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(56.84 KB 450x397 USB.png)

Idea to get rolling 01/03/2021 (Sun) 02:43:40 Id: 26ecbd No. 6048
Just an idea, a good means to redpill normies, something that needs to be out of big tec reach. Need compile and input on the following -The Great reset (all of it, plans, the higher ups involvement -2020 Eelction Fraud -COVID (origin from Wuhan China, lab, and the Political push -Location pol related (Such as AUSPOL) -China's involvement with Big tech (give them reasons to delete facebook - Fun stuff, memes, music of videos Don't just go pure doomer here -Internet Archives (Because Big tech deletes and censors all the time, Wayback machine and archive.is is will help and you can download the HTML) Additional ideas or suggestions are opened What's the next step? 1) Install the content in a flash USB drive (Size will deoendent on the content size too, videos will be the size hog 2) Just casually wander like you do average normal life things, ( Incognito is key, just anyone within range with yourself is fine, don't link it too close to home though ) 3) Slip the USB in the mail box (Male sure you have gloves on when doing this as well as touching it overrall, make sure it's someone who isn't home as well that that doesn't have a Camera as mentioned Incognito is key, additionally if rain, just wrapped it up in a small plastic bag 4) The Human curiosity will do the rest (Who would go through this effort just to mail me this USB drive? Additional notes Provide info on -SJW and/or Commie tactics, They will attempt to shut this down if this makes huge rounds, labeling it as dangerous or whatever buzzword they will throw in, this can be used to inform them before it becomes a trend -Notes to help should they wish to get this out there, basically just repeat method above as well as Self safety tips for them should they wish to be involved, the Police won't help them regarding this, and if anyone asks, all they did was find it in the mailbox This can be a good chance to Red pill normies (and if your lucky crazy lefties) Let's make this year the one where we get our lives back and push back on higher ups in politics as wall as those in China's payroll
Make stencils of -thedonald.win -https://hereistheevidence(Please use archive.today)/ And other websites that will red pill (Hello, I just arrived from Cuckchan, please bully me)s. Stencil around your neighbourhood. Graffiti for great justice. | Take off every "ZIG". MOVE ZIG MOVE ZIG MOVE ZIG MOVE ZIG
(522.67 KB 1433x3948 thedonalstencil.jpeg)

^Just arrived from cuckchan Lol no I didn't.
>Install the content in a flash USB drive >Install >Content
Install, download, transfer,, Drag and paste, you get the idea
(308.64 KB 2290x1322 trump jew.jpg)

>>6051 Sorry this system doesn't detect qniggers. Donnie cucked hard today and during the entirety of his presidency. I suggest you take a brown pill till neocons find a new kiked up cuck for you to support.>>6051
>>6048 We had threads like this regarding leaving a usb stick somewhere in 8/pol - does anyone remember the name of those threads? I can find an archive.

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