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WEBM THREAD Anonymous 12/07/2021 (Tue) 14:57:51 Id: 5b9bd0 No. 13222
Post videos here
(4.28 MB 720x404 Reactionary_Jew_Uncensored.mp4)

(13.01 MB 1280x720 Niggers vs mirror.mp4)

(1.68 MB 1280x720 tv.webm)

(993.65 KB 450x360 KFC advice.mp4)

(9.70 MB 720x900 sit-down-karen.mp4)

(5.39 MB 960x720 Erica- loli edition.mp4)

>>13222 Erika - loli edition
(2.52 MB 1280x720 erika original.webm)

>>13222 erika original
(5.60 MB 1920x800 der_jude.mp4)

Its der jude!
(1.66 MB 854x480 Everything is Sexist.webm)

(13.45 MB 720x480 videoplayback.mp4)

(1.86 MB 540x960 clown demands respect.mp4)

>>13641 Respect is earned. This faggot is gonna get garroted against a tree in a bog somewhere.
>>13347 Found her Playboy video from 1997
(2.13 MB 320x240 women behaving badly.webm)

>>13347 This is from her other Playboy video "Women Behaving Badly" Pretty tame by today's standards.
(400.11 KB 480x270 Australia.webm)

(4.55 MB 828x416 branding.webm)

does anyone have politically incorrect mind porn
>>13698 I've got a cute British redhead with bad teeth.
(918.43 KB 352x640 056ffd08368ba356.webm)

(2.64 MB 504x896 1483621356046794753.mp4)

Does anybody have the video of a museum exhibit in the UK which tries to claim that Britain always had black people and immigrants built everything? It was just a video of some text and pictures in a multi-sided glass display that it moved around. From memory I thought it was in Birmingham, but searching everywhere I cannot find it. I'm sure I didn't imagine it.
>>13792 Sounds vaguely familiar but a cursory search of my big encrypted drive full of old 8chan stuff didn't turn up anything. Maybe it's still in there, but I don't know where to start looking. Sorry.
(26.31 MB 1280x720 luciferase kabala.webm)

(29.93 MB 1280x720 pig v2 300s.mp4)

I saw the question on whether the US is heading towards a civil war. Its possible but I doubt it will last because it would have to come from within the government, the military, and the police to have any hope of 'succeeding'. Granted Americans are the most heavily armed on earth, but the military is trained and has experience with urban guerrilla warfare as do the special forces. The cops in the US are among the most militarized in the world. With all that said, one obstacles is it will be hard for cops, the military, and the government to take up arms against one another. You know, many of them have fought together for years. Also, many of the people who want civil war are highly supportive of the police and the military. I can't imagine it would be easy to start killing those who are just following orders trying to quell a civil war. On the other hand, it isn't likely the government will level entire neighborhoods like they do overseas since this is America right? Well maybe they'll level the ghetto... Point is, government forces will show more restraint that if they were fighting overseas most likely. It won't be as easy to kill Americans as it was to kill foreigners. Don't forget about black hawk helicopters and drones and precision guided missiles and automatic grenade launchers and all the tactics used to tame insurgencies in the middle east.
(23.16 MB 1280x720 WDL.mp4)

(3.08 MB 1280x720 grand jury jewish kino.webm)

(356.93 KB 848x478 Why don't they trust us?.webm)

(407.41 KB 848x480 Heather McDonald 1.webm)

(2.14 MB 940x528 Heather McDonald 2.webm)

(1.09 MB 640x336 Plea for Justin.webm)

(250.06 KB 560x848 trudeau.webm)

(1.88 MB 640x458 nixon.webm)

(1.58 MB 352x640 covidian1.webm)

(1.00 MB 360x640 covidian2.webm)

(309.75 KB 360x640 covidian3.webm)

Covidian at Australian freedom convoy.
(3.51 MB 406x720 pronoun-shit-tiktok.webm)

>>13906 Women were a mistake.
>>13708 Would wife and procreate many white babies with while taking her out of the working force so she can stay in our house and homeschool our kids.
(15.61 KB 375x375 georgecaptcha.jpg)

>>13938 >"I'm gonna be really sad!" >cries like a bitch She/her
>>13347 >Now you're double goin' to jail Lel I bet his grandkids love him
(3.94 MB 852x480 reddit.webm)

>>14239 >>14240 >just join the military or you're not a real man bro >plays clip of that olympic-pool-sized lips nigger laughing terrence is such an unfunny boomer faggot. military cucks like him are better off an-heroing than e-begging on the internet.
>>14113 If I still had a grandpa or two i'd want at least one to be like him. >>13347 >no air marshal shooting this terrorist bitch nor restraining her in any way to keep other passengers safe from her Clearly letting bitches do whatever they want anywhere is a great idea. If it was the other way around the old man would have been in a heap of shit immediately.
>>14465 75%+ of right wing men would defend the woman no matter what. there was a video where some dad got beat up by strangers in a grocery store because he tried to prevent some lady from kidnapping his baby. if the real mom didnt arrive on scene at the last second his baby would be gone forever. tldr please stop white knighting, simping, and being captain save-a-hoes, /pol/.

(4.34 MB 1280x720 qhdy9l.mp4)

(1.46 MB 400x848 o8o1JmCtoNxFFKkO.mp4)

(10.39 MB 2082x990 20220221_195017.mp4)

(597.49 KB 720x720 384a9g1FTpzB1foA.mp4)

(3.39 MB 1428x1074 20220313_213505.mp4)

(2.27 MB 640x360 Sunday Drive in Russia.mp4)

(2.36 MB 640x640 hRIILq4.mp4)

(2.62 MB 1280x720 116478609_default.mp4)

(1.16 MB 320x568 You crackers.mp4)

(12.57 MB 848x480 lol 1629845761959.mp4)

(5.70 MB 320x400 yeDwLxEreWgIfHDM.mp4)

(5.60 MB 484x272 vabbsh.mp4)

(6.03 MB 484x272 km41mo.mp4)

(4.35 MB 480x360 Another One Red Pilled...mp4)

(1.67 MB 576x1024 download.mp4)

(3.28 MB 1280x720 1627846080741.mp4)

(4.12 MB 640x360 1622817687143.mp4)

(5.70 MB 272x480 1591478096739.mp4)

(1011.94 KB 538x960 178492174_default.mp4)

(2.66 MB 1270x960 177369226_default.mp4)

(1.72 MB 1280x720 174784092_default.mp4)

(758.13 KB 1280x720 174543461_default.mp4)

(1.25 MB 538x960 174737679_default.mp4)

(2.98 MB 1280x720 172693159_default.mp4)

(9.60 MB 1026x1824 20211224_123420.mp4)

(3.23 MB 484x272 7a9vhj.mp4)

(3.16 MB 640x360 Base jew.webm)

(1.58 MB 576x1024 blueberry fish.webm)

(2.20 MB 460x258 aEpEdq9_460svav1.webm)

(2.23 MB 853x480 ABANDON THE THREAD.webm)

(544.95 KB 538x960 A_Centre_Forward-2sjjq0.webm)

(2.84 MB 720x630 1640990986653.webm)

(2.75 MB 460x216 1640873784399.webm)

(2.35 MB 460x458 1640873391221.webm)

(3.84 MB 1024x768 1640721050355.webm)

(2.81 MB 1280x720 1640435812744.webm)

(1.00 MB 640x1138 1640268036816.webm)

(3.84 MB 406x720 1640142231626.webm)

(3.26 MB 720x480 1640011012206.webm)

(1.99 MB 960x1200 1639628978115.webm)

(2.47 MB 854x480 1639509222469.webm)

(1.29 MB 460x258 1639507654536.webm)

(3.27 MB 224x400 1639476326412.webm)

(2.31 MB 854x480 1639465992903.webm)

(3.28 MB 640x267 1639241572929.webm)

(3.81 MB 384x480 1639267651920.webm)

(1.53 MB 608x488 1639184069725.webm)

(1.58 MB 352x640 1638896037967.webm)

(2.65 MB 288x512 1638865170752.webm)

(5.25 MB 1920x1080 1638464842914.webm)

(2.91 MB 704x400 1638107750803.webm)

(3.99 MB 640x360 1637865779388.webm)

>>14773 >>14765 Go on...
(3.83 MB 640x360 1637865986094.webm)

(1.92 MB 406x720 1639130398577.webm)

(3.69 MB 540x498 1637718081924.webm)

(1.03 MB 640x360 1637600773008.webm)

(1.28 MB 384x480 1637536660751.webm)

(2.88 MB 720x480 1637534235349.webm)

(5.75 MB 640x360 1636757295063.webm)

(1.66 MB 1920x1080 1636958277695.webm)

(671.89 KB 576x1024 1636741084817.webm)

(3.83 MB 474x360 1636408220160.webm)

(1.90 MB 1280x720 1636399570706.webm)

(2.95 MB 854x480 1636320628703.webm)

(2.65 MB 426x234 1636392526299.webm)

(1.46 MB 1920x1080 1636319044586.webm)

(587.91 KB 360x638 1635953986360.webm)

(3.71 MB 640x360 1635934634081.webm)

(4.83 MB 1280x720 1634927723256.webm)

(4.77 MB 300x450 1632647814025.webm)

(3.77 MB 780x426 1635560758572.webm)

(2.02 MB 392x720 1635268497383.webm)

(2.76 MB 1084x1080 1634874269441.webm)

(5.90 MB 720x406 1634261288842.webm)

(4.02 MB 640x480 1633542086446.webm)

(1.38 MB 576x1024 1633454555415.webm)

(4.07 MB 854x480 1633317842921.webm)

(2.19 MB 332x720 1633296624777.webm)

(5.79 MB 300x450 1632925562501.webm)

(5.43 MB 405x720 1633025094042.webm)

(1.58 MB 360x360 1633021644320.webm)

(92.44 KB 733x1305 1648059729808.jpg)

she is a real girl her dad is just fuckn with her >>14737 >>14737
>>14788 >That's not agirl. That's a whale
>>14789 lol I will still hit that
(1.53 MB 540x480 1632784469394.webm)

(2.64 MB 640x360 1632870704943.webm)

(5.56 MB 368x552 1632766336097.webm)

(1.48 MB 480x848 1631665812058.webm)

(5.96 MB 300x450 1631090027703.webm)

(3.95 MB 500x280 1631008442036.webm)

(2.26 MB 1280x720 1630676525139.webm)

(2.54 MB 470x700 1630651158294.webm)

(2.61 MB 640x360 1630194359595.webm)

(2.81 MB 1280x720 1630029306154.webm)

(2.36 MB 634x350 1630029141788.webm)

(2.69 MB 400x224 1629784541241.webm)

(1.90 MB 480x854 1627931404360.webm)

>>14870 >4th vid was he fleeing vaccination?
>>14747 >be irl loli >get tattoo
(316.20 KB 480x854 metaverse1.webm)

(784.56 KB 720x1280 metaverse2.webm)

(426.76 KB 538x300 metaverse3.webm)

(921.24 KB 432x346 wef.webm)

(762.47 KB 640x640 wgf.webm)

(427.00 KB 320x320 For a new generation.webm)

(2.17 MB 640x360 gamestop.mp4)

(3.92 MB 640x360 9-11 A Conspiracy Theory.webm)

(5.13 MB 1280x720 AR on the sling.mp4)

(3.34 MB 1280x720 Jewish nature of porn.webm)

(6.60 MB 1280x720 Literally Hitler.webm)

(18.46 MB 1280x720 The holohoax.mp4)

(7.30 MB 480x360 Take Back the Future.mp4)

(654.81 KB 854x480 That outta do it .webm)

(3.36 MB 900x720 ds9-nfts.mp4)

(4.89 MB 576x1024 Biden Bible oath.mp4)

(9.00 MB 640x352 bug eating propaganda.mp4)

(693.10 KB 360x640 black vs white.webm)

Still ice cold chilling to this day. Never trust. Never relax. They WILL cancel you. If they can.
>>15281 That file name is bullshit. The bitch was shot by her husband as she was conducting an interview on a television show she was a reporter for. IIRC they were getting a divorce. Also the cameraman was also shot. Learn the story behind the footage before posting bullshit.
>>15282 what is misleading? a black acts irrational and violent, thus never trust and never relax. it may not have been explicitly racial targeting but the point stands
(20.96 MB 854x480 yfLc3w9acKJp.mp4)

(1.87 MB 1280x720 12.webm)

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