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(458.78 KB 4032x3024 242.jpg)

Anonymous 04/18/2021 (Sun) 07:55:03 Id: 0765a6 No. 8861
Uhh based department?
>>8861 >Blacks kill 500,000 black babies Based abortion clinics.
>>8896 kek
(175.08 KB 1294x494 1619149111866.jpg)

(65.62 KB 600x450 BASTE.....jpg)

>>8861 >Uhh based department? BASTE
Now I'm no black but even chopping down a tree is worse than killing a fetus with no cognition. I don't think it should be covered by health care but why do moralfags pretend to care about disposing of an object that cant even realize that it is?
>>11670 Abortion and birth control cause sexual hedonism, which causes the downfall of the family, which causes the downfall of the nation and race.

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