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(1010.52 KB 1247x653 prepped antivaxxer cryptoanon.png)
Anti-vaxxer and Prepper for life! Anonymous 04/17/2021 (Sat) 11:12:03 Id:209c26 No. 8844
Literally, just to live. I don't care about the arguments about disease spreading. I have not spread the meme virus and will continue not to do so. And I will live! Meanwhile, people are being mass poisoned and cheated out of their lives because of trust in the establishment. The cure should not be worse than the disease! Sauce: https:// www. dailymail. co. uk/health/article-9480051/Medical-student-21-died-day-getting-J-J-vaccine.html F for respect, but that won't be me. I was an anti-vaxxer before COVID, I'm an anti-vaxxer now, and will continue to be an anti-vaxxer forever more.
>>8844 Never go with the masses. They are literally just mindless cattle. Live for yourself only, and all by yourself. Let the idiots die for doing what "everyone else is doing" like the so often use as an excuse for being idiots.
The P-1 variant is resistant to vaccines, it's only a matter of time before it hits the US. Already a known case in Mexico and Canada
(53.17 KB 530x342 zombies.jpg)
Everyone who can't be a prepper and an anti-vaxxer living for themselves only as wizards / r9k robots / survival horror enthusiasts etc., and are (Hello, I just arrived from Cuckchan, please bully me)s are the Walking Dead. Normies who trust the establishment and get poisoned are fucked. As are the diseased. Be an anti-vaxxer and prepper fully stocked and living like you are in a survival horror story into the long term and you might just make it.
>>8849 Lol the cuckchan reference was obviously N O R M I E
Americans think that everyone worked for free when there were no minimum wage laws.
(27.06 KB 474x250 mad max anarchy.jpg)
>>9116 It's going a bit Mad Max admittedly, but I will always be a prepper and anti-vaxxer.
>>8845 >Live for yourself only, and all by yourself. Let the idiots die for doing what "everyone else is doing" like the so often use as an excuse for being idiots. I see your point and i'd be lying if i say i never thought the same, but remember that not all the stupid people deserve to die, they may be idiots if they believe the shit the Tel-Avision says but not all of them deserve to die (unless they are liberals, kikes, muds or niggers.).
>>8849 As are the diseased? Hey forgot about the 99.6 percent recovery rate? How are we fucked exactly? Look vaccine or not we all have to become immune to this disease one way or the other. Yes I agree the vaccine doesn't give you immunity and in fact more people are getting sick with h the disease than antivaxxers. ivermectin, snake diet, chlorine dioxide, hydroxychloroquine, fasting, ketosis are all your friends here. Your own immune system can beat this. There is a real virus, it is really bad to catch. I didn't vaxx I caught it myself, it's not game over but it's like a train hit you out of nowhere. I advise to research the crap out of "long haul" many people have used a variety of therapies that don't involve vaccinating that can help you recover. The mandatory chip entry to airports was already a thing but now big tech has all your medical data. Now the bosses will discriminate against antivaxxers for the time being. When the vaxxers begin to perish, the anti vaxxers will get called in and there will be another scheme waiting for them. They've already threatened Mercola, they are merciless. The vaccine debate is actually what tore up the first amendment. Four billion dollars is going to operation warp speed that is nothing short of an illegal and unconstitutional attack on free speech and the beginning of militarization of the Internet to combat "wrongthink" Everyone out there is none the wiser they aren't aware of all the deplatforming and the censorship and the suppression of any actual scientific discussion. When the sheeple see no danger because all warnings have been silenced they are all primed to go into the slaughterhouse. This part I agree upon. The jabs killing people we can't talk about it and they're telling more people to get it. The virus is infecting more people, killing a small fraction of a percentage. People are being told to take their masks off. The Hospitals are massacring people in droves, all the patients are getting the wrong treatment when they get sick from the disease and the ivermectin and the hydroxychloroquine is being withheld. Gates already said he wanted pandemic shooting squads, you can assume they are real they are shooting people right now and thanks to the total internet blackouts nobody knows where to go or who to report the genocide to. Leftists won't go on bitchute which isn't censored much apart from taking down Nordic Resistance because muh racist. I also suggest vaxxers shed something that may be harmful and or contagious there were a lot of reports of unvaxxed people getting reproductive health symptoms after going near a vaxxer. My opinion the vax doesn't do shit to protect you from the disease but it might kill you. Even if you lose your job don't lose your life. Catching covid is fucking shit but with the ivermectin it's probably a much much much better option to build up your own immunity the good old fashioned way and not be a baby and take the injection of blue screen of death.
>>9126 >99.6 try 99.96 covid survival rate for ages 1-19
>>9130 Pedant
My relatives and friends have changed personalities (more bossy, drone-like, obeying the system) after their 1st and 2nd vaxx shots. Some of them have suffered long term health problems since getting vaxxed. I have heard from friends of friends who know people that got very sick and are still very ill after getting their 2nd vaxx shot. Incapacitated tier ill. And in my distant relationships, I have heard of people I knew who are now dead after getting vaxxed. I'm still a prepper and anti-vaxxer, and this meme virus will make me permanently like this. It feels like globalist population control at this point and nothing else. God help us all. The vaxxed are now considered zombie-tier, even if they are still operational at seemingly (Hello, I just arrived from Cuckchan, please bully me) levels. The survivors have been dumbed down, made more servile, it's natural selection at a global level.
(101.05 KB 1280x720 normalert.jpg)
>>9235 Lol I wish I could say n o r m i e here. I didn't suspect it was such a forbidden word.

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