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(2.20 MB 576x360 Awesome God.mp4)

Why does the Christian church feel like it's own worst enemy? Anonymous 03/17/2021 (Wed) 03:30:38 Id: 5ca66b No. 8366
>We're going to be talking about "extreme thinking" in the Bible that will make people uncomfortable. <And, the conclusion is that you should let fate God decide everything in your life, don't make any of your own decisions, and everything will turn out fine (Even when it's not). >"Real" fellowship is more than just about singing silly songs. <And, we're going to prove this by spending hours on end singing silly songs. >We need to stop pandering to those who are just looking for a church that tells them what they want to hear. <Now take my word for everything I say as I read out-of-context highlights from the Bible. It feels like everything the church says and teaches pushes me away from it, and (Ironically) the only people who end up "supporting" my faith are pagans, atheists, and agnostics.
>>8557 >(((Racism))) is not a recipe for a functioning society. Then what was Germany between 1933 and 1939 if not a functioning society? The red army was already preparing to roll over Europe. Hitler did the right thing. He armed up and got them unprepared in an preemptive strike. Even winner side history isn't denying that. What did the fucking Brits and French do? They declared us war. That's what happened. We need to stick together as Germanics against the other folks of the world. Christianity won't help us because of it's history in destroying our connection to our roots (Runes, the old gods, killing our women and druids in witch hunts, enslaving us because muh pope is flesh of jesus and rulers from god) because it's a foreign desert religion with values that go against our Germanic nature and our fighting spirit. (Jesus forgave the Jews. Old testament is judaic and we reject it. Universalism is a cancer upon us and will lead to the decline of the owner of the belief. We ourselves are more valuable than others. We are not Christians. We are Germanics. Crusades did not serve us but the wealth of the Vatican.)
>>8542 >Also most pagans willingly converted to christianity of their own will, Only a couple were forcefully converted. Bullshit. After the rulers became Christian, they went around doing their baptism or beheading thing. We still have folk songs telling the tale. Christians just lie themselves noble like they always do.
>>8607 > they went around doing their baptism or beheading thing You mean during the Dark Ages where Mudslimes ruled half of Europe, until the Christians finally chased them out just in time for the Renaissance to occur blame everything that happened as a result "Christian ignorance"?
(123.01 KB 1224x1200 Jesus loves even us.jpeg)

(76.30 KB 616x646 revelationbeast.jpg)

>>8366 >Why does the Christian church feel like it's own worst enemy? Because it is? >no talk about the events of Revelation that are verrrrrry close, now >being accepting of gay marriage instead of fighting it tooth and nail >not acknowledging that there is a clear and present danger from jews and muslims >grubbing for money and then spending it on heathens who think pissing in the water supply is a great way to spend a few minutes I'm a Christian, and I have absolute faith in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but I have zero faith in churches and self-appointed spokesmen. It makes me sad, but, as the Beast rears its heads more and more each day, the solution will be secret home churches for the faithful. We're going to have to become an underground cult again until Jesus returns.
>>8367 > accepting things without evidence, on "faith," > achieve your goals > lead to do things that go against your actual wishes No, the point of faith is not accepting things things without evidence and it is especially not about fulfilling your own whishes. Faith is about faithfully pursuing the goals of your master and denying yourself while trusting in Him to provide, that's why it's called faith and not just belief. Every "Christian" who is just in it for selfish gains has not understood much. If you don't want to deny yourself, you shouldn't become a christian. That doesn't mean Christians will have a miserable life (unless they face persecution), actually applying wisdom as taught by God will in general tend to make one's life better.
>>8566 Firstly you haven't really even provided an example of anything they did wrong. But onto the more important question >You think jews or normalfags would care? They're not the ones you're targeting, You're targeting the evangelicals, Remember these are the people that entirely support Israel for 1 reason and 1 reason alone, Because they believe them to be God's chosen people, You expose that and you can feasibly drown out a major lifeline in their system. Evangelicals believe that since they are supporting Israel they'll be saved when in reality it's actually the opposite. 2 John really drives this home, Pretty much anyone who is anti christian is considered an enemy, Similar to how Europeans should consider everyone who is anti European an enemy. The evangelicals only support Jewry because they believe they'll get into heaven for doing so, It's the blind spot which everyone ignores. I mean there's no harm in trying is there? >>8606 People need to understand the difference between racism and supremacy, Racism is pretty much putting the interests of Your own people above the interest of other people groups, This is natural and the other people groups should be doing the same thing, We also don't have to hate everyone else in order to do this, A major thing I've noticed over the past couple of years is this attempt to force a black and white type of situation where one thing is ultimately good and another is evil, The world isn't as simplistic as that, There's a point where you shouldn't cross the line. The real issue is figuring out where the line is supposed to be.
>>8623 >where Mudslimes ruled half of Europe >half of Europe >Spain and the middle east They were never anywhere near Germany. Christians even made child crusades and some of them were simply sold into slavery instead of going to Jerusalem. https://en.wikipedia(Please use archive.today)/wiki/Children%27s_Crusade >>8637 >The real issue is figuring out where the line is supposed to be. There is no line. If niggers die, it's not our problem. Just like they don't care about us. You think a nigger will give a shit if someone of their race steps over a line? He'll just say: It was this nigga, I didn't do nuffin. >where one thing is ultimately good and another is evil I agree that we don't have to fight them as it's pointless but I think the political dualism is a way bigger problem. If you tell any liberal that you don't like what they preach, they'll think you'll like the koshervatives and pretend those jewish koshervatives are total beer nazis who want to kill foreigners and jews. Everyone has been turned into a retard by TV.
(106.38 KB 736x736 adept.jpg)

>>8623 >Dark Ages where Mudslimes ruled half of Europe Byzantium was still a major power during the dark ages and kept the Mohammedans out in the east. That only changed during the High Middle Ages, long after the Dark Ages. The Mohammedans only held Iberia, safely separated from the rest of Europe by giant mountains. Hardly a relevant threat to anyone. >>8366 Because it's been its own worst enemy since a couple days after Jesus died. If you look into the older bible texts, apocrypha and such, it becomes quite clear that he was a master of some Hermetic school (in the wider sense) and what he passed on to his followers was much the same, trying to uplift them to his own status. After his death, Peter went on to rejig that entire thing to be a vehicle for his personal power. The gnostics were probably the closest to Christ's actual teachings, but they're dead and buried thanks to the rest of the "Christians". Some elements carried over with the catholic clergy, at least until the reformation when even the core of that was lost. The orthodox are likely the most spiritually alive Christians operating today, but it's hard to say due to lack of exposure on my part. As it is, if you wish to follow Christ's path, study the teachings of Hermes.
>>8640 >Because it's been its own worst enemy since a couple days after Jesus died. Come on. We know that all Abrahamic religions are younger than their messiahs. Judaism was written down in the third century. The years aren't even numbered after the birth of Jesus who was born 4 to 7 years before himself but some roman festival.
>>8634 Being a national socialist/nationalist is directly opposed to christianity. What you are doing is globalism and spreading that jewish shit to every country on earth is just globalism. You are exporting jewish morality/culture to other cultures who dont want it.
Christianity is anti-White, it's that simple.
(49.76 KB 1024x566 french is a waste of time.jpg)

>>8566 >I mean their God told them to do it and it's canon, and it's the God Christians and Muslims follow too. No, it's not. First of all, Mudslimes worship Allah, the Arabian moon. Second, the Kikes "worship" both the devil and god, while also being "above" god as they believe that they can trick god and have Talmudic scriptures talking about how God referred to the Kikes for help. >Christians and Muslims are all just types of Jews, the same as how Mormons are still a type of Christian. Mormons are not Christians. It's a complete rewrite of the Christian religion (In particular, that the trinity is dead and that we can become god-like aliens), similar how Judaism is a complete rewrite of the Hebrew religion (Where they condemned Christ to Hell and replace all the old teachings withthe philosophy of the pharisees). >>8635 There's also the problem that you have the churches pushing the concept of "faith" to the point of it being blind faith. Where's all your suppose to do is pray to and believe in god, prostrate yourself before every meal, let "god" handle all of life's problems, and do absolutely nothing. In practice, it's like the Hindu/Buddhist concept of staring at your navel all day while "mediating", with the theory being that you'll eventually achieve enlightenment through this process and everything in life will become "clear". In execution, it DOES make the Christians no different than the Muslims because, in Islam, to declare that the concept of "Cause and effect" exists is outright blasphemy because it then implies that the events of the world may not be "Allah's will". However, in Christianity, this is not the case, if you referred to Job and the parable of the talents. In the former, Job gets taught the lesson that not everything in the world happens because of how "religious/faithful" you are, or as a result of an "act of God"; shit just happens. Meanwhile, in the latter, the servant who sat on his one talent during the decade his master was absent, believing that he would be "rewarded" for protecting the talent "SO carefully", had his talent stripped from him and given to the man who had 20 (Who started with 10) due to his arrogance and dependence upon someone else. >>8655 >First paragraph That isn't what that portion of Corinthians states or implies at all. You can even read it here: https://archive.vn/3OUUn If you want it paraphrased, it comes right off of a passage condemning the Jews for their idleness and the Greeks for their intellectualism, where the former demands a sign from god and refuse to act upon their own judgement and person, meanwhile the latter considers themselves to be "so 'intelligent'" that to ask for them to doubt that intelligence and explore other avenues is equivalent to heresy because they are "intelligent by nature" (Remember that the word "barbarian" is a derogatory Greek word that that refers to ALL non-Greek people being "unintelligent" and saying nothing but "bar bar bar" all day). >It forces all true diversity into the same mold, not realizing that different races, different cultures and different types of people all have differing spiritual feelings and inclinations. Then, why did Babylon, later Persia, then Macedon, followed by Rome all seem so dependent upon forcing the world to be come "one society"? Even Ancient China, the farthest you could get from Abrahamic religion and thinking because of the mountains dividing the Middle East from the rest of Asia, was determined to unite the entire continent. >Christianity and Abrahamism at large make the relationship to the divine purely individual. One make's one's own salvation. The campaigns of Cyrus the Great directly disputes this being an exclusively Abrahamic trait, as part of what is attributed as Cyrus' key to success was his faithfulness towards practicing his Zoroastrian faith (The religion of the original Aryans). Also, that section doesn't tell people to "hate" their parents or relatives. It's talking about how people will be persecuted and become divided because of what Christ teaches (Kind of contradictory towards previously talking about how "Christianity is universal in scope", don't you think): https://archive.vn/i4OA8 >Christianity devalues the world As I already said, Job disputes this. >The soul of the world is divine, all creation comes from exclusively from nature and the world. AND I just realized that I wasted my time. NOT disagreeing with a post criticizing Christianity, but a post PROMOTING some cross between Druidism and Buddhism.
>>8656 >PROMOTING some cross between Druidism and Buddhism. neither is mentioned in the screenshot. It promotes heathendom/paganism, our pre-Christian values, rites and traditions.
>>8661 >our pre-Christian values, rites and traditions Of killing each other in the name of sport? Of leveling cities because we hate the inhabitants because...reasons? Of sacrificing entire sects of the populace in the name of pleasing the gods?
>>8662 Most of this shit is purely made up. Read what Tacticus wrote about the Germans.
It's like with this "in the medival days they only had bread to eat all their lives" bullshit. If that was the case, they'd all be dead and we would have never been born.
>>8663 >Most of this shit is purely made up <The Olympic games practiced by the Greeks was infamous for them resulting in the death of (At least) one of the contestants because they believed it was dishonorable towards Zeus to admit defeat <The Carthaginians sacrificed entire sections of the aristocratic population to please their gods <Rome destroyed Carthage because the Carthaginians rebuilt their society "to fast" despite adhering to all of the reparations that the Romans demanded None of that shit was ever made up.
>>8662 >Of leveling cities NOW YOU MADE A BIG MISTAKE The current hypothesis of archology is that there were no Germanic cities. All cities were Roman.
>>8665 >Italians >Greeks >Phoenicians How do any of these examples relate to the so called pagan cultures of Germanics and Celts?
>>8656 >First of all, Mudslimes worship Allah, the Arabian moon. Tell them that. But oh wait, you can read their minds and know they believe things they don't even say between each other and is not written in their holy books. Allah is a translated name. You might as well tell me that Zeus and Jupiter are different characters. You might as well tell me that Trunks from Dragon Ball Z is a different character than Torankusu from Doragon Baru Zetto. Same goes for your thing about jews. You're trying hard to justify the fact that you've been so utterly conquered by their religion that you now worship a subset of it. But it's beside the point, because even if I accepted your claims, does that mean that you'd like them if only they followed the main books they claim to follow? I wouldn't. Those books are still full of their God, or sorry, your God that they only pretend to worship, telling Jews, who are your protagonists and spiritual predecessors, to do all sorts of horrendous (not to mention nonsensical) shit. If anything, it becomes even more cucked once Jesus came around to retcon a bunch of shit like some sort of cuckold Anti-Monitor. Now all sins can be forgiven, unless you talk shit about him, because he's an insecure little bitch like that. Murder is fine as long as you're sorry, but you better not talk shit about Jesus. No amount of apologies could make up for that. But somehow we're still supposed to think he's the best guy ever. But of course, he's only keeping up the tradition of his dad, I mean him, being an insecure little bitch who tells his most ardent follower to kill his own son just because he wanted to test to see if he'd do it, because he's an insecure little bitch. Your god is a faggot whose Kryptonite is Iron Chariots. Your lore is laughable and makes capeshit look coherent.
(34.70 KB 474x266 muslim Taharrush jama'i.jpg)

>>8652 >You are exporting jewish morality/culture to other cultures who dont want it. If you think Christians follow JEW morality, you haven't been paying attention. The only ones I've met who do that are the televangelist-wannabe types who further their glory instead of the Lord's. As for other cultures, no one's forcing them to listen... anymore. Personally, given my way, I'd pull all our missionaries out of the rape-ape areas, but it's not my call to make. >>8663 >Read what Tacticus wrote about the Germans. Tacticus, being a historical character from the Discworld novels, wrote absolutely nothing about the Germans. Tacitus, however, said "The Germans themselves I should regard as aboriginal, and not mixed at all with other races through immigration or intercourse." And, until the jews finally won WWII, they managed to maintain that.
>>8704 You don't follow jew morality, jews have a master morality that serves them. You follow a slave morality that benefits jews as evidenced by the entire fucking existence and history of your faith. You aren't a kike, you're a kike-enabler.
>>8623 >where Mudslimes ruled half of Europe Which is interesting considering they did not reach any further than the Mediterrannean. So any action taken up north is irrelevant when it comes to muslim activity. >for the Renaissance to occur blame everything that happened as a result "Christian ignorance"? The Dark Ages were a Renaissance meme created by the Church itself. It was a meme that was simply coopted by atheists after Christians taught it to them. The ages were "dark" because there were fuck-all texts written in Latin or Latin script, making it a giant void in the perception of the Church in terms of history. That the Dark Ages were a result of Christian ignorance is very much true, just that it is a lot different from what fedora-tippers think it was. And even today you see Christians continue this retarded meme, with them claiming that nobody knew how to read in the Dark Ages because "well, only the church taught people to read and write, the peasantry didnt know how to" without a single shred of irony. So I shed no tears over the Church having its own memes backfire on it.
>>8500 No one cares if you think it is or isn't. It's already in your gay book and every faggot denomination. No one gives a fuck what you think, jackass. Everyone already knows Paganism is the real religion of Whites. You lost. It's over.
>>8366 The main issue with Christianity is that Christianity like the other Abrahamic faiths (Judaism and Islam) is self-contradicting and discourages critical thinking and denial of your true self anyway. The three Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) has and always will be the religions of power hungry jackasses that seek to destroy anything and anyone that doesn't conform to it. In Judaism, if you believe in the stories of the Old Testament (The Tanakh) to be true; Yahweh commanded the Isrealites to commit genocide, take the young virgin women and girls for themselves and force them to be married to you, and stone anyone who dares question the Jewish faith to death and similar practices are found in Christianity and Islam anyway. In Christianity, to its credit the most positive character of the whole Bible is Jesus of Nazareth where he preached that people can be redeemed, don't be a judgemental jackass, and helping those in need which are values that I'm sure anyone can accept are good things. However, the rest of the New Testament is filled with things where authors such 'Paul the Apostle' twist the words of Jesus to justify certain things such as being judgemental to the sinners and even agreeing with some Old Testament values such as sentencing your kids to death if they don't obey you. The Christian doctrine preaches that God loves everyone and yet God is perfectly okay with these types of things by the way. Finally there is Islam and what's there to say about it? If you know the stupid story, one day this old guy named 'Muhammad' develops schizophrenia and claims that he saw the Angel Gabriel talking to him that Allah (God) wants him to spread the word of Allah. So Muhammad and his friends go on the world's first Jihad where just like the Israelites and the Christians before them, they basically commit genocide and destroy the pagan cultures around them that didn't wanted to conform to the cult of Allah. Also, Muhammad married a six year old and has sex with her when she became nine years old and Allah is perfectly okay with this then. There's also how Muhammad preached violence and harm to others that didn't want to convert to Islam despite it being the "Religion of Peace" anyway. The Abrahamic faiths are pure bullshit at this point anyway. You're honestly far better off becoming a pagan, a Buddhist, or atheist/agnostic at this point then.
>>8642 >The years aren't even numbered after the birth of Jesus who was born 4 to 7 years before himself They *are* numbered after Jesus' birth. It's just that the monk who came up with the AD thing lived around 500 and made a few miscalculations. Look up Dionysius Exiguus for the details. >but some roman festival. No, that's the Solstice/Christmas thing. That's from the early 4th century, when they thought that it would be really neat to celebrate Jesus' birth (something that the earlier Christians didn't even care about all that much) on the winter solstice.
>>9003 >the rest of the New Testament is filled with things where authors such 'Paul the Apostle' twist the words of Jesus to justify certain things Interesting theory: what if the Bible was not meant to be literal, but a satirical cautionary tale of how the Word of God can be twisted by charlatans to manipulate the masses?
(14.20 KB 474x266 k.jfif)

>>8366 >Why does being a cuck feels like being your own worst enemy?
>>8366 Because they are either fanatical assholes, TV level faggots, or the catholic church. >>8370 yeah because almost everyone on southamerica werent catholic at certain point all the while we pushed all the genes we could find in the main pool even jew, goyin, yellow and whatever westerm australians are.
>>9009 fucking this the bible is like a skitzo babble with a few truths hidden in tons of shit its obvious to a child that the bible is false and kiked its a big joke god would take a big fat wack tabular shit on the fucking bible
(1.34 MB 392x300 Lenin but transgender.gif)

>>9009 Not really meant as a parody, just that he has twisted the words for his own cause. Such as trying to add teachers of the faith that are superior to their bretheren when in reality people are meant to be brothers, meaning not to have a figure holier than them that has special powers exclusively devoted to those holy men. Effectively a conflict regarding hierarchy and decentralisation.
(69.06 KB 955x668 mockingbird.jpg)

>>8366 >Why does the Christian church feel like it's own worst enemy? Because most have been infiltrated by cia's operation mockingbird dumbass. It isn't just for media, it also specifically targeted churches.
>>10919 >CIA Well, among other things
>>8656 >Then, why did Babylon, later Persia, then Macedon, followed by Rome all seem so dependent upon forcing the world to be come "one society"? Even Ancient China, the farthest you could get from Abrahamic religion and thinking because of the mountains dividing the Middle East from the rest of Asia, was determined to unite the entire continent. obviously we need /hist or /history. where is it.........
>>8635 >Faith is about faithfully pursuing the goals of your master and denying yourself while trusting in Him to provide, that's why it's called faith and not just belief. >Faith is about faithfully >Faith is about faith You're using the word to define itself. You also then use several variations of the same word, like trust. You believe it without evidence. Faithfully is just doing something while believing without evidence.

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