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Give me a quick redpill on the vax Anonymous 08/04/2021 (Wed) 15:00:38 Id: 000000 No. 10659
I am redpilled about the jews and all that but I don't see the problem with the jab. Pandemics happen like the spanish flu and the way to end them is through vaccination. Some pharmaceutical will sure try to (((profit))) but that's it. Am I missing something? Or it just paranoia from the right? Also why is it such a pain to make a fucking thread here?
(4.96 MB 320x180 autism speaks.webm)

>>11343 Imagine thinking that they'd care about that when they got everything they wanted with literally zero deaths and got to keep all of their slaves.
>>11353 It appears nearly everyone in the medical system is a psychopath. They all know nothing happened last year, there was no pandemic. And now they're jabbing people and they are literally dropping like flies immediately after--that doesn't happen with any other vaccine; but not only do these medical workers act like it's all normal and browbeat the rest of us into getting this poison-jab, they circle the wagons and try to stop the public from knowing what's going on. Why? I can only think they're literal psychopaths.
>>11412 >but not only do these medical workers act like it's all normal and browbeat the rest of us into getting this poison-jab They can only browbeat you if you let them, Anon. They have no power unless you give in to them and not giving into them pisses them off and that is incentive enough to stay away from this kike poison.
>>11416 They're planning on rolling out the military to impose martial law to enforce the covid tyranny: https://www.bitchute(Please use archive.today)/video/9vwGi5vCc04W/ That's the real reason they brought the troops back. Even if you're not a burger, globohomo's plans have been the same in every country. When it happens, which it will, then what?
>>11448 >When it happens, which it will, then what? Then you be a fucking man and fight and if you die, at least you died fighting like a man in the same way many of our forefathers and ancestors did when faced with tyranny.
I'm going to shill vaccinations, but hear me out. The kikes are coming for you. Let me explain. Marek's disease. In case you don't know, Marek's disease is a disease of chickens. It causes tumors, which generally kill the chicken. Back in 1970, they developed a vaccine for Marek's disease. Actually, it didn't prevent Marek's disease, it prevented the tumors. As a result of the "vaccine" allowing the disease to still be caught and spread, the most virulent, deadly forms of the disease spread like wildfire. Today, a chicken is vaccinated in the egg, because to not do so means that it WILL get Marek's disease and it WILL die. Marek's disease vaccine sound familiar? A vaccine that allows the vaccinated to still get sick? A vaccine that promotes the spread of deadly variants of its disease, so that the unvaccinated die? Sound like a certain bat flu vaccine? Look, no matter how harmful the vaccines are to you, you have to play their game now. Because any day now one of your "fellow Americans" is going to bring back something even deadlier than this so-called Delta variant (I think we should call it the George Soros variant). Call this new monster the Bill Gates variant. And you will catch the Bill Gates variant, and it will kill you, and Stalinist America will blame you for your death, because you didn't get their vaccine. They won't blame themselves for bringing it back from Goatfuckistan, and spreading it to everyone they met because "they felt fine". No, everyone that they make sick is that person's fault, for not prostrating themselves before the lord and savior Dr. Fauci. Wait, didn't I say something about kikes? Look at the Zionists that run Israel. Already pushing a booster shot for real Israelis. You know, so they can finish what their ancestors failed at and finally get rid of the shitskins in their desert. Who isn't vaccinated in Israel? The Palestinians. This is intentional. The Israelis know that any day now one of their people is going to bring home a variant of this virus that wipes those fuckers out. And all of the bitch-nigger Stalinists in the rest of the world who would usually wag their finger are going to say "it serves those unvaccinated scum right." We are already in a biological war. No one has really realized it yet, though, except the kikes, and they're playing to win. And if you don't play their game and get your poison shot, you're going to end up part of the final solution to the Palestinian question. Get yourself vaccinated. Get your kids vaccinated, because one of these variants are going to start killing children. And look at the bright side: you'll be part of wiping out niggers and spics while their owners cheer.
>>11466 >Marek's disease Opinion discarded.
Based bong bangs covid bobby for chatting shit.
>>11466 Except the covid shots don't prevent disease you faggot. In israel they're condemning booster shots because there are now more israelis in the hospital and dying who are fully vaccinated than those who are not. According to the cdc's own numbers, this was no different than an annual flu, and now there's enough people getting sick and dying post-vaccination to present two possibilities: best case scenario) the virus isn't stopped at all and the shots actually lead to ADE like prior respiratory virus vaccines and your immune system explodes when exposed to even common pathogens, leaving your immune system compromised middle ground) this was monumental fuckup like the h1n1 vaccination campaign but rather than cutting it short after a handful of adverse events they doubled down again and again in order to push product and make money worst case scenario) the shots were never meant to stop anything, and everything about the rockefellers/bilderberg group and their plans to control population through randomized death/sterility through mass vaccination was the goal all along, that's why in spite of all the adverse events seen in healthy people they still had to specifically target pregnant women and now children it doesn't matter than the shot doesn't have 100% lethality or cause sterility 100%, as long as it is random enough they could get away with it without monumental backlash, hell they got away with the damage they caused with the h1n1 vaccine and that was hardly a handful of cases compared to now
basically, do some more research. absolute best case scenario (extremely improbable): the vax can not hurt you. the vax slightly reduces the chances of getting COVID. the government's push for mandating the vax is still unethical and downright criminal. the government's means of incentivizing people to get the vax in exchange for food, money, trucks, guns should be even more worrisome to anyone paying attention. I don't particularly believe in the "best case scenario" but there you have it. it's all worse from that point.
(169.87 KB 990x1133 mrna.png)

(99.46 KB 256x256 649437.png)

>>11169 Dumb ass this literally doesn't do anything.
>>11470 Or it's all of their mobile phones with BT left one...
>>10659 Here's the guy you're going to get your kike juice from: https://odysee(Please use archive.today)/@HolocaustLiesExposed:0/Holohoax-Tales-with-Pfizer-CEO-Albert-Bourla:8
(27.43 MB 641x360 Injections & Injunctions.webm)

Long but educational.
>>10659 >Vaccine comes out >Pharma CEO sells all his stock >Pharma company seeks legal protection against future lawsuits over potential side effects >shots or not, you still have to wear the mask and stay locked up because the shot won't prevent infection >i see politicians and celebrities not practicing what they preach >everyone who has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt to not be even a slightly bit trustworthy is pushing muh vaccine meme >pro-vaccine arguments cannot thrive without heavy censorship and moderation >doctors can't agree with each other, so journos and silicon valley shitheads think they are smart enough to filter what opinions i should or should not hear >governments are literally trying to use force to coerce detractors to take the shot, even after months of preaching the "my body. my choice" mantra >been listening to gloom and doom news reports for 2 years now, but i barely see the mayhem cause by this viral apocalypse the tv keeps trying to persuade me is happening >new strains pop up every weekend, making the shots irrelevant just use logical thinking skills anon a lot of dishonest people are trying to use violence to force me to drink a "medicine" that clearly doesn't work as intended
>vets begin using antibiotics on healthy animals to keep them healthy >where could all these new super antibiotic resistant germs have possibly come from? >docs begin using antivirals on healthy humans to keep them healthy >where could all these new super antiviral resistant strains have possibly come from? >why does facebook ban doctors who ask the second question, but not veterinaries who ask the first?
>>11472 >jews poisoning themselves do jews really need population control within pissrael?, i thought Netayu was in the Abe club of trying to MKultraing his population into fucking like rabbits it's not often you see Jews taking the same poisons they peddle to others
>> 11466 Fuck off shill. Never taking it, not for any reason
>>11448 >thinking troops that got BTFOed by goat fuckers stand the slightest chance against armed to the teeth conspiranoid mutt preppers it will only take one small scale battle before you start seeing zogbots deserting in droves they bleed and died for 2 decades and got nothing but scars and graves to show for it, now the very same government that shat all over them and their sacrifices are sending them in to shoot their own civilians just imagine how different Merika would be now if only one of the mutts who stormed the capitol building had at least 1/10th of the balls the faggiest Talivan that marched into Kabul had
>>11683 Lol, the Taliban stood off as the US army retreated. They're weren't defeated militarily, you didn't read, they were pulled out so they could be used to enforce martial law back in the US.
I began looking up information on "tissue salts" which is something a biochemist named Schuessler proposed is essential to proper health, and so far all I can find are a bunch of hollistic websites that co-opt his findings for vegan living. Schussler's theory is that tissue salts are various inorganic minerals that maintain healthy function of cells, like 3 forms of potassium salts (sulphate, chloride, phosphate), as well as salts of magnesium, silica, and some others. Most websites that come up from a cursory search list foods that contain these elements but it's all vegan, fruits, nuts, veg, but not so much as one mention of meat, dairy, or even eggs. However, trying to find more information about his theory brought me to something else as I was trying to find information on virus theory (which I can find nothing on since everything now results in fucking covid articles). I should start by saying that there seems to be a major lacking of evidence to support the claim that viruses make people sick at all, and even the father of vaccination is not a good argument that it works because of the biased conditions of the experiment. >observe that milk maids get sores on hands from milking cows with a pox >inject pus from sores into healthy boy >healthy boy gets sick but eventually gets better >conclude the boy will not get smallpox now The obvious flaw is not knowing whether the boy would have come down with smallpox in the first place, so to conclude that him not getting sick is the result of being injected with pus from a cow is as scientifically sound as leeches sucking out the bad humors of an otherwise healthy person. So far, it is assumed that viruses are these maybe-living/maybe-not packets of RNA that actively seek to infect a healthy cell to replicate, but have never been observed to do so, and have as mysterious an origin as the universe itself and are presumed to have always been present. The idea that viruses are the cause of disease is based on just one observation: >where you find a sick person, you can find viruses Which fails to explain why a person can supposedly have a virus or be exposed to a virus from a sick person and not get sick themselves. This lead me to "terrain theory", which was originally proposed by one physiologist but later expanded upon by Antione Bechamp, who said "The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything", meaning "the germ is no more the cause of disease than maggots are the cause of the rotten flesh they consume", further expanding that if the terrain of the body is imbalanced, that is the cause of disease, nothing is sterile in natuer, we have microbes within us and around us all the time and this is how it has always been, but our cells become diseased from the imbalance of our body and germs are merely scavanging the already dead and sick cells. This would be the most credible explanation as to why you can be around sick people all the time and never become sick yourself. So then the question is, if the terrain is more important than the germ, why did the boy get sick from the cow pus? The secretions from boils and sores, pus and mucus are the result of the body excreting toxins, as the body heals it has to get rid of the bile, dead cells, and toxins excreted from bacteria preying on our sick cells, so injecting that into someone is no different than injecting poison into an otherwise healthy body. The widely accepted theory however is germ theory, which was popularized by Louie Pasteur, whose solution to fight disease is to identify and kill every individual microbe to keep the body sterile. The science of vaccines is based entirely on superstition, the belief that healthy people will stay healthy because they injected toxic cellular excreta into their body before they could become unhealthy, much like a baseball player would stroke a rabbit's foot on a keychain to ensure he plays a good game, and then be assured that it was rubbing the rabbit's foot and not his years of discipline that allowed him to hit a home run. After it's over, there's no way to prove you would have gotten sick without it. Everything points me back to the old philosophy: >Food be thy medicine.
>>11534 >>11533 Devices have default names generally such as the name of the phone model or just the brand/company name, as do they generally have people setting up names for them. Since playing around in settings is among the first things people do when they get their phones. The device named "iPhone" is one example of a default name, my phone for example had the default name "Nokia" and then the two numbers signifying the model that I had bought. I didn't set that name for it, I simply changed it to something else, but that is the name it came with. "Smart" TVs have the same sort of thing, they come with a default name set for them, as do other smart devices. You generally don't see the actual Bluetooth addresses themselves because companies usually set up certain default settings in advance for the device they are selling: whether that is the vendor or the manufacturer, either one of those selling it to you will set a default name that isn't the Bluetooth address before it reaches your hands. In this case it shows Bluetooth addresses because these are devices that are intended to be connected to but not intended to be connected to manually.
>>11702 Ok so is the video legit or not?
>>11322 I am not a glownigger. I just have problems sticking to decisions. Though right today I am starting leaning towards anti-vax. It's getting suspicious above any tolerance I have for it.
>>11678 >>11679 My favorite part is how blatantly they have to lie about everything surrounding these supposedly "safe and tested vaccines". Just to my knowledge merriam webster have gone back to edit their "definitions" of what is a vaccine and herd immunity to keep the narrative going. Or how they keep spinning this nonsense about vaccines reducing the chance of transmission which is quite frankly impossible. As that would imply that somehow the vaccine is altering the amount of shed sk(Hello, I just arrived from Leddit, please bully me)ls or the amount of particles released when we inhale and exhale. It would have to drastically impede our biological functions to do anything close to a 75% reduction or 95% reduction when in contact with a fellow vaxxer. Besides in this context any reduction bellow 99,99% is effectively equal to 0 as when contact with anyone you roll the transmission dice not once but a couple hundred times. So if in a group for any prolonged period of time you will transmit it no matter what, best case scenario is that you will not catch it on Tuesday but on Wednesday.
>>10659 6767
(155.49 KB 703x1024 paracelsus_and_plant_phoenix.jpg)

>>11701 For health, I just look to Paracelsus. So far, it works. Tinctures are good. Bit of pain to make, but they do work. And then there's the more complicated preparations. Not able to make them yet, but considering the simple stuff works as advertised...
I had just done a search for an article on some heresay from someone about a celebrity who warned about someone getting swollen testicles and becoming impotent after the jab and found this article on health dot com: https://archive.is/7KPJU The article has "doctors" debunking the claim and then stating that covid-19 can cause erectile dysfunction while referencing two studies, these really struck me because the first one mentions how a study of 100 people had 25 people testing covid positive and 75 people testing negative, of the people who tested positive, 28% had ED, while of the other group only 9% had ED >28% of 25 is 7 >9% of 75 is 6.75 So there was only a 0.25% increase in the chance of someone having ED if they tested positive for covid? They go on to quote another study where two men who "Had a history of covid-19" were getting surgery for ED and they found traces of sars-cov-2 in samples of their penile tissue. This again is jumping to the conclusion that because they find a "virus" in diseased tissue that this is the CAUSE and not the EFFECT of disease.
>>11743 I don't know. It's simply something that many people have claimed and some people have tried out. The claim is that you need to have phones that are fairly old in terms of updates to see it, which for testing would also require you to have someone that is vaccinated not with saline but with the real thing. Maybe something more will come of it, maybe nothing will.

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