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(5.53 MB 640x480 yuri_nazis.webm)

/pol/ Meta thread Anonymous Board owner 07/11/2020 (Sat) 02:11:05 Id: b0ca41 No. 1063
Seeing as how the board is getting more active, figured it was about time to actual discus what's going on in regards to how the board should operate.
>politically incorrect is a SFW board Nani?
>>1063 >discus what's going on in regards to how the board should operate So to start off, what's your ideal way of running this shit.
>>1064 You can post NSFW content, but that doesn't mean that this board is for spamming porn. >>1065 >what's your ideal way of running this shit Try to be as hands off as possible, aside from when action is needed. Just haven't done much altogether because there's not much activity, and no one seemed to really care about what was posted (At least, to the point of reporting it). Edit: basically, just making it up as I go along at this point.
Edited last time by Shellen on 07/11/2020 (Sat) 02:50:05.
Can you stop obvious shilling/sliding? I had to bump what I considered a really important thread for a whole night on 8kunt cause shareblue/leftypol-types kept spamming the board to make sure it never reached the front page. Their favorite shit to spam Trump is a Zionist/he touched the wall, which eventually devolved into "Hitler touched the wall you guyz". I'm not even kidding. Trump is too friendly with Isreal, but even he managed to trick them into fighting Syria without US involvement.
>>1069 >Can you stop obvious shilling/sliding? Report the posts. So far, the closest things I can think of immediately removing would be all the posts with Wojack edits, but I haven't done so because the board was so slow. >I had to bump what I considered a really important thread for a whole night on 8kunt Neither I nor anyone else operating a board on this site (That I know of) has any power over what happens on 8kunt, so that doesn't concern me.
>>1066 Being hands off as much as possible is awesome and I hope it works out that way. Shitposting, different opinions, conflict and CHAOS aren't just good ways to test ideas, hone shitposting, break in newfags, etc., but it's FUN, and that's a big deal. Early HateChan was pretty amazing and anything similar would be a great deal for anons.
>>1083 People eventually get tired of hate. Its too much pressure maintaining that emotional state. Especially if you do it just because you don't have enough love in your life.
(6.63 MB 2900x2440 29082522_p0.jpg)

>>1099 Don't tell me you actually believe that dogshit
>>1099 >getting tired of hate Sure, if it's just straight. You must wrap it in a delicious chocolatey layer of righteousness for the everyman to enjoy it. Which is why SJW shit can get popular. You take hatred of the western world and you wrap it in a bit of desiring fairness, I mean, uh, equality, I mean, uh, equity.
>>1104 >You must wrap it in a delicious chocolatey layer of righteousness for the everyman to enjoy it. Indeed. After all, to be able to destroy with good conscience, to be able to behave badly and call your bad behavior 'righteous indignation' - this is the height of psychological luxury, the most delicious of moral treats. Hence why so many normies justify their black-hearted hatred of all things "nazi" with a veneer of "championing the oppressed" and "preventing another holocaust". After all, there's no bad tactics - only bar targets.
>>1099 Only once everything you hate goes away, then you can love. Then when you love everything you hate comes back, and then you have to learn to hate again. Remember the Tocharyans!
(106.00 KB 512x288 hard-at-work.jpg)

gas the jews and you'll be fine. that was 4jews biggest mistake, same as america's. don't fall for kike subversion. gas them at first sight.
Thoughts on how it feels to be a /pol/ board in a place that came out of the necessity of cartoon children porn, run by a uh.. don't want to get banned and most popular boards are filled with filth like diapers, scat, cartoon children and furries?
>>1210 It's a good thing cartoons aren't real, or else we'd have a major problem.
(40.37 KB 309x433 1559514680587.png)

Just a heads up: Since the site has been going offline for random periods of time, and because not everyone wants (or knows how) to use the onion address on Tor, Acid has deployed a Tor2web proxy that allows anyone to access the onion link through their regular browsers without the need of additional software. The proxy is located at https://redchannit.net/, and from there you can access to and post on /pol/ or any other board without problem. Proof in case you don't believe me: >>>/site/532
(1.03 MB 2560x1707 DPwiedervereinigung.jpg)

Deutsche, sammelt euch! >>>/de/
So how do we get more traffic here? Back in the day, we were a Top 3 board activity-wise. What do you guys want to talk about here that you can't in other boards?
>>1298 >What do you guys want to talk about here that you can't in other boards? Current events, history, self-improvement, political discussion, shitposting about bullshit war tactics and the hilarity it cause...take your pic.
>>1298 Really, /pol/ should be all about current events and news from a political angle. Politics has its place in GamerGate threads when it related to video games, but broader happenings usually are more /pol/-oriented. That and to act as containment for (((certain topics))).
>>1298 Truthful men writing truth into the world.
where is everyone
>>1441 Your kind destroyed our home. Mein Michel, was willst du noch mehr?
I am excited to see this board grow.
>>1099 That's impossible if you have to deal with the hated thing every day, and it ruins your life.
Long story short, Russia sees lolis as a menace and has found a way limit the site's administration. You can read more about it here: >>>/v/107393
I'm finally showing up here - Literally my first poast. I literally got the link from 08chan/v/ is this place comfy with a steady flow of posting at least? when I find out that a board freezes for a few days, I kind of wander off. Very happy about Ginsberg dying though. Seems like a large number, or should I say percentage, of the radicalized left is blackpilling because of this.
>>1632 This place is a left honeypot. Expect shills to deny it.
>>1735 >left honeypot >/pol/ HOW?!?
>>1746 Pretending to be a /pol/ board but controlling and subverting. If their propaganda wasn't subtle, it wouldn't work on users.
>>1747 How? Link to examples.
>>1748 >American IP >Red text >(((start digging!)))
>>1749 So, you're not going to link to examples showing so-called "subversion", and just proceed to shit up the thread with your non-answers, all the while dragging about how you're being "persecuted"?
>>1063 I guess just try and make sure some templatefag doesn't threadshit the place with 'articles' till there's nothing but their (((hot takes))).
>>1063 im honestly just happy this place exists im tired of the newfag nigger lefty ridden sad state of pol. All I want is for this place to never go through what 4pol is going through rn
(566.58 KB 1000x1502 1453863267716.jpg)

>>1808 that's not reddit posting newfag
What anime is the anime video from?
Is this the imkampfy /pol/? >country flags >no activity >faggots simping for trump
>Sept. 11 1990 Bush sr. gives speech about the new world order. 11 years later twin towers that look like an 11 in the sky are knocked down. The two towers represent the two pillars of freemasonry. Passing through these two pillars into enlightenment/NWO. Only the one world trade center is rebuilt representing the one world government. The new tower has as above so below baphomet symbolism via the elongated pyramid shape wrapped around the tower. Bush's former skull and bones 322. Genesis 3:22 is when the serpent give man knowledge. They believe they were freed from gods garden by satan and given knowledge to become gods themselves. In order to do this all of the chaos the elites bring us is manufactured and they provide the solution. Order out of chaos to bring in the final one world government and code of immortality is cracked. Only problem is they can't crack the code of the soul/human spirit/holy ghost. Once the AI beast system is fully operational it will enslave humanity forever and keep the elite immortals as pets.
>>1938 So you're saying 'ban 11s'?
>more active Depends on the implosion of other innernet sites
>>1923 If it is, I'd imagine he would've blown his load by now with spamming that buffalo queers copypasta of his.
Visit us or I'll keep going nya~! https://8chan.moe/voxxe/res/1322.html
(37.48 KB 700x390 akma421e_700w_0.jpg)

>>1063 /pol/ strength is that its users are always focused, the rest are outsiders But the threads have to be relevant, not just ramifications of a single topic However, (((Mark))) is a huge roadblock no one likes him despite having good relations with acid and it seems the rest of the mods here Im sure many anons, only came here because there is no imageboard left to keep track of the elections Another part of the solution is to be clean, treads to get anons info or to give us an opinion are something any site can do, but is not something that is appreciated
(110.95 KB 1000x1294 JIDF gameplan.jpg)

>>1735 >This place is a left honeypot. Expect shills to deny it. I dunno, (You) seem to agree with it.
>>3371 >condemn trump as jewish shill >operation GLOW This is some top tier bait.
(148.08 KB 371x353 eating.png)

>>1611 Why not just move all that shit to TOR?
>>4475 They did until they had a server configuration that they were confident wouldn't be susceptible to this kind of censorship. The loli boards were only recently made public again.
https://www.Webm or instances.invidio.us/watch?v=E577jhf25t4&list=PLd9_g7lAICxtlGbxh4_z8ik178o8CDPnv
Hey, /pol/ anons, I have an inquiry, and I was wondering if you could help me out: >>>/b/2940 I'm too naïve respecting the matter so I was hoping you could educate me.
(364.50 KB 943x750 extermination camps.jpg)

>>4997 Tell me anon, what do you think of the fact that all the camps occupied by the US were found to be merely labor camps, and all the camps occupied by the Soviet Union were found to be extermination camps? Mighty big coincidence, isn't it? But hey, it's not like the Soviets were notorious for their lies and propaganda or anything.
>>5033 Tell us more about this coincidence your source invented.
>>5084 >gives a source >its invented goy You are truly not trying hard enough.
(38.28 KB 480x392 arguing with liberals.jpg)

>>5115 >>gives a source >its invented goy Kikes and libtards always do that. "give me a prove that what you said is true!" You show them "That is not valid because i said so"
>>5198 That's exactly what's happening in the "source" in >>5033. Enjoy being a liberal.
>>3354 >Mark))) is a huge roadblock no one likes him despite having good relations with acid and it seems the rest of the mods here How can anyone deny Mark making /v/ worse and help ruined 8chan /v/ back in the day? He was turned into a joke and meme makes it okay?
What's a good source or book to learn about U.S. presidents?
(1.12 MB 1507x1124 ticktickticktick.png)

(5.91 KB 550x111 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm sorry, but these are the rules.
>>5465 Sending it to >>>/delicious/ in place of another anon.
(27.04 KB 446x281 1439788689642.jpg)

hey /pol/ how do you organize your photos on your computer? I tried adding tags and eventually different folders for each category but gave up. I just have too much on my hard drive, there has to be an easier way.
Any burger news? >>5484 hydrus
Sorry to all the legitimate Tor posters that got caught in the crossfire.
(512.19 KB 753x461 ClipboardImage.png)

I miss the old place, before the 2016 elections.
>>5633 Are you talking about half-chan? That place is just a Trumper circle jerk.
>>5636 No, he means old 8/pol/, right after GamerGate and maybe through the second major halfchan exodus. Before it went nuts under Imkampfy and then got global'd and renamed.
>>5633 Gee, haven't heard this spouted a thousand times before.
(593.83 KB 05-COVID-CLARK.pdf)

(87.82 KB 1214x666 EprQilcXEAAkr5e.jpg)

According to the CDC the people who took the vaccine reported they weren't able to function properly and live normally like they used to after taking it. PDF posted for source.
>>5743 Give it a month for a more solidified result. Even with regular vaccines, people usually become sick for about a week and then are fine the rest of the year.

(395.64 KB 816x1264 1234.png)

happy yuletide /pol/
>>5758 Happy Hanukah and Kwanzaa
>Bootleg steaming now felony under the stimulus 19 bill >same stimulus now gives half a billion to Israel >Americans only get $600 while Covid 19 stimulus bill paying for gender study scholarships in Pakistan ((Mark)) deleting and banning any discussion stimulus bill for not being video game-related while he allows Gamergate thread to be used as porn dumb Porn that would be illegal under the illegal steaming laws https://archive.fo/MYDvc
>>5779 >can't spell "streaming" >can't spell "porn dump" >can't even (((echo))) properly Sounds like a good kill to me
>>5780 >>can't even (((echo))) properly Mark doesn’t deserve a proper echo. Ironically he will be the first person the feds will crack down on. He has been censoring a lot of censorship news recently.
>>1063 Hey board owner have you considered driving more traffic to /pol/ by making a competitive Gamergate sticky general? It nice to have a on topic gaming related discussion without Mark censoring everyone that talk shit about democrats or Nintendo.
>>5783 First, if you're repeatedly posting about blatantly offtopic political issues and current events in a regular thread that primarily SERVERS to discuss political correctness in video games and other media (With occasional sidetracks), and those posts keep getting removed, then it's time for you to lurk more and learn where you are. Second, if you're posting information that IS relevant to the board or thread at hand, make absolutely clear HOW it's relevant or it probably will be ignored, reported, and deleted. Third, if you're spamming a board about an issue, derailing other threads, and already have a few existing threads that are ALREADY discussing issue; it's pretty clear what the problem is. And, it's not the cake kike coming out of his food coma in order to do his job. As for making GG generals here, the simple answer is NO. Those threads belong on /v/ or the board: >>>/gamergatehq/ . That doesn't mean that I won't allow some crossover operations, if those ever start up again, but the generals have their own rules and focus too much on entertainment media. And, having the threads here would disconnect GG from it's original purpose (Despite how much people may declare that the breads are already "pointless"). If you want to discuss the unethical practices of journalism or post about how pozzed media, you can already do that here, as long as it doesn't result in duplicate/similar threads that begin flooding the catalog AND as long as it doesn't detract from this board serving as a catch-all for other political discussion as well. However, I will not (Nor see a purpose to) hijack a general where the biggest issue is that the head BO in charge of moderating is a retard who either overcompensates (At best) or is an attention-starved wannabe e-celeb (At worst).
>>5787 >Those threads belong on /v/ Not really. Even by cakekikes own moderation 99% of the topics being discussed are things he's banned people for posting about in the past. The current iteration of the GG threads don't "belong" on /v/, they're tolerated by Mark because they bring a lot of activity to the board and /v/'s PPH would plummet without them. Your post is oddly pandering and is ignoring the main criticisms that have been levied against the GG threads and their place on /v/. No one in good faith think that the wide spectrum of topics being covered in those threads is appropriate for /v/. It isn't a long standing practice, this is a new development brought on by the fracturing of communities and nothing more. It ultimately makes very little difference to me where the GG threads are hosted. But to pretend like there's some rational reason for them "belonging" on /v/ is a losing argument. They're just a catch all water cooler thread. GG could be an entire board with only a single cyclical thread with thread creation locked and it would be the most active board on the site, if not the entire webring. For all I care Mark could make the GG board and have all the same exact mods on it just for the sake of good grammar and keeping a large pool of archived threads up. In fact that's exactly what he should do.
>>5788 And to add onto this issues with Mark's censorship are legitimate, but over the years it's become such a source of entertainment for me to mock him and his retarded bans that I've become completely desensitized to it. Plus with the advent of live updates circumventing Mark's ridiculous post deletions and bans is more like a newfag barrier to entry than any form of effective censorship. But yes, in an ideal world we wouldn't have a BO who thinks pro-porn discussion is on-topic while anti-porn discussion is "off-topic".
>>5787 Every point you make fits within DMCA strikes becoming felonies under the Covid 19 stimulus bill. We already see DMCA abuse shutting down criticism with the last of us 2. Now it will be a felony. DMCA shutting spoilers and criticism very much on a topic on /v/. >>5790 >in an ideal world we wouldn't have a BO who thinks the pro-porn discussion is on-topic while the anti-porn discussion is "off-topic". That wouldn’t be an issue if Mark doesn’t delete and banned people for posting how politically connected and abusive the porn industry.
>>5791 >That wouldn’t be an issue if Mark doesn’t delete and banned people for posting how politically connected and abusive the porn industry. Why wouldn't censoring certain opinions on a topic but not others not be an issue if he didn't ban posts about a corrupt porn industry? You aren't making coherent points.
(92.23 KB 750x702 Real_Reich_Friends.jpeg)

guize is it back? is it really you?
>>5905 What's left of us.
>>5905 No, not at all. It's a complete joke comparatively.
>>5907 >>5910 it does seem kind of slow here I understand why most went to halfchan, but the discussion there is awful
>>5912 That's definitely not a good alternative either from what I've heard. I refuse to ever go back to personally check.
>>5912 The only anons that matter are on the webring. It may be slow but the post quality is decent and building from a high quality base organically slowly over time will foster a much better community in the long term.
https://www.reddit(Please use archive.today)/r/TheRightCantMeme/ anyone remember this place?
>>5905 We will always be here. The same people we were 5 years ago.
Why do we still use the retarded link filter when it comes to invidious' various instances? The whole point of using invidious is that it's marginally safer than jewtube, but if the filter triggers with every mention of any invidious instance, you discourage the sharing of videos. Refer to my posts here: >>6183 >>6188 Just go to invidious defunct site if you need a list of instances to whitelist.
>>6194 The word filter triggered because of the (.)org part of the address, which is filtered for a completely different reason. And, no, I'm not going to remove it.
>>6655 I'm not asking you to remove the filter as a whole, you illiterate fag. I'm asking you to modify the existing filter to exclude the various Invidious instances to encourage posting those very instances and decrease a little the fucking ugly noise of all this (Please use archive) bullshit. If you can't modify a bit of custom javascript or whatever you have to do, or can't quickly go to /t/ or Suya's /tech/ to ask, then you are too retarded to be the board owner.
>>6727 You're losing your shit about being unable to link song, that you could more easily download and turn into a webm.
(3.93 MB 720x405 lost woods.webm)

>come to complain about the filter needing some whitespace or just going to an invidius instance >not gonna change it Fuck me for wanting to click on things I s'pose.
>>6751 Hyperlinks give websites information on where you were directed from.
>>6655 Instead of filtering all common domains like ,com ,net and ,org you could filter http:// and https:// in a way that it displays a message telling the users to archive the url before the HTTP scheme of said url. For example https://8chan.moe would become [save this on archive.today] https://8chan.moe This way posting clickable URLs (the ones that start with http(s):// will become functional while still showing the reminder.
>>6836 Why not just archive the link you're posting so there IS NO issue in the first place? If what you're posting is that important, then it should surely be archived for posterity, AND it deprives websites of traffic (Which hurts MSM outlets). It's much of a similar reason why I won't remove the filter for all Jewtube links. If the video is under 32MB (Typically, something 15 minutes in length or less), they you SHOULD be attaching it to your post as an MP4 or WEBM. If it's "too large" (And, being lazy doesn't count as an excuse), then link to one of the Invidious instances.
Edited last time by Shellen on 01/10/2021 (Sun) 05:41:35.
>>6837 >then it should surely be archived for posterity That's a lot of work for say a funny meme video. >it deprives websites of traffic Pissing in the ocean. It hurts small guys a lot more than msm. >being lazy doesn't count as an excuse Yes it does, don't be gay. You don't have to be in full serious discussion mode all the time.
>>6837 A huge reason we wanted archived sites in the past, even on 8chan/8kunt was not for archival sake in itself or some silly anti-revenue scheme when you should have been using ad blockers anyways, it was to view the content of certain sites without the plenitude gay aids, anti-privacy javascipts up the butt. Invidious, nitter, and other similar proxy sites either partially or fully avoid that, rendering the need to use archive void. And are you forgetting that archive sites themselves can be pozzed with bullshit, like archive.is forcing you to use Jewgle Craptcha or HCaptcha, especially if you have a VPN? And who's calling whom lazy? You're the one who will not add exceptions to privacy respecting sites. And that you banned several people including me when there is no rule requiring us to archive sites, nor should there be a rule, is retarded.
>>6871 The thing about BO is he's always a faggot manlet trying to power trip over some nonsense. It doesn't matter which board you're on, which year, which site. It is a permanent attribute of every BO to be a petulant faggot baby having a perpetual tantrum.
>>6871 >And that you banned several people including me That only people I've been banning for the past few months have been the "Americans scream" copypasta poster (And, the niggerpill on occasion). If I did ban you, and it was an error on my part, then why didn't you ever appeal it, with the explanation of how I was being a faggot in doing so? Nearly all the appeals I've received have been blank and related to the copypasta posts.
>>6893 Was banned from 4chan for trolling trannies on /lgbt/. Fuck jannies.
>>6909 Wait, so the guy is bitching over shit that, not only had nothing to do with my moderation, BUT also occurred on a completely different site?
AZNs should be considered honorary Whites.
>>6987 vouch
>>6987 Nips are alright I guess and I kinda like the goryoes too but others I'm like meh. I mean the films coming out of S.K. alone in the past 20 years are pretty damn good much better than Hollywood filth. Long time lurker first time poster lol.
>>7242 If you were a long time lurker you'd know to not do what you just did.
>>6987 There is no such thing as honorary, but that doesn't mean we can't be frens.
Is anon.cafe down for anyone else?
1) No anti-Aryan content. 2) No anti-Eugenics content. 3) No anti-Liberty content. 4) The only exception to the above is, "know thy enemy." 5) No graphic NSFW posting unless spoilerd
>>7734 Those sound like rules for faggots who can't defend their position against any of those people.
(4.71 MB 200x200 tool-parabola.webm)

>>6727 >>6730 here's a song for the nigger
I pretty much only post in meta threads the rest of the board is all decoration
just tried to visit meguca and mewch - all ded
>>7860 megu.ca isn't dead, but it is inane. Their daily threads have a handful of active shitposters, but it's just mindless chatter.
>Deleting post regarding Disney firing actress over conservative views >half the post reporting on Chinese censorship and video game industry been deleted >People calling out (((Mark))) 24 hour ban How mark has people white knighting him is beyond me.
>>7242 >>6987 >AZNs should be considered honorary Whites >First people who fought BLM rioters >Latinos gave trump a landslide in Florida >Only Latino group that didn’t overwhelmingly vote trump were Mexicans >Trump still got more Mexican votes than Jews and blacks he spent millions campaigning for >White liberal and BLM already trying to relabel Latinos as white >Get ignored by woke corporate America because they know Latinos more racist against blacks than whites >traditional family and religious ordinated If you gonna count Asians as white allies. Latinos should be too.
>>7875 Thats because they ban anything outside of their 'norm'
>>7745 ???
>>7925 Mark doesn't have anything to do with how this board is operated, so take it to the /v/ meta.
Where is the post in thread >>7822 that said about teeth brushing and jews? Actually two posts.
>>8011 You talking about the one where you were bitching about not being able to say "nigger"?
>>8024 No, the post had zero "nigger" words. It was about dentists, tooth brushing, jews, women. All posts made in the session got removed. Either you are working for the jews, or they have compromised the server and removed the posts.
>>8025 If there was a post about that, it was probably from the same retard who didn't realize that he wasn't posting on Cuckchan anymore, and proceeded to make a few posts bitching how he was filtered for it. And, when I deleted his posts by IP, that also deleted those posts if he was the one who posted them. Outside of that, I have no clue what you're talking about. The only other posts I've been removing lately have all been from the botspammer and a couple of fedposts. Check the board log.
>>8028 >If there was a post about that, it was probably from the same retard who didn't realize that he wasn't posting on Cuckchan anymore, and proceeded to make a few posts bitching how he was filtered for it. I don't know what are you talking about. >And, when I deleted his posts by IP How did you, when I posted from Tor? >that also deleted those posts if he was the one who posted them. Wrong, I didn't post anything about filtering or "nigger". So either "remove by IP" system is broken or you censored my posts and now you pretend they got accidentally removed. I do not trust this honeypot anymore, it's over. >Outside of that, I have no clue what you're talking about. The only other posts I've been removing lately have all been from the botspammer and a couple of fedposts. Then post the recently removed posts somewhere, on site like pastebin or as a text document. I will open and report here if my posts are there or not. >Check the board log. There is no board log. No such thing clickable on this page.
>>8050 >There is no board log.
>>8050 >How did you, when I posted from Tor? "Delete by IP" is a misnomer. It deletes by bypass, which is one of the captchas you fill out when you begin posting. >I do not trust this honeypot anymore, it's over. >There is no board log. D&Cnigger or are you just retarded?
>>8060 It's either a genuine retard or the niggerpill. Referring to the log, it was a deleted by IP bypass with my reasoning behind it being a different post that lead me to believe that it was the niggerpill posting (Again).
>>8061 Hey BO how is it here? srsly
>>8061 what kind of bullshit are you dealing with?
>>8059 No such thing on my 8chan, top right corner has [ Back / Top / Bottom / Catalog ]. Give direct link to board log. >>8060 >"Delete by IP" is a misnomer. It deletes by bypass, which is one of the captchas you fill out when you begin posting. If that's true, this proves my suspicions, they censored my posts because they were (((antisemitic))). You need to pledge to Israel on the internet. >D&Cnigger or are you just retarded? There is no clickable board log. I will not send screen photo because that is dangerous. If you have access then check it, they censored posts >>7992 and >>7993. They had (((antisemitic))) content and (((antisemitism))) is bad, goyim. >>8061 >It's either a genuine retard or the niggerpill. Referring to the log, it was a deleted by IP bypass with my reasoning behind it being a different post that lead me to believe that it was the niggerpill posting (Again). Your accusations are without proof. I don't even know what niggerpill is. The facts are: 1. I posted (((antisemitic))) text. 2. You censored (((antisemitic))) posts. 3. You refuse to uncensor the content. 4. You provide some bullshit fake explanations for censorship >muh my heart is telling me he is some niggerguy I don't like so let's remove his (((antisemitic))) posts.
>>8080 >they ban anti-semitism I will test that for you right now. Watch my post and keep an eye on it. I hate Israel. I believe Israel is built on stolen land with stolen treasure. I want Israel destroyed. Judaism is a religion that encourages lying, deceit, abuse, murder and worse. Nuke Israel and salt the earth of the crater. There you go, (((totally legitimate, non-D&C shitslinger))). Let's see if my antisemitic post gets deleted.
Banned for Anti-Semitism towards our Jewish overlords :^)
>>8080 >posting a cropped screenshot is dangerous So you're just retarded, then.
>>8080 > No such thing on my 8chan retardation > There is no clickable board log. I will not send screen photo because that is dangerous. what a fucking retard kill yourself you larping faggot > I don't even know what niggerpill is. > my 8chan hahahaha what a fag
>>8080 go make your own board
Save this post quickly. >>8205 It is being censored from this honeypot.
This board is controlled opposition, owned by jew. He locked highest quality thread ever on this board, without any justification. >>8217 He quietly removed this post three times and all posts made by post author. >> 8205 I am not posting here anymore until they replace the jew with another jew.
>>8274 > I am not posting here anymore Okay, BYE! Have a nice day. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. Seriously, though, why would I want to placate posters who are going to post nothing but falseflag attempts and lies on my board?
(642.06 KB 678x1088 Racist dog hate-crimes.png)

Daily reminder that /polarchive/ exists
(642.45 KB 678x1088 Racist dog hate-crimes.png)

>>8548 Fucked up the archive on that one
You've done it. This board is more dead than /t/ech.
>>8565 No they either went underground deleting posts or they got hunted down by the FBI or they took the vaccine and died.
>>8548 Hey BO, consider adding >>>/polarchive/ to /pol/'s board message to help to increase its visibility. Something like [Store your findings on >>>/polarchive/](https://8chan.moe/polarchive) should work.
>>8833 Nice. I've been wanting someplace to store all the commie chink shit I read about.
>>8911 You can also make your own threads. If it's something worthwhile, I will sticky it. Also open to banner suggestions, preferrably unique ones.
(150.35 KB 640x355 475182__tbc_placeholder.png)

why is there so much censorship and deletions? congrats, you're turning me off before I even attempt to post on this board
Why did you delete the cannibalism thread? It was a genuine question.
Sorry for taking so damn long to respond, the site's verification process was causing problems with posting through the usual channels. >>9209 Thought it was a topic better suited for /b/ with the way it was presented.
>>9246 doodoo
(71.39 KB 600x444 kid cuisine.jpg)

so is this /pol/ actually fucking chill? Is humor allowed? Or is it just a bunch of self-serious faggot boomers and FBI agents? Christ, i hated the 8chan/pol cause there was no humor at all.
As a matter of fact, we already knew there was water on the moon. The actual purpose of India claiming to have discovered it was so they could designate part of the moon. They literally took a space ship to the moon to mark territory by peeing on it.
(29.67 KB 480x513 God this makes me upset.jpg)

>>9407 >Nuggets and chocolate
>>8565 >This board is more dead than /t/ech. If you think it’s bad here. There no point in having GG threads or talking about video games pozzing on /v/. ((Mark))) moderation deleting far cry 6 and Nintendo news they don't like. Not to mention they have been deleting criticism and banning people over criticizing China and Disney recently. >>9407 This /pol/ pretty chilled. Slow maybe but far less fed posting and honey potting shit compared to 8kun and Cuckchan /pol/
>>9414 I don’t think you suppose to dip the chicken breasts in the chocolate.
>>9407 Slow /pol/ always be better than boomers Q or fed posters. >>9445 >Not to mention they have been deleting criticism and banning people over criticizing China and Disney recently. (((Mark))) an industry shill. Of course he will censor anti-Disney and China posts.
(444.00 B 29x21 mx.png)

(358.00 B 24x22 us.png)

(330.00 B 20x17 ca.png)

Petition to have /404/'s polandballs instead of regular flags.
(206.28 KB 600x585 Screenshot.png)

https://archive.fo/1wwj8 They're afraid.
>>9554 Is this fucking CP or something?
(1.43 MB 3468x1251 civilwar.jpg)

(936.59 KB 1853x874 Untitled.png)

>>9566 Just checked the link, it appears to be safe. <Looks like someone's personal repository. But, I have no control over what goes up on there, so use it at your own risk.
>>9567 >Posting cuckchan screencap of Nu/pol/. Are you some kind of faggot or something?
>>9569 Thanks anon-owner. Anon senpai? Nusnacks?
>>9447 Chocolate isn't going to go well with other things there no matter when you eat it during your meal. You would need to wait a bit to eat it.
>>1063 What anime is this?
niggers are stupid as fuck
(40.30 KB 521x363 screenshot.png)

Can you edit bord-specific CSS so that Tails users don't get random unicode characters all over the place? Just specify a specific external font or change them. See pic rel for how it looks right now
to stop to ban TOR nodes IPs. Because it looks like that TOR is disabled. Somebody posts some shit violated rules and MODs banned TOR IP, it's tupid. Please, unban TOR nodes IPs ranges
>>11245 cuck
hey guys ! :)
Lets raid the clover
(564.41 KB 517x943 pickles.png)

Hey nigger, we need to start /SIG/ threads again. Also I'm specifically looking for that image with food good for improving male function and masculinity.
>>11245 was it ever fixed?
tor post
>>11511 >Hey nigger, we need to start /SIG/ threads again. What is /SIG/? The name makes me think of an /k/ alternative but we don’t have a /k/ yet.
>>9454 >(((Mark))) an industry shill. Of course he will censor anti-Disney and China posts. The other mods are worse. Calling out mods now /pol/ related and will get you banned on (((/v/)))
>>11950 Saying anything on any topic that the mods don’t like gets you a permanent IP ban for “fed” even if you’re talking about video games.
>>1064 im pretty sure having 8chan in your browser history at all is grounds for termination at most corporations
>>12727 you bastard, my boss saw your stupid trump symbol on my screen and fired me
this thread a shit
And, the crosslink I had setup for /polarchive/ just broke.
Edited last time by Shellen on 11/19/2021 (Fri) 18:44:57.
>>12809 Lol dammit, any idea when you can get it back up?
>>12810 As soon as I can figure out what the proper format is for linking.
>>1063 I think the board should try its best not to give in to the trolls trying to stir shit up to "colour" and divide the board (they will come). We should simply ignore them and keep the focus where it matters. If we can maintain stories relevant to the current state of the world on first page we could achieve a greater level of meaningful expression and thoughtful dialogue. >>3371 No wonder. Makes perfect sense now. They pull this shit then make a story about it on mainstream media to discredit freedom of speech and discourage big brains from joining, then the remaining shit for brains watching tv that want to join in on the shitposting will flood the board... we need a board specific meme to flag brainless shitposters so no one falls for the bait. TL;DR I'm a newfag, teach me the way of the chan senpai
>>12921 >TL;DR I'm a newfag, teach me the way of the chan senpai Well I would say Lurk Moar and don't feed the trolls. Trolls/shitposters will get bored and leave if they can't trigger an emotional response, unless they are paid shills which is a completely different problem.
>>13044 Do anons actually fall for this shit? They actually trust scammers that claim to provide fake legal documents? haha
>>13045 Willing to bet that there is some moron out there who is that stupid.
>>11949 it's an off topic /fit/ thread that kikey/pol/ flip-flopped on allowing despite having nothing to do with politics or current events. It's one of the many ways /pol/ went from an intellectual place to a bastion of schizophrenics, mongoloids, and boomers.
>>13050 >oy vey goyim there's no obesity epidemic your food isn't poisoned there's no reason to become better than what you are there's literally nothing whatsoever in the (((culture))) of the West that says you can do whatever you want with your body without discipline >THIS ISN'T POLITICS OR CURRENT EVENTS BECAUSE I SAY SO >OY VEY IT'S IMKIKEY TRYING TO TRICK YOU I vote wholeheartedly to restore a /sig/ now that we have shilling against it.
>>13052 Make your own.
>>13052 You make one bro. I'll bump.
>>13052 Or don't make it. Fine I'll do it then.
(717.90 KB 2544x1080 applejack0.jpg)

(791.51 KB 500x738 Zig.gif)

Protect our competitive edge. /pol/ and /pone/ unite!.
Bring back /mlpol/.
>>13415 Wasn’t there a /mlpol/ website at one time?
>>13413 >>13415 Hasbro new ceo the faggot that ruined D&D with woke shit. He apparently bitch about plantation applejack on twitter.
>Get banned for spam >i hardly even visit this place lol
Any /pol/s that don't exist on a site that tolerates nigger porn and pedophilia, or has /pol/ simply fallen into a diaspora state? I'd rather not be associated with the fucking FREAKS that frequent zoo/2dblacked/interracial.
>>13673 >has /pol/ simply fallen into a diaspora state? Yep. Besides /leftypol/ (who had a bunker prepared), none of the /pol/ boards knew what to do when 8chan fell down. Most users returned to 4/pol/ or moved to Twitter only to get banned again and again, while a small minority made /pol/ boards on every site they could find, splitting their already low numbers to levels where none of the boards was able to stay alive. It's really sad.
>>13679 Time to make /p/ - Politics.
>>13680 So do it mexico
>>13680 It's the same schizo who keeps attempting to trash the digging thread while going, "IT'S DA JEW, THERE'S NO NEED TO KEEP DIGGING WHEN WE KNOW IT'S DA JUICE!!!" and doesn't even attempt to provide any posts of worth.
>>13682 Yeah okay, but you still killed that christian identity guys posts a month back for no reason. Lighten up or people will start looking for another board.
>>13683 You mean these threads? <The fate of Israel >>1610 <Why does the Christian church feel like it's own worst enemy? >>8366
>be me >listening to some nerd review different Linux distros >left auto play on by accident again >suddenly this shit plays in the background https://odysee(Please use archive.today)/@davidpakman:7/i've-been-censoring-myself-to-avoid:4 To be fair unlike "You"Tube it really is random as I've also randomly ended up listening to Randbot streams. Just thought I'd share with you anons.
>>13687 its nyc everyone gets fucking assaulted not just kikes
mass suicide pact with every user
>>13819 Name
>>13819 I wish there were users. Most posts are from 2021 and the rest is necroposting.
>>13844 Post on the board and it won't be so emtpy.
>>13845 >post on the board >post deleted, user banned permanently, reason: u bad no like ur politics <wow why is board empty It's a mystery.
(174.06 KB 850x741 Gachi2.jpg)

>>13840 his name is Not Important.
okay ser
Ppl who still aren't using tor or similar, please do so.
>>1102 Awesome hail!
Hail Hitler >>12727
(46.68 KB 500x375 1648374767924.jpg)

Holy fuck. This version of /pol/ has almost no shills. And the ones I saw where immediately blown the fuck out. The slide threads are also few and far between. Am I in heaven? What is this glorious place?
>>14658 Why do you think they scapegoated the original 8chan so hard and eventually shut it down completely? An imageboard made up of anonymous users that can create their own boards from scratch, near-impervious to infiltration from bad actors into the moderation teams of those boards, teams which had a zero toleration policy of obvious shills and sliders, could not be allowed to exist with any kind of prominence. It's a lot easier to shit up 4chan's /pol/ to the point where meaningful discussion is next to impossible.
>>14660 You assume too much. Legacy board names tend carry more weight unless there's such a division in the board that spin-offs do happen (Such as what happened with /a/ and /animu/). Hell, the only reason I managed to become BO is because I emailed Mark for the position back on 8kun board admin positions opened up; and, after that went down in flames, he asked if I was still interested when he and Acid were making this site.
(136.26 KB 1024x948 1648828941952m.jpg)

>no time stamps for posts What's up with that
(32.94 KB 540x720 1648765460071.jpg)

>>14660 4chan is in complete control of the enemy. Go there right now. Everyone is talking like a furfag due to the mods. And emojis and shit. Board is dead D E D
>>14691 By* the enemy
(546.83 KB 385x385 Francis.png)

>>14691 What board has the best dig threads now? I want to pull another Epstein.
>>14794 /b/ is pretty much the place for that afaik
i think this all what we need!

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