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(63.23 KB 756x420 Bailout Bullshit.jpg)

Democrats and RINOs try to screw America with a $900 billion stimulus Anonymous 12/22/2020 (Tue) 23:06:28 Id: c0358f No. 5785
An almost 6,000 page stimulus bill which nobody could've read thoroughly is trying to be pushed through. Where most of the money is going to foreign countries while we just get $600 for our troubles. An obvious trap for Donald Trump where if he signs it, his base will hate him and if he doesn't, they'll send the mainstream media after him. I'm sure Trump won't sign and just veto it because he's the guy that said he'd sign a $1,200 check sent to Americans if it was clean with no pork, which a lot of leftist with their goldfish memory seem to forget about. Here's a warning to Democrats and RINOs alike: if this passes, expect a tax revolt like no other. Remember "Taxation without representation." Your stupid fucking games are inching us closer to full blown civil war and that is no exaggeration. If you push that button, you better have the best security for your mansions. I'm not saying I'll do it personally but I know a ton of frustrated Americans that'll do it because anger for the government is at a boiling point and it's about to overflow.
(37.43 KB 800x445 israel-flag.jpg)

(25.60 KB 525x254 us_israel_lobbies565.jpg)

(88.66 KB 7680x4320 wp2362776.png)

(1.23 MB 2000x1000 federal-reserve-1913-crime.jpg)

(54.72 KB 1024x576 rothschild.jpg)

>>5785 Israel and America's "friends" are more important to our congressman apparently.
(2.02 MB 1468x7317 lemmings.png)

>>5785 >I'm not saying I'll do it personally but I know a ton of frustrated Americans that'll do it because anger for the government is at a boiling point and it's about to overflow. Sure, you have the BLM monkeys and the soy Antifa who would have boots on the ground, but remember that they are not truly "grass roots" organizations; they're only there because they have direct support from a new system (Big Tech, Soros, Marxists, etc.) that wants to overthrow the current system. The average angry American doesn't have such a system to support them in their fight, so I wonder whether they would either fight or, if they do, to what end would they fight. Given that there is no system looking out for them, is there anything preventing the new system from co-opting that anger for their own benefit? Think, for instance, the "revolution as spectator sport", where the majority of the lemmings, and that's precisely what they are, are going to join the winning side.
>>5785 >half of billion to Israel >spending 200 million for Pakistanis gender studies scholarship for anyone who identify as female in a nation that stone women >making streaming illegal shows and posting spoilers online a felony Meanwhile Americans only got 600 dollars from the stimulus check https://archive.fo/MYDvc https://archive.fo/qruU0
Folks are displeased about the bill and its contents, to say the least. Someone on /mlpol/ got an idea to meme up a Christmas card signed by all the countries that got aid, something along the lines of "We thank the American public for their tremendous generosity, enjoy your $600!" with a pic of a smug Bibi on it. Anyone here up to the challenge?
>>5794 >ONE yank stimulus cheque Christ I thought it was $1200 at least, just so you know in the UK since March the average no workfag has gotten NINE £408 payments or £3672 which is $4959. Shame the niggertide struck when it did, you's would be justified in burning the country down but you'd look like BLMers if you did.
(158.34 KB 1451x2048 1600475860528.jpg)

>>5951 That's what happens when governments completely shut down countries over a virus they should have let burn through. Of course, they miscalculated, Pandemics have a tendency to create social upheaval. Especially when combined with an increase of people no longer able to feed themselves or their families through no fault of their own other than living in the wrong state or city. Heck, the entire concept of a middle class started because of the Bubonic Plague. The American Revolution was preceded by a Smallpox Epidemic. 1919 was very violent year after the 1918 Spanish Flu. There is no reason to consider that today will be any different. Add on to that greater than half the country thinks that an election was stolen from an extremely popular figure after an extremely unpopular group burned down their own cities during the summer, and that means that we are very likely going to see a civil war within a month if the angry masses are not pacified by having Trump remain President. The Powers That Be fucked up if they thought a pandemic would help make things go their way. But then, they have been getting more and more incompetent as of late.
>>5957 > getting more and more incompetent as of late Its not incompetence, but arrogance. Trust me, I have been around such "elites" and the one thing that they all share is absolutely boundless arrogance. To a point where they do not even see themselves as the same species as you or me. They are above it all, they know best. If only they were in charge everything would be great. But if anything goes wrong its never them. They never miscalculated, they never assumed wrong, they never overstepped... its always something external, something both beyond and beneath them. They cannot consider the possibility of being wrong or pursuing goals not worth pursuing. And this has been the state of things in their "communities" at least since the start of the 20th century, when the contemporary elites started to take over after the old elites(old aristocrats). And like those old elites they are hitting the exact same wall of being far too isolated from the rest of the world to actually understand it. That is why they preach internally contradictory messages, its not even really "divide and conquer" its more just them airing their own warped perspective through their sock puppets. <Let them eat cake. Did not become popular because Marie Antoinate actually said it but because it reflected how detached the old nobility was from the people it was ,supposedly chosen by god, meant to govern. What we have today is just another manifestation of that detachment.
>>5957 >through no fault of their own It is their fault. Anybody who isn't self-sufficient, completely independent from the state and from corporations, deserves to starve to death.
>>5959 They couldn't even if they tried at this point, anyone who is a small business owner had the fucking cops force their livelihoods to stop by government degree, hence why the right is turning against cops, I fucking said this will happen, and now cops have fucked themselves, at least in big cities.
>>5959 Khmer Rouge level thinking there >>5976 Torfag loves commies
>>5979 >small business owner Who the hell is talking about business? People don't need business in order to stay alive and live a minimalistic life. As for the police, every single person must unit in with his neighbors and drive the cops out whenever they show up. Straight up kill the cops if they try to impose themselves over anyone from your community. The country must be ruled by small communities, and not by the state, corporations or the elites. Kill them all and be free. >>6007 >Khmer Rouge level thinking there And your solution is slavery because you can only think in bureaucratic and peaceful (and thus, failed) means? >>7834 All of that is easily solvable by the use of violence.
>>5785 Nobody likes to work, retard. If you want the demonrats to stop ruining the country, present a better proposition of giving us all free money for doing nothing. Money for nothing is what the majority of us always wanted. Whoever gives us that calls the shots and gets our support, you worker scum.
>>7866 People DO like to work. What they don't like is to labor for a "boss" that owns their ass and fucks them on the daily for a fraction of what the cost of their labor is actually producing. If given a living income, something to pay for food and utilities and a shitty one-bedroom apartment, there are some people who will sit on their ass and "leech". They'll just do nothing. But most people will continue to do things, working to improve their community and the lives of the people they care about. If that's weaving fucking baskets, fine! Baskets are a thing that is sometimes needed.
>>5785 Welcome to neo-Communism. It's Globalist, anti-Truth, anti-Freedom, and anti-White.
>>7891 >most people will continue to do things, working to improve their community and the lives of the people they care about. It's not that they like the work, it's that they like the results they hope to get from the work.
>>8073 Is this the new niggerpill tactic?
Americans used to think hippies were lazy fruits for dropping out during the Vietnam War, but maybe the hippies had the right idea after all. If you can't change a corrupt system, why be a part of it?

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