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QTDDTOT Anonymous 07/07/2021 (Wed) 18:41:09 Id: 000000 No. 9936
A thread for asking and answering questions that aren't important enough to make an entire thread for them.
(196.27 KB 637x1024 71019325_p0.jpg)

where'd you get the chibi
(77.28 KB 1024x683 1602029242726m.jpg)

(37.51 KB 200x200 1602021897781.png)

>>9937 Cuckchan
>>9936 What can be done about the jewish board /ck/ ?
(203.26 KB 853x1280 1.jpg)

I can't find the quote of the Talmud that says "the jews are human being. The non-Jews are beasts and not human (Baba Mezia 114b http://www.halakhah(Please use archive.today)/babamezia/babamezia_114.html#PARTb http://www.halakhah(Please use archive.today)/babamezia/babamezia_114.html#PARTb
>>9938 How strongly do you love them?
have you read marx?
>>12050 I have read Friedrich Engels, several works. And some a part of the "Der Kapital" of Marx. Also Lenin and one book of Stalin.
I need some anthropological information on the psychology and sociology of the various Indio tribes. If anyone can recommend me books, preferably written by Europeans and in a scientific sense, that describe the way that "native Americans" thought (as in: not in the abstract, because they find it difficult), behaved socially, and acted (to each other, to Europeans, etc.), I would be greatly appreciative. My book lacks more than a cursory explanation of how the various groups of Indios were bloodthirsty, uncivilized dregs. Any scientific references as to the limits of their technological advance would also be great. And if not here, what other (actively being used) could give me the information I'm after, and which wouldn't ban me instantly for claiming that nonwhites and whites differ in any way? Thanks.
Board is so dead lol
>>12737 Interesting that my reply to your post was deleted.
>>12737 Your mom is dead, in her sleep tonight if you don't respond to this post.
(5.23 KB 234x105 Jew fuk.png)

How do the Jews use their power to benefit their own kind? And are there any books that specifically go into this?
>>13016 >How do the Jews use their power to benefit their own kind? General nepotism, everywhere. Jews give loans to jews without interest while always charging interest to non-jews. Jews hire jews instead of non-jews. Jewish prosecutors and jewish judges almost always rule in favor of jews if a non-jew is a defendant. The same holds true if the jew is the defendant and the non-jew is the plaintiff. >And are there any books that specifically go into this? The Culture of Critique, maybe?
>>13027 I don't suppose you have proof of this Jewish nepotism?
(23.35 KB 955x200 but that's valid.png)

One thing of note that i've run into is the meme of "dreamsexuals" or people pretending/trolling that Dream is a sexual orientation and whether intentionally or not have caused people to mock the lgbt and other helicopter subjective sexualities as a result along with other defending made up retard sexualities. https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=ca8AmW-qBXM https://yewtu.be/watch?v=ca8AmW-qBXM
Is there any way to prove the jews are in control of the elite?
Gah. The fags and pedos on /b/ are still obsessing over that "commiecat" shite, and when I tell them it's the fursona of the tranny commie from /leftypol/, they demand proof. Did anyone save the screen captures of /trannypol/'s faggot BO cybering with the other losers as the commiecat?
>>13329 When you call them fags and pedos it’s like when people call us racist or when someone says go back to pol, even though pretty much all of us cross post. Please treat our /b/rothers /b/etter On topic to your request, sorry bro, I don’t have it
>>9936 >Modern day nazis 🤦🏻‍♂️
(152.59 KB 500x377 baileywickfaggots.jpg)

>>13331 >Please treat our /b/rothers /b/etter I'd like to piss on you, at the moment, but you'd probably like it.
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=RKIEX3I9lxY Why does it seem like Boomers don't understand that people are not getting jobs these days are because of: >Shit pay and hours (Even if you're in a high-demand field) >Useless government regulations and certifications that drive up costs >No real possibility of advancement (Unless someone dies, retires, or is fired) >No leeway for relationships outside of work, so no real options for having a family What am I forgetting?
>>13425 >What am I forgetting? Also forgot about companies refusing to hire people despite being more than qualified for the position.
>>13313 yes, simply lurk moar
>>13426 I probably wouldn't recommend you for hire, either, even if you didn't tell me I'm your problem for not hiring you. Commies are never worth it.
>>13438 > I probably wouldn't recommend you for hire, either Yeah, because you'd hire an illegal who costs less to employ and can fire at the drop of a hat.
>>13439 Probably not. I'd rather have more of a domestic talent pool to hire from but the reality is that the H1B visa system implants ridiculous numbers of poojeets and chinese spies and patent trolls into the hiring base. As for having a reasonable contract, of course. Why would you want anything other than an even steven contract?
>>13359 I would not like that
(156.10 KB 500x725 1640461188076.jpg)

(51.34 KB 412x370 1640459647655.png)

(131.57 KB 841x673 1640461219442.jpg)

(2.71 MB 3075x2050 1640460573160.jpg)

is this place even alive
>>13574 Yes.
>>13575 hi there! may i ask you for some memes
>>13576 What kind? It's also 3 AM so I'd prefer to deliver them tomorrow.
>>13574 Merged
How can Hitler be good when he wanted his own version of the New World Order, he sounds like a globalist?
>>13621 Extreme nationalism can unironically lead to globalism.
Does anyone have that picture-copypasta where a dude invites a trans to fuck and then finds butt buggers on his dick and kicks out the fag, then proceeds to shower for 6 hours straight or so?
(1.21 MB 1080x1920 1644594905239.webm)

Did you know that USA brainwashed you through Hollywood, CNN, media and pop culture into believing that Mexico is a brown non-white country? In reality Mexico is the whitest country in Ibero-America, even whiter than Spain nowadays, Portugal, and yes whiter than most US states. This is what the average run-of-the-mill middle class Mexican looks like. Educate yourself.
>>13990 Merge
>>13990 >In reality Mexico is the whitest country in Ibero-America because all the brown ones crossed the border
(14.09 KB 679x370 1647381797502.png)

>>13990 Nah it's more than skin color. To be white you have to be civilized as well. Junkie whites, faggot whites, liberal whites, "white" women none of these people are white
Thoughts on Sanae Takaichi.
Does anyone have a link to the Brenton Tarrant Christchurch shooting video? Please share if you do. I need a copy of it. Thx.
>>15471 scrubbed from everywhere. it literally doesn't exist anon. close your eyes it never happened.
>>15471 >Search engine: "list of video hosting websites" >Check the wiki link >Try a few and search for it on them >https://www.veoh(Please use archive.today)/watch/v141928027TpPcHRSr Simple.
>>15471 I have the full thing but it's way too long. May upload but he was a fag so maybe not
>>15479 yeah fair enough i've been trying to research the terms and memes he used & compare them against the buffalo shooter who shit the bed as a copycat but had a surprisingly effective methodology. >>15477 provided a fair copy. Thanks, by the way.
>>15471 Link to the video (about 7 minutes long): https://files.catbox.moe/8q1fys.mp4
another FAKE bulshit psyop shot point blank range and NO BLOOD , autopsy even shows they died from BLOOD CLOTS not bullets, the bullets were made of COVID you fucking retards, goverment was testing 5G weapons!!!

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