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(66.66 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Sex when Anonymous 01/28/2021 (Thu) 22:06:22 Id: a1b97b No. 7588
I ve been improving my self since 2016, reading books, going to gym i fap only few times a month and i am usually funny guy and can talk about lots of stuff but somehow i can't fuck woman i got girl friends few times allready but every time woman speaks like fucking moron and make me hate her how can i get good sex without talking too much no i don't wanna go to prostitute help me guys i'm realy horny for few months now and fapping doesn't even make me stop
btw i don't live in USA i live in midle east, some times i just think about geting married with girl and have endless sex but that seems like too much headache
Become a martyr and get 70 virgins.
>>7588 Women aren't worth anything. Sex is overrated too. Men don't need sex nor women in their lives. Live freely, for yourself only.
>>7612 Idk man if i don't masturbate i end up cumming while sleeping and everywhere goes totally fucked, i do fap some times to not cum on my self but fapping feels like insult to my honor and values, maybe true woman could help with my life too untill now they all been chains that slow me. Whenever i find girl cute i went there and talk and allways they start saying dumb shit every fucking time
>>7590 I lost my religion during my teenage years i wish i could believe that im gonna fuck bitches unlimited amount of time
>>7613 What do you expect? They're women. You should just accept it or you're never going to find anyone.
>>7588 wait till covid ends
(98.25 KB 800x1011 dddd.jpg)

>>7588 towelheads aren't that intwelligent themselves anyways, so... >>7633 ok swedecuck
>>7710 "towelheads", someone with USA tag, fact that you are lack of geographic and cultural intelligence didn't surprise me. Here little geography lessons for you, saudi arabia is just part of midle east not all of it, and not all of midle east wear similar clotings
>>7612 Man we created for fucking woman and making babies, creator wanted us to be like this, and all of great man born because of sex
>>7588 You could try acting like a man instead of a beast. Does this mean don't have sex? No, it means don't be obsessed with it.
>>7712 Nobody cares, towelhead. You're like a Canadian complaining if someone confuses them for an American. You're the same thing, and nobody cares about your little tribal differences. You're still towelheads.
>>7732 You ignorant nigger
>>7736 You smelly towelhead.
>>7744 You canadian dick head, no matter how much you shit talk, our midle eastern people come to your country legally or illegally, get food and supply with your taxes, rape your woman and not be jailed in the end of the day we win as sand niggers and you cum skins will suck our ass
>>7746 I'm not saying Canada is good. I'm just saying that you are a towelhead. Too bad your feeble towelhead mind couldn't actually address my argument and had to try to insult the speaker in a way that doesn't at all prove you aren't a towelhead.
>>7588 Dear Op, Let me enlighten you on the history of feminism aka the history of cancer. First of all, women have long campaigned for the rights to work, have bank accounts run by the Jews and therefore own assets. Women are as much your competitors in this world as men. Women are all being programmed by the electric jew to embrace lesbianism, race mixing and the strong woman archetype. This is going to make finding a same race, heterosexual relationship challenging. This also explains the "dumb shit" they speak because they repeat the same lies of the electric Jew because it's what they want to hear not what they need to hear. The advent of feminism in today's society means the white male has a back seat role. When you try to take the helm..... She can do all kinds of evil things to you that you didn't even know we're possible. They are master tricksters and master manipulators, make no mistake. Whilst men are generally polygamous, wanting to sleep with as many women as possible. Women are Hypergamous, they seek one partner of great status and wealth. Naturally the Jews have most of the money so women are all going to try to sleep with CEO Shlomo. You are at the bottom rung of the ladder, you don't have assets and your job if you even have one is a dead end leading nowhere. Armed with this knowledge, you now know all relationships are a lie and you are only with her for sex and to reproduce, she's only with you because of your status/ability/youth which you no longer have. If she suspects for a second you are aware of her hypergamy, it's game over. The trick is to not seem desperate, interested or otherwise but to paint yourself in such a way the woman will naturally magnatate towards you. Whilst I applaud your self improvement, it should be done for you and you alone and never for the sake of a parasitic woman who won't hesitate to ditch you the second she gets a better offer. If you improved yourself economically, you would likely find a lot more women interested in you. But now you know it's because they think they have a better deal with you than their broke ass black boyfriend who beats them. Also, do you even want to be with someone who has had niggers and kikes cum in her vagina ass and mouth? Do you want to be with a pretty on the outside, vile on the inside liar who will probably end up making you broke and homeless? Increasing divorce rate, single parenthood, declining white birth rate is all an effect not a cause. You have observed an effect in your own life..... Something is clearly happening that is destroying the family unit. That would be the cancer of feminism propagated by the Jews. The solution.... Eliminate the Jew, censor feminism propaganda and women return to subservience.
>>7802 >>7802 Thanks for great advices king, in here we don't got niggers, but most of the woman are liberal muslim ( the type wear hijab and believe quran but still do anal with guy she knows for few weeks ) and disguasting west style degeneres. In hight school's first class i fell in love with one really retard woman i find her cute at that time, she was like blood sucker type bitches you know the ones who get along with all the boys as friends i thought she loved me but she just rejected, after that things changed in my life, i become much greater by doing all kinds of self improvements 2-3 passed then she came to me with shit tons of lies and wanted me to be with her i don't want this shit, not only her i got few more girls that only love me because i am stronger and smarter, i really hate this i want my woman to improve me, make me greater don't left me when i'm weak, but all the woman seems just same, i wonder if i could ever find my type of woman or get tired at some point and marry with normal cum bag. What are you think did this materialist, and jewish thinking world turned every woman same with little differances or is there hope. Cheers
>>7806 >i wonder if i could ever find my type of woman or get tired at some point and marry with normal cum bag. Practically every modern woman is just a cum bag. I wouldn't bet on finding the one that is anything more than that. For that reason, don't get married.

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