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(5.53 MB 640x480 yuri_nazis.webm)

/pol/ Meta thread Anonymous Board owner 07/11/2020 (Sat) 02:11:05 Id: b0ca41 No. 1063
Seeing as how the board is getting more active, figured it was about time to actual discus what's going on in regards to how the board should operate.
(642.45 KB 678x1088 Racist dog hate-crimes.png)

>>8548 Fucked up the archive on that one
You've done it. This board is more dead than /t/ech.
>>8565 No they either went underground deleting posts or they got hunted down by the FBI or they took the vaccine and died.
>>8548 Hey BO, consider adding >>>/polarchive/ to /pol/'s board message to help to increase its visibility. Something like [Store your findings on >>>/polarchive/](https://8chan.moe/polarchive) should work.
>>8833 Nice. I've been wanting someplace to store all the commie chink shit I read about.
>>8911 You can also make your own threads. If it's something worthwhile, I will sticky it. Also open to banner suggestions, preferrably unique ones.
(150.35 KB 640x355 475182__tbc_placeholder.png)

why is there so much censorship and deletions? congrats, you're turning me off before I even attempt to post on this board
Why did you delete the cannibalism thread? It was a genuine question.
Sorry for taking so damn long to respond, the site's verification process was causing problems with posting through the usual channels. >>9209 Thought it was a topic better suited for /b/ with the way it was presented.
>>9246 doodoo
(71.39 KB 600x444 kid cuisine.jpg)

so is this /pol/ actually fucking chill? Is humor allowed? Or is it just a bunch of self-serious faggot boomers and FBI agents? Christ, i hated the 8chan/pol cause there was no humor at all.
As a matter of fact, we already knew there was water on the moon. The actual purpose of India claiming to have discovered it was so they could designate part of the moon. They literally took a space ship to the moon to mark territory by peeing on it.
(29.67 KB 480x513 God this makes me upset.jpg)

>>9407 >Nuggets and chocolate
>>8565 >This board is more dead than /t/ech. If you think it’s bad here. There no point in having GG threads or talking about video games pozzing on /v/. ((Mark))) moderation deleting far cry 6 and Nintendo news they don't like. Not to mention they have been deleting criticism and banning people over criticizing China and Disney recently. >>9407 This /pol/ pretty chilled. Slow maybe but far less fed posting and honey potting shit compared to 8kun and Cuckchan /pol/
>>9414 I don’t think you suppose to dip the chicken breasts in the chocolate.
>>9407 Slow /pol/ always be better than boomers Q or fed posters. >>9445 >Not to mention they have been deleting criticism and banning people over criticizing China and Disney recently. (((Mark))) an industry shill. Of course he will censor anti-Disney and China posts.
(444.00 B 29x21 mx.png)

(358.00 B 24x22 us.png)

(330.00 B 20x17 ca.png)

Petition to have /404/'s polandballs instead of regular flags.
(206.28 KB 600x585 Screenshot.png)

https://archive.fo/1wwj8 They're afraid.
Anon's File Collection i7k3ksltal6etuhbatyttmk5qcwm2tc465hwuvasj5agllot6tbvhbid.onion
>>9554 Is this fucking CP or something?
(1.43 MB 3468x1251 civilwar.jpg)

(936.59 KB 1853x874 Untitled.png)

>>9566 Just checked the link, it appears to be safe. <Looks like someone's personal repository. But, I have no control over what goes up on there, so use it at your own risk.
>>9567 >Posting cuckchan screencap of Nu/pol/. Are you some kind of faggot or something?
>>9569 Thanks anon-owner. Anon senpai? Nusnacks?
>>9447 Chocolate isn't going to go well with other things there no matter when you eat it during your meal. You would need to wait a bit to eat it.
>>1063 What anime is this?
niggers are stupid as fuck
(40.30 KB 521x363 screenshot.png)

Can you edit bord-specific CSS so that Tails users don't get random unicode characters all over the place? Just specify a specific external font or change them. See pic rel for how it looks right now
to stop to ban TOR nodes IPs. Because it looks like that TOR is disabled. Somebody posts some shit violated rules and MODs banned TOR IP, it's tupid. Please, unban TOR nodes IPs ranges
>>11245 cuck
hey guys ! :)
Lets raid the clover
(564.41 KB 517x943 pickles.png)

Hey nigger, we need to start /SIG/ threads again. Also I'm specifically looking for that image with food good for improving male function and masculinity.
>>11245 was it ever fixed?

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