affects the cohesiveness of all groups and ultimately cannot be won without cooperation. A Global Liberation Front; if you will. Look closely at the pic attached for an example; that man is not a Black man! Look at the hook nose.
>>1943 Thank you for your post. We should focus more on Jewish ideology and practices because altering physical traits have become relatively easy these days. All you need is a rhinoplasty to hide the mark God put on you. For example, in other races and religions, which demographics take part in usuary and sex business. In Muslim countries, I have seen that Shia Muslims own most of the banks. Most women in show business of Muslim countries are from Shia sect. On top of it, they also run most of the brothel. They even have a specific religious word for prostituting your body called Mutta. So Shia may not be kikes, but they act and think exactly like them. If we focus only on physical traits, then we will not be able to see these nuances.
Good post, if people read it. I always liked the memes about googling something or other better, since it baits curious people. **Like the one where a guy runs to google to search for "what books did the nazis burn" lol*
(14.70 KB 423x267 white race representative.jpg)
I'd rather take my moral imperatives from someone who can spell "imperative." Retard.

(2.83 MB 2048x2033 k0VnBFqkSU.png)
Jews are talking shit about this board on /b/ Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 23:17:42 Id:b5b3b2 No. 4878 [Reply]
https://8chan.moe/b/res/1427.html#1427 This is the second one, they are keeping it at the top with textwall posts. A third is about to be set up there. Should I just ignore them?
If they have a problem with me, they can take their problems to the meta thread I have pinned. If you think they're flooding your board, then moderate it. Also, locking the thread because this is meta shit and board drama.

(12.45 KB 600x360 2433.jpg)
The Guardian tranny employee loses custody of kid Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 13:03:39 Id:d95202 No. 4778 [Reply]
Want to have a laugh? The Guardian was the one making an article aboyt it. https://archive.is/yzcHd
1 post omitted.
>loses custody of kid Where does it say that? I glimpsed over the article and I can't find it anywhere. It just says, she can't call herself "father" or "parent" on the birth certificate of her child. So we can assume, she is still allowed to raise the child. The birth certificate will simply say "mother" and she is pissed about it.
>>4791 I made this thread in a drunken haze, I apologize
>>4778 So is this thing >a woman >a man >a man who is supposed to be a woman >a woman who is supposed to be a man >a freak who is supposed to be a woman >a freak who is supposed to be a man >botched genetic job with extra chromosomes/intersex ??? Don't even get me started on their retarded fucking terms. I have no idea what any of them are and I will literally never care. They don't make any sense and they all sound just as gay and faggoty as they fucking are.

(139.43 KB 812x1184 image0.jpg)
Anonymous 06/10/2020 (Wed) 02:12:05 Id:56950b No. 751 [Reply]
BLM may be part of a money laundering scheme: https://archive.fo/4n71W http://archive.vn/2JY8I https://archive.is/9TePq https://archive.is/SrkrI If you have the chance, help with the digging and see what can be exposed.
4 posts and 2 images omitted.
(76.43 KB 1280x720 who.jpg)
>but who is this "Black Lives"
>>4589 that face
>>4589 I saved this as <Current Year Propaganda.jpg

(26.16 KB 480x360 0.jpg)
PIZZAGATE NORMIE FRIENDLY VIDEO Anonymous 08/25/2020 (Tue) 07:29:40 Id:72969d No. 1462 [Reply]
https://www.Webm or instances.invidio.us/watch?v=kftvQhTH08U THIS NEEDS TO SPREAD FAR AND WIDE
>normie Blow in from some normalfag central like cuckchan?
(120.01 KB 728x491 BUMP.jpg)

(848.35 KB 772x624 1605083599305.png)
Antifa BTFO! Anonymous 11/11/2020 (Wed) 13:58:05 Id:000000 No. 4500 [Reply]
>mega.nz/folder/MqJSlJYa#e1742zUDlNgRMvkzNzv6Yg Download it. Sen it to your trusted local reported. Spread it. Trannies are in damage control mode. Spread it to other chans as well.
5 posts and 1 image omitted.
>ufile.io/lkb5ieot 30-days time-limit. Reupload it elsewhere. Other parts coming soon...
https://pixeldrain(Please use archive.today)/u/cnxw6LGn

(268.30 KB 1082x1634 Pattern.jpg)
(638.36 KB 916x1596 image0 (1).png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSGiepYfMy0 Anonymous 11/07/2020 (Sat) 01:09:15 Id:96fccb No. 3766 [Reply]
Is the watermark cope real? I took footage from a youtube video purporting to show ballot watermarks and compared it to a photograph purporting to show the same. I do see a pattern but it could be a coincidence-the orientation of the ballot strip in the video is different to that of the orientation of the ballots themselves. They are likely different ballots from different states though.
How about you learn to stop sucking cocks and quit crossposting?
1 post omitted.
>>4336 Fuck off it's real you homo. This isn't something new either. It's just that they barely talk about it on purpose.
(203.52 KB 406x338 555-come on now.png)
>>4336 >Nah there's no way the deep state would do whatever it takes to prevent another Trump presidency to avoid being exposed
>>4590 >fuckin copery dopery doo heckin seetherino Holy fuck kill yourself

(1.53 MB 1886x907 1601322450825.png)
4/pol/ suffering biggest Shareblue/CTR raid ever Anonymous 09/28/2020 (Mon) 20:22:51 Id:05207c No. 1659 [Reply]
So in light Trump's tax returns being released, the discord ghouls are having a field day with demoralizing spam. They cling to the $750 liability that he paid while conveniently ignoring the $5.2 million in ACTUAL TAXES he paid, trying to make it look like he only paid $750 for his massive income. Civil discussion is now impossible. Expect more 4/pol/ refugees soon.
15 posts and 3 images omitted.
THIS JUST IN 4chan is ded
11/11 habbening today is going to be crazy
>>1825 /leftypol/ is however still participating in it

on the thought maokooge 11/12/2020 (Thu) 08:59:51 Id:d22219 No. 4572 [Reply]
on the thought of his buddy zhuge qing, zhang chulan and feng baobao came to resolve the case with the help of "anywhere" business enterprise. how does zhang chulan display his competencies to assist the king trap the black hand backstage? what wonderful overall performance will zhuge qing, wang ye and others have? who're the people who covet the "8 wonders"? "under one guy-becoming a member of the world" may be introducedsoon! https://www.thesuperarticle(Please use archive.today)

(55.33 KB 840x462 rainbow.jpg)
Anonymous 07/10/2020 (Fri) 23:33:58 Id:1cb852 No. 1060 [Reply]
Can we finally admit that this retard is not only a Zionist, but has never done anything good for white people?
16 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>4300 christiansfortruth(Please use archive.today)
>>4368 .com Keep forgetting that that's filtered
>>4358 Contrats you've falling for the sexual D/C

(68.18 KB 645x558 posts.png)
All-purpose entertainment examination thread. Anonymous 10/25/2020 (Sun) 03:19:20 Id:70dda0 No. 1907 [Reply]
I don't recall this board ever getting a thread discussing entertainment as a whole and by extension relevant cuts of it. How the West compares with the East's. I'll start off with some posting on how come West fiction is so bad on the villain question: https://twitterPlease use archive.today/Alyonsus1/status/1178524546829189121 https://twitterPlease use archive.today/Tankcolo/status/1039792036747124737 https://twitterPlease use archive.today/Tankcolo/status/1250915630208909313 https://twitterPlease use archive.today/TAJackson20/status/1290918771662577664
13 posts and 7 images omitted.
>>4440 >leniency There is none. That's why they eat their own so often. Because it isn't truly about ideas, it's about your race and sex. If you're of the wrong race and sex, then they simply are looking for an excuse to eliminate you. Also, it's not just about changing the words used, it's about outright forcing you to say things that aren't true, in addition to forcing you to outright say you are bad, and to confess to things you never did. You think you can play that game? Even if you try to play along for the sake of the long game, they already have dirt on you by your forced confessions. You think you'll be able to argue they were forced? You're in too deep. If you were coerced into saying they're forced, then you're too big a pussy to retract them after, and if you're not, your retraction won't be cared about anyway.
>>4446 Yet white males make it in every media industry, especially as independent creators. We aren't living in some completely totalitarian dystopia or failed state yet, even if all the companies are totally effective at gatekeeping, there is still the indie scene, we can still have some independent entrepreneurs get together and make the things they want to make. There is a fuckton of media made available on the internet that was not made by a large established company, but by a couple indie devs with a bit of spare cash lying around, lots of them made what they did as a hobby, a HOBBY. Things aren't as bad as they could be, they aren't even as bad as things used to be, and even under those circumstances, people made media. Even in the soviet union people were getting together and making dissident media, even in war-torn african countries are blacks getting together and shooting movies. So why is it so much more difficult for any of us to do anything similar? Are we really in worse situations than they were? We can play a good goy just to get through college with a tech degree and some equipment, find similar guys on here and decide what would sell and what each of us can contribute to making it. Then we make something, put it on the market (if the material is apolitical and we can get everyone to keep their mouths shut about any indication where our political alignment lies, there should be no issue with getting it on a major sales platform), and reinvest the money from sales and reputation into something greater. Totally bypassed any company, no one gives a shit about internet journalism, and the initial funds are from the creators themselves, and the funds for each project are profits from the last ones. We can then introduce some right wing propaganda into the next material, but make it so subtle and generic seeming that it could be written off as just accidental so long as our team keeps their mouths shut, especially if the setting and it's elements are fantastic and divorced from any 1:1 with anything in our own world and it's inhabitants. We can then ramp it up a bit, each time the existence of any hidden rightist messaging is plausibly deniable.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>4545 Comicsgate is doing pretty well with beating the establishment. It's not about getting into the establishment, it's about beating them. Yes, I agree you have more hope working separate from the establishment. But it's a very uphill battle, since everything is against you and looking to ban you. Comics are a good example of success, but they still got banned off of Kickstarter. Patreon bans practically anything that isn't SJW, so Dick Masterson tried to make a Patreon alternative, and as a result he got put on a global blacklist for bank accounts and now can't do business with any bank in the world, shutting the site down. Comics are only succeeding because it's comics and nobody gives a shit. It's a minuscule industry either way. Do anything big and they will literally take away your ability to do non-cash commerce. Good luck making and distributing media purely with cash.


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