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(128.37 KB 640x622 O PSLBS W - Copy.jpg)

(811.17 KB 640x622 PSBLS edit Copy.png)

Anonymous 01/18/2021 (Mon) 17:33:56 Id: 000000 No. 7078
I saw this picture in an image result while looking for something unrelated. I decided to fix it a bit, I disapproved of the bad politics and wrong message of the original image, and even moreso i hate to see such disagreeable expressions on the faces of young pickaninny girls, or indeed, young ladies of most any sort. Lately I've been drawing etc a lot more than usual due mostly to the increased of certain medicines, but I am by no means much of an artist. Still, i think it's at least an improvement, with more cheerful faces and attitudes, a better sense of friendship and whimsy, and a more sensible and relatable advocacy. I'm gonna email my edit to the original artist and see what he thinks.
>>7084 I think you're just autistic.
>>7081 Ha, great suggestion, used your phrasing! still waiting for reply. I suppose while i was fixing his work i should have also given the girls the necks he denied them lol. >>7084 Some of the points you make about female psychology are accurate and/or interesting, I think you raise some valid observations of the maladaptive and unnatural behaviors caused by a false civilization. I disagree with you about the "bleaching" thing to a certain degree, if we can make them whiter, we probably should, right? I don't really mind if the negresses etc have some sort of race kink about the act itself, i suppose that's a 2 way street in average cases. I'd be willing to bet that, at least instinctively/subconsciously these girls are attracted to the superior genetics as much as the more surface debasement kink. As for your take on Orientals I also have to disagree, Orientals are obviously highly evolved with generally comparable genetic quality to ours, as demonstrated by the high level of neotony (an advanced trait) among the population, for one example. Whites overall edge orientals out in genetic quality, but honestly not by much, and in a few areas they have an advantage.
>>7088 >if we can make them whiter, we probably should, right? No, because they're also making you blacker. "You" referring to your race. The end result of racemixing is that both races are destroyed and replaced by a mutt race.
>>7084 >I tell you those women are fucked in the head All women are like that. There is ZERO difference between women from any race. They are all sex addicted parasites that can only think about who is the more "dangerous" man to have sex with each hour of each day of their whole lives. Women must be replaced by artificial means of reproduction.
(677.90 KB 640x622 PSBLS edit 2 Copy.png)

It seems the conversation is tending towards a discussion of miscegenation and women, sex, etc, which is a worthwhile topic to be sure. Since everyone is having sex thoughts towards the pickaninny girls I did another quick edit to the image again to try and make it a little more "sexy" to go with the current theme of the thread. I'm already aware of my limited artistic abilities, so no need to rake me over the coals about how much i suck lol, i'm just makin these for fun. >>7091 that's a fair point. My philosophy has generally been that when it comes to race mixing it matters what gender the genetically superior partner is and vice versa. If a white man impregnates a female of an inferior race, her baby has improved genetically from it's mother, and the genepool of that particular lineage is advanced. If the resulting female offspring are also impregnated by whites, and so on and so forth, eventually the effect is to "whiten out" a lesser race so to speak. Under this system, there is nothing preventing you from also primarily having properly white babies with white women, so this practice does not "brown your own race" as you say. However in those revolting cases where the male is the partner of inferior race, the opposite is true and the offspring progressively degenerate, "blackening" the offspring of the white (or possibly oriental) mother. >>7093 It's true that there has been an element of that in women since the beginning, although I'd say there is some difference between the natural behavior of females of different races. I think, however, that the behavior of women currently is being mutated by our unnatural and perverse society, and some of these behaviors can;t be considered to be 100% inherent. I wonder if groups of women could be isolated from this effect for a generation or 2 and then compared with "free range" women in the degenerate society to compare which traits were being most modified.
>>7098 >If the resulting female offspring are also impregnated by whites, and so on and so forth, eventually the effect is to "whiten out" a lesser race I guess that makes sense. The issue is that in real life it's never really limited to just the females getting impregnated.
>>7098 >If the resulting female offspring But what if it isn't a female offspring?
What kinda glownigger shit am I reading? No, race mixing is always bad and you don't bleach anyone. You just niggerfy your own offspring. You can make 20 children with a white women and kill the niggers. In Minecraft of course. Niggers shouldn't have offspring at all. Feds get the rope too. You can start forming a line in front of US-made gaschambers where they were invented in the first place.
The only way I'd tolerate it is by this system: > White race ethnostate is established, or white race dominant state with closed borders, whatever it is the White race's existence and future is secured, their populations is growing at a rate higher than the black population in most african countries. > a system of colonization is established, families will keep their first child at home, and send the second out to another country to conquer and interbreed with those born there, third child stays, fourth leaves, every even numbered child stays, every odd numbered child goes out. > the countries are forced to accept their new residents at the point of a gun (we occupy their governments and essentially make them institute breeding programs), marriages are also forced, the partners always being the most pure-blooded among the natives (so all the full pox, then all the half pox, then all the quarter pox, all of them, being forced to mix with pure blooded Whites) extensive records are being kept. > priorities correlate to the amount of difficulties and threats each race had historically posed to the White man: > jews and arabs are the highest priority to breed out > azns and seas come last in line. > everyone is 0% White, then 50% White, then 75% White, then 87.5% White, then 93.75% White, then 96.87% White, then 98.43% White, then 99.21% White, then 99.60% White, the 99.80% White. > In ten generations, it's 99.90% of their original genetics are replaced with White genes, by the eleventh generation, it's 99.95%, and to round it out on the twelfth, it's 99.97%, round 13 is 99.98%. >14 and 15 are both 99.99% White, purer than most amerimutts due to their settler history of boning the tiger's-lily and poke-a-hot-ass booty (another example of how these womenfolk are drawn to the scary conqueror types, they see their father/brother gunned down by some foreigner, who aims their rifle at her, and immediately she wants to gag herself sucking on his "gun").
I honestly didn't expect to see nazi Proud Family fanart on /pol/ What a time to be alive.
>>7104 or you could just kill the pox and take their land for 100% white people
>>7621 The kind that dont come from people so disconnected from reality that they are incapable of any civil interaction, no matter how brief and superficial, with others outside their race (and probably within their race as well bc they probably have no social skills). Ots light pleasantries with a black guy who has a job, wife, kids, and seems pretty fucking civilized so far. There is no reason I can't get along with him. We aren't even friends, we don't make arrangements to hang out or anything, we just happen to chat briefly on superficial pleasantries while we are doing laundry, waiting for the elevator, relaxing on the bench outside, or sine other reason we are in the lobby or front of the building together. Where I live, nonwhites are everywhere, most are npt bad to me, so I try to be good to them until I have reason not to be, that is just typical human socialization. What are you, a wild animal?
>>7627 I'm not sure what your goal is by this. By asking about specific positive interactions with non-white races, you imply that most interactions are by default not positive, which demonizes those races to anyone that is not a white-supremacist. But doing so at all is just pissing off everyone else here, because, let's face it, it's mostly white supremacists.
>>7101 >What glownigger shit This thread is black propaganda, suggesting White people want to enslave black people. While reality it is about the disenfranchisement and enslavement of White people in their own country by foreign colonialists.
>>7627 >disconnected from reality that they are incapable of any civil interaction You are talking about a minority demographic that commits more than 50 percent of all murder. A demographic were nearly 50 percent of males have gone or will go to jail. "Civil interaction" please we live at times were White people are prosecuted for "hate crimes" of being uppity and using "hurt words" against aggressive negros. While negros killing White people "for sports" no noticeable financial benefit, at random are never ever recognized as hate crimes.
Should have just drawn them as chimps screeching
>>7696 Full disclosure, I stuck my cock in his teen girl. She had just came back from university (trying to be a nurse). I boned this guy's baby girl after I met her while she was visiting him one time. I fucked a negress in my place, in my room, where my /pol/ stuff is prominently displayed, she loved it, really wanted to play up the fantasy, wanted me to be mean and rough with her, she got a thrill out of the whole "her people being conquered by the white man's resurgence and then used as a living sex toy by her aryan conquerors" thing. All women are, at a primal level, traitors to their races, they know the men get shot, but they get fucked it's a thrill to women to see their people conquered and subjugated, its not as big a deal for them as for their men. They just have to spread their legs for the occupying forces. I feel terrible for doing it though, not only did I commit bestiality, but it was casual sex on top of that. I was a bit stressed out, she was friendly and good looking (for a chimp, no black slut will never compare to her aryan competition in terms of beauty). So now I'm extra nice around her dad when I see him. I'm sorry.
>>7098 You forgot their feminine penises.

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