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(5.53 MB 640x480 yuri_nazis.webm)

/pol/ Meta thread Anonymous Board owner 07/11/2020 (Sat) 02:11:05 Id: b0ca41 No. 1063
Seeing as how the board is getting more active, figured it was about time to actual discus what's going on in regards to how the board should operate.
>>13413 >>13415 Hasbro new ceo the faggot that ruined D&D with woke shit. He apparently bitch about plantation applejack on twitter.
>Get banned for spam >i hardly even visit this place lol
Any /pol/s that don't exist on a site that tolerates nigger porn and pedophilia, or has /pol/ simply fallen into a diaspora state? I'd rather not be associated with the fucking FREAKS that frequent zoo/2dblacked/interracial.
>>13673 >has /pol/ simply fallen into a diaspora state? Yep. Besides /leftypol/ (who had a bunker prepared), none of the /pol/ boards knew what to do when 8chan fell down. Most users returned to 4/pol/ or moved to Twitter only to get banned again and again, while a small minority made /pol/ boards on every site they could find, splitting their already low numbers to levels where none of the boards was able to stay alive. It's really sad.
>>13679 Time to make /p/ - Politics.
>>13680 So do it mexico
>>13680 It's the same schizo who keeps attempting to trash the digging thread while going, "IT'S DA JEW, THERE'S NO NEED TO KEEP DIGGING WHEN WE KNOW IT'S DA JUICE!!!" and doesn't even attempt to provide any posts of worth.
>>13682 Yeah okay, but you still killed that christian identity guys posts a month back for no reason. Lighten up or people will start looking for another board.
>>13683 You mean these threads? <The fate of Israel >>1610 <Why does the Christian church feel like it's own worst enemy? >>8366
>be me >listening to some nerd review different Linux distros >left auto play on by accident again >suddenly this shit plays in the background https://odysee(Please use archive.today)/@davidpakman:7/i've-been-censoring-myself-to-avoid:4 To be fair unlike "You"Tube it really is random as I've also randomly ended up listening to Randbot streams. Just thought I'd share with you anons.
>>13687 its nyc everyone gets fucking assaulted not just kikes
mass suicide pact with every user
>>13819 Name
>>13819 I wish there were users. Most posts are from 2021 and the rest is necroposting.
>>13844 Post on the board and it won't be so emtpy.
>>13845 >post on the board >post deleted, user banned permanently, reason: u bad no like ur politics <wow why is board empty It's a mystery.
(174.06 KB 850x741 Gachi2.jpg)

>>13840 his name is Not Important.
okay ser
Ppl who still aren't using tor or similar, please do so.
>>1102 Awesome hail!
Hail Hitler >>12727
(46.68 KB 500x375 1648374767924.jpg)

Holy fuck. This version of /pol/ has almost no shills. And the ones I saw where immediately blown the fuck out. The slide threads are also few and far between. Am I in heaven? What is this glorious place?
>>14658 Why do you think they scapegoated the original 8chan so hard and eventually shut it down completely? An imageboard made up of anonymous users that can create their own boards from scratch, near-impervious to infiltration from bad actors into the moderation teams of those boards, teams which had a zero toleration policy of obvious shills and sliders, could not be allowed to exist with any kind of prominence. It's a lot easier to shit up 4chan's /pol/ to the point where meaningful discussion is next to impossible.
>>14660 You assume too much. Legacy board names tend carry more weight unless there's such a division in the board that spin-offs do happen (Such as what happened with /a/ and /animu/). Hell, the only reason I managed to become BO is because I emailed Mark for the position back on 8kun board admin positions opened up; and, after that went down in flames, he asked if I was still interested when he and Acid were making this site.
(136.26 KB 1024x948 1648828941952m.jpg)

>no time stamps for posts What's up with that
(32.94 KB 540x720 1648765460071.jpg)

>>14660 4chan is in complete control of the enemy. Go there right now. Everyone is talking like a furfag due to the mods. And emojis and shit. Board is dead D E D
>>14691 By* the enemy
(546.83 KB 385x385 Francis.png)

>>14691 What board has the best dig threads now? I want to pull another Epstein.
>>14794 /b/ is pretty much the place for that afaik
i think this all what we need!

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