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(256.82 KB 830x634 EU police censorship.png)

>“Far-right extremism” is understood as an umbrella concept, which comprises both the radical and the extreme right. So it encompasses the radical and extreme right, but where does that leave the fanatical right, fringe right and zealous right? So many synonyms that are lacking this categorisation that I simply can't even. Is the violent right part of far-right extremism? I wouldn't know, nobody has told me if that counts as such.
>>10398 >Far-right digital subcultures tend to be immune against democratic intervention as they are sceptical of any outsider intervention. Without speaking the harmful language of these insular communities, it is difficult to make counterarguments heard. Moreover, given that many of those within the far-right extremist spectrum claim that they arethe victims of an “elitist” conspiracy that aims to “weaken” or “erase” Western culture and/or white people, democratic intervention from the very people who they see as “enemies” is met with resistance. Those who call out the far right are often vilified, trolled further, accused of being “over-sensitive”, and confronted with the claim that memes are designed just for laughs. On the other hand, shutting people down and deplatforming can also lead to reinforcing the narrative that free speech is limited tomainstream elites and potentially rally more support for the far right. Hmmmm
>>10398 TL DR They don't have much clue of what to do about us apart from what you already see from shills. They also keep emphasizing how >the humor that softens the messages of hate will bring violence to minorities
>Far-right digital subcultures tend to be immune against democratic intervention as they are sceptical of any outsider intervention. It's spelled "skeptical", and yes, we are on guard because we know that if you let in one leftist faggot, they will do whatever it takes to ensure that the left takes over your space and everyone else is kicked out of it, including the ones who let them in. The only way to avoid a takeover by these ideological zealots is to be absolutely intolerant of their bullshit, the moment anyone says anything against gentiles, they are a loxist jew, the moment they say anything against whites, they are an anti-white subhuman, the moment they say anything against males, they are a misandrist feminist, the moment they say anything against heterosexuals, they are a heterophobic tranny. Responding to their intolerance with intolerance is the only way to keep yourself safe, and it's not like we ban them or censor them, we call out their bullshit for what it is, and the reason our memes are funny and theirs are not is because our memes are jokes based on truth and mocking the absurdities of the world of tyrannical falsehoods that we live in, while theirs is based on living blissfully in that world of tyrant approved delusions. We are the ones doing the "interventions" here, people come to us and leave changed, when we encounter you, we leave jaded and bitter. It's not that you are wrong that upsets us, it how you come to your false conclusions that concerns us. You can't think scientifically, and so you eat up pseudoscience from some cult lead by experts who refuse to show the work behind their ridiculous proclamations, your reasoning is religious in nature, appealing to authority and some divine truth that cannot be questioned even when it is in clear contradiction of observable evidence and basic principles of logical thinking. You split the world into a childish narrative of good vs evil, and delude yourself to think that love and hate are opposing forces, rather than two sides of the same feeling towards something - the truest test of love for anything is the hatred for that which threatens it, everything else is empty words and gestures if you won't be motivated by your love to stand against anything that places it in danger. Our love for the white race also carries with it a hatred for anything which threatens that race, non-whites are often the source of threats towards whites, and the aggregate effect of their behavior towards members of the white race has been to place them in danger and to make things worse for them, thus, over time, we developed by contamination a hatred of non-white races who produce so much abuse towards the race we love. Similarly, your love for non-whites has also manifested as a hatred for whites due to your purposefully misguided thinking that whites are a threat to all other races. It's not your love vs our hate, it's your love for one thing and hatred for another, vs our love for one thing and hatred for another. >Without speaking the harmful language of these insular communities, it is difficult to make counterarguments heard. We hear your counterarguments, you should be able to tell that from the fact that we take the time over and over again to touch on your poor argumentation and identify the flaws in them, you just refuse to hear us tell you why your arguments are shit. We took the time and consideration to investigate your claims, analyze your evidence, and were genuinely open to the possibility that you could teach us something or change our opinions, we were disappointed each time, as it usually took very little work to find out the ignorance, misconception, faulty logic, or scientific error in your claims. Never the less, we patiently took the time to refute and debunk what you had to say to us, and we even went so far as to explain your own position to you, when it became obvious that you were just parroting arguments that you yourself didn't understand, we tried being kind a courteous, wanting to put aside hostilities and go on an investigative journey together to find the truth and solve the problems before us in a mutually satisfactory manner. But you had no interest in learning anything, you didn't care about the truth or being correct or reasonable, like a petulant child, you just wanted to be "right", and you threw a tantrum at us, insulting us, attacking us, and trying to drown us out. Eventually, you ran out of arguments, and turned to just making shit up and trying to disrupt our communities, at that point you basically admitted defeat, and we lost our patience with you, you had nothing further to contribute, because you didn't care about contributing anything, you just wanted to trick us into agreeing with you, and then when it turned out we weren't the stupid caricatures your television used to represent us, you resorted to bullying us into agreeing with you, and we did not respond well to being abused. If we are harmful to you, it's because of the way you conducted yourselves towards us, what goes around comes around, and we will not simply accept being attacked, verbally or otherwise. >Moreover, given that many of those within the far-right extremist spectrum claim that they arethe victims of an “elitist” conspiracy that aims to “weaken” or “erase” Western culture and/or white people, democratic intervention from the very people who they see as “enemies” is met with resistance. Don't you fucking try to gaslight us by pretending this isn't true, our main source of these beliefs is the evidence of your actions and your words. We have you in text, audio, and on video, and we have the track records of your actions towards us, and their effects. We know your game, we have mountains of evidence with one clear interpretation to it, and you can't possibly believe that lying to our fucking faces about it is going to be taken well by us. The level of abuse and disrespect this shows is a good reason for us to hate you, if you are going to do something to hurt us, at least be honest about it, don't try to lie about what you did right in front of us and try to convince us that we are crazy. And "democratic intervention", what the fuck is that? we aren't holding votes on what to believe, every member of our community is free to come to their own conclusion based on the evidence and arguments available, we are notorious for allowing and even encouraging debate and disagreement on everything from politics, to religion, to even what you would think was the unquestionable core beliefs of our communities. There's no possibility of "democratic intervention" because there's no fucking democracy here, what the hell are you talking about you loony psycho? >Those who call out the far right are often vilified, trolled further, accused of being “over-sensitive”, and confronted with the claim that memes are designed just for laughs. "call out", like we don't know what we are and how the world sees us? we are well aware of what we are, and that the world hates us for being it, we come to these places to escape that world we are forced to live in, and would appreciate you not coming in to remind us, thank you very much. We know we are anti-semitic, racist, misogynist, homophobic, etc. etc. the thing you don't realize is that we don't care anymore, we think these are good things to be, and challenge you to provide one reason why these things are bed things to be. Tell me, what can a straight white gentile man gain from not being homophobic towards the gay man who hates him for his sexuality? or not being racist towards the black man who hates him for his race? or not being anti-semitic towards the jew who hates him for his ethnicity? or not being misogynistic towards the woman who hates him for his sex? what does he have to gain from any of that? nothing. he gets nothing out of it, nothing good at least, what he is likely to get is a lot more abuse than
if he responded in kind, because these groups of people like to treat vulnerability as a sign that they should ramp up the attacks. But if he is homophobic, racist, anti-semitic, and misogynistic, he fights back, and we have reason to believe that all it takes for the straight white gentile man to win, is for him to be willing to fight back against his abusers and tormentors. The reason we beleive this is because you spend so much of your time, money, and effort to keep us from even trying to fight back, we come from a people who fought a war over the price of our tea, you have gone far further than crossing just that line, if we were to get angry and face you in a straight up fight, our retribution will be the stuff of legends, even in our weakened state, we are more than capable of destroying you utterly with little effort. This is why you are so scared of us who haven't taken the vaccine, you know it;s going to result in mass outbreaks of sickness and deaths, and too many of us are not going to be a part of those numbers, all you did was remove the thing that was keeping us from standing up and fighting against you, our fellow straight white gentile males, who you had brainwashed into opposing us, without them, and with the knowledge that you had tried to kill us, we will likely start exterminating you, and not stop until you are annihilated from the face of the planet. >On the other hand, shutting people down and deplatforming can also lead to reinforcing the narrative that free speech is limited tomainstream elites and potentially rally more support for the far right. You can't convince us because we know our stuff and apparently we even know your stuff better than you do. so you abuse us, but we are assertive and abuse you back, as you deserve for acting like a petulant brat. so you lie to us to try and make us doubt ourselves, but we stand firm and expose you for the manipulative bastards that you are. so you try to shame us, we instead take pride in what we are, and shame you back for what you are. so now you try to silence us, but the signal is already out, and if you take us offline, then we will go offline, and after meeting each other face to face, we will personally pay you a visit, and you might not like what happens when we do. your best bet is to admit to your faults, apologize to us, and give us our demands. what we want is very simple, we want a divorce - you see, the relationship of the straights to the gays, the whites to the blacks, the gentiles to the jews, and the males to the feminists, has been like the relationship of a victim of domestic abuse to their abuser. what we want is for you to leave us alone, and in exchange, we will leave you alone, all we ever wanted was a nation-state of our own, where we can be safe, and free, and have complete control over the country that we live in. we don't want world domination, we don't want the extermination of anyone who isn't a threat to us, we can live and let live if they agree to do the same towards us. we just want to leave, to live in our own lands, and to be left alone, do that, and i can guarantee you that we will be satisfied enough to leave you to pursue whatever path you wish to. we want our people to have a future, for blonde or red hair, and blue or green eyes to not fade away into the mists of the past, we want to see the full potential of our own people after they were given sovereignty, autonomy, self-determination, from past political data, we know that our race has have a very unique approach to politics, and we want to see what would come of that rare political vision being unimpeded by the comparatively common political perspectives of the other races. we want to leave, you want to chase us down, you hold all the power, while we have none, yet you claim we are the ones who threaten you, when it is clearly the opposite. you may as well say that the hare is a threat to the fox which chases it across the field, it's ridiculous. why do we talk about fighting you? about our hate for you and the others besides ourselves? because you have done your best to make it so that our options of peacefully ensuring that our people can continue to exist are getting less and less in terms of availability and effectiveness, leaving violent resolution as the only option left to us, and we are preparing our minds and hearts for the day when that is inevitably the only thing left that we can do. Because we don't want to fight you, strange as this may sound, our fighting words are a sign that we would rather resolve this peaceably, our words of hate are a sign that we are trying to harden our hearts because we still see these people as, well, people, and it's hard to hurt them, because we don't actually want to do that. in fact, we can name gays, blacks, jews, and women who we like, respect, or admire, we know there's good and bad in all groups, even if their aggregate towards out people is bad, and we genuinely appreciate any members of these groups who isn't hostile towards us, even more so if they stand up for us against those who are hostile. living separately doesn't mean wanting to hurt the ones you are separating from, feeling pride in your group doesn't mean that you must want other groups to be destroyed, white nationalism and white supremacism aren't ideologies of hating or hurting the other groups, as you try to convince everyone to think they are, these are ideologies of loving and helping your own group. white pride is a good example of this, the reason we need white pride, is because we have spent our whole lives being shamed for being white, being made to feel guilty with a phony historical narrative that was designed to instill hatred towards our race in the students to whom it was taught, so feeling good about something we were told to feel bad about is important to us. We just want to survive and be left to pursue our own destiny, none of that entails the destruction of others, but it is you who go out of your way to insist upon our destruction.
>>10398 Who gives a flying fuck? What are you going to do about this? Absolutely nothing.
>>10440 You forgot a field.
(58.08 KB 500x262 tolerant left.jpg)

>>10398 "Anything we don't like is far right."
>>10414 If they don't want violence to come to minorities, allow the white racists/nationalists/supremacists/separatists/etc. to leave and have their own lands. It's very simple, they only want one thing and it requires no cost for you to give it to them. The world is a large place, and these people make up a very small part of its human population, so you can easily just take some bit of land and send all these people there. It's a win win situation, they get their own country, and then they'd be content to leave everyone else alone, so long as you leave them alone. Then you can do whatever the hell you like, while they just do their own thing away from you and the people you think they are a danger to. Why not do this? Why do you want to keep these people around, when their whole deal is that they'd be more than happy to leave? You don't like them, and they don't like you, so having them go their own way should work out for the both of you. The one thing they want is to go away from you, so just give them that, and the problems they cause for you will all go away with them. Why not Southern Africa? You can easily just take the non-whites out of there and into Europe, because all of them would be eager to co-operate, then send all the problematic whites to there to have their little nation state far away from you, I bet you could give them the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa if you wanted to, and the Africans would be more than happy to make room for them of it meant getting a free pass into European countries, and the whites you'd be giving this land to would be happy as a fly in shit to live in this new home. Heck, with how desperate these guys are, you could send these whites off to literally anywhere in the world and they'd be happy, why not give them an ethnostate in some land no one else wants to live in? How about some frozen icy hell near the poles? Or sone sweltering burning hell on the equator? Maybe some little island in the middle of an ocean? Maybe the bottom of the ocean? Hell, I bet you can even send them to the Moon, or Mars, or some habitable planet far, far away, or even just some colony ship floating in the void, and they'd think that there'd be nothing that could make them happier. There are options for you, a lot of options, you have the time, money, and energy to do any of these things, and the cost would be far less than whatever you are trying to do right now. If you could put jews in the middle east, you can put these guys anywhere in the world, once that is done, you won't ever have to worry about them ever again, they are in another country, content to leave you be if you do the same for them, and they are no longer any of your business. There's a very simple answer here, you are literally being told it to your faces every fucking day, and it is fully within your power to do this, furthermore it's going to be a lot easier than starting a civil war in your countries to try amd shut these people up, just give them what they want, it's the easiest answer to all your issues, there no reason to continue to suffer and put everything at risk for no rational reason.
>>10443 Who gives a flying fuck?
>>10496 Moonman rocks post more fren
>>10439 Good post
>>10398 All of that sums up as: the right is winning and the jews are losing, are desperate and are realizing that they will all be killed soon.
>>10507 Nothing will save them this time.
>>10507 They are winning and winning big. They are only losing the cultural war, and only in those few places where the far right encounters outsiders. Even if everyone woke up and realized everything that was going on, what would that change? Nothing, most people wouldn't change at all, they will avert their eyes to their feet and kero their heads down and mouths shut, just focusing on surviving and living in their own little personal bubbles. Then there'd be a lot of people who'd welcome the coming dystopian nightmare regime, and all ot brings with it, just as our populations had been conditioned to do for the past seventy years, there's no reason or facts backing this attitude, any they purport to have is just for the appearance of having cause to want the end of an entire race of people, their core programming has just been fucked up that the extinction of white people is a goal that justifies itself, it is desired for its own sake. The next group are people who are so scared of becoming villains that they will never dare to do what it takes to become a hero, they will oppose what is happening, but will refuse to do anything that will actually have any measure of meaningful effectiveness, there will be small victories that are little more than nuisances to the establishment, and these will be portrayed as much larger achievements than they actually were, mainly as a way of telling each other that sticking to ineffective means of producing change is not as hopeless as it actually is, they will deride anyone who advocates for effective tactics, and will even act as opposition to these types, mainly because they feel a need to measure up to their image of what a "good guy" (((tm))) is supposed to be like, both in the eyes of the public, and in their own self image. Where the establishment cheats, they will play by the rules, when it is clear that the establishment only cares about getting what it wants, they will be genuine with everything they say and do, if the establishment uses conspiracies to abuse their control of the system they so thoroughly corrupted, these poor naive fucks will have 100 percent faith in the system they wish to somehow turn against itself. They will have heads full of (((hollywood))), "it's the Christians they are after" they will say, adamantly denying the truth that they are after whites, point out how black Christians and their churches are being left alone and they will go into full denial mode, "its the elites, the bankers, the marxists, the satanists, the illuminati" they will exclaim, it's anyone but the jews for these types, wouldn't want to come across as one of those ebul nahtzees, would they? Then there's the fear and paranoia that keeps the ones who are not one of the above from forming groups, and without groups, there's no effectiveness, everyone thinks there's secret agents who are always listening in, or joining the conversation, pretending to be one of us, they are correct to think this, of course, because it's absolutely true, the issue is that this keeps organization from happening, and without that, everyone is easy pickings for the establishment. It may even be too late already, the operation "dark winter" begins on October 1st this year, if you are in a country as fucked as Canada and they know about your political opinions, sorry to say it friend, but your ass is capital F Fucked. The people in power are still the ones in power, they won't be held accountable because the people who could have conceivably brought any consequences upon them are either under establishment control, or delivered to the point that they can be safely dealt with or disregarded at the establishments own leisure. Think about this, if you lack the power to silence dissenters, then you want to have an open dialog, discussion is something you would advocate for, as would be free expression and being tolerant and inclusive of unpopular or controversial ideas, such as your own. But when you are the one with all the power, and you can silence the opposition, why the hell would you give them the opportunity to speak? In what way could that possibly benefit your ideology? It couldn't, in fact, at that point, letting dissent be heard could only hurt your power, so shut them up whenever you can, in fact, you should seek out dissenting voices just to silence them and ensure there's no where their dangerous ideas could be shared with others. Free expression and ideological inclusiveness is to the left just a foot in the door, they want in, only so that they can use ruthless underhanded means to take over that space and kick out everyone who doesn't agree with them politically. Let one leftist in and your community is already doomed, most think that they can convert them, which works as well as Welcoming in an invading army and expecting them to assimilate to your culture rather than the other way around. Free speech and a tolerance of disagreeing opinions should never be extended to anyone left of center on the political axis, the momment someone says something that's anti white, anti male, anti heterosexual, or anti gentile, you kick them out and slam the door. Failing to do that is the death knell for your community. You have the power in this community, you have nothing to gain from allowing people of the political ideology that regards you as evil to express their opinions within that space, exclude them, unless you want to hand that space over.
But they dont have a own PDF for muslim extremists.....
(4.24 MB 3536x3368 24747.png)

(239.27 KB 1492x986 246485.png)

(52.75 KB 1200x630 lenin2.jpg)

that's all folks. it's your end. We - LEFTS - won. And it was so easy again.
(111.53 KB 2048x1025 gorbachevpizzahut.jpg)

>>10792 Daily reminder that the soviet union collapsed and the man who killed it filmed a pizza hut commercial to rub it in.
>>10794 what's wrong with it? Less Russian Empires - more freedom and happiness

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