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(270.72 KB 1080x1312 colorado infrastructure.jpg)

Anonymous 12/30/2020 (Wed) 06:48:35 Id: 50c6e6 No. 5942
https://www.thedenverchannel(Please use archive.today)/news/local-news/crews-start-relighting-pilot-lights-in-aspen-after-gas-outage-restoration-could-take-days https://denver.cbslocal(Please use archive.today)/2020/12/29/earth-first-fbi-investigating-possible-attack-natural-gas-line-aspen/ Interesting. 2nd attack on infrastructure in a very short time period. Are people starting to practice for the possible civil war next week?
Nice, we need more of this. I'd say "turn up the heat", but the opposite seems to be what's happening here.
>>5942 >>6811 Good. People must stop with the non-violent approach nonsense. Kill the enemy AND destroy their infrastructures. We can rebuild anything for us later. They can't live without it. But we can live just fine without any of it. And we won't build for them, nor rebuild anything for them, nor repair any damage for them. Either we win, or at least, nobody wins. Destroy everything. Kill everyone. Until White men are in total control or everything is so ruined that nobody else can have anything.
(183.56 KB 820x986 glowing one.jpg)

>>6827 Silence
>>5942 3rd: https://archive.vn/1qryN https://archive.vn/omZN3 In the past week, 1 unknown gunman fired 1 bullet at a transformer causing 2 power outages for an entire county. The first outage occurred when the bullet hit, the second occurred when the TVA had to shut down the grid again to repair the equipment. The gunman will likely get away with it too if he was alone when he did it.

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