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(309.06 KB 581x542 1625676808539[1].png)

Trump sues social media finally Anonymous 07/07/2021 (Wed) 23:18:45 Id: ee7499 No. 9946
Only took him getting permabanned from the internet by the centralized leftists the moment he was out of office and could get away with it for him to finally understand the problem. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=LZkG7iK38Co
Too bad he (and certainly nobody) doesn't have the guts to go after payment processors, credit card companies and (most importantly) banks, who are the real culprits for the way every mayor platform keeps cucking out to PC culture and new alternatives fail to thrive. Everyone is scared of being cut from the global economic system, so they do what the kikes with money say and in turn cut the people under them.
Doesn't Jewgle have bullshit Superlawyer kikes because they're one of the big monopolies that control America ala Disney, Apple, and the like?
>>9986 Yeah probably.
>>9947 This is just more of that Dems v Reps stage production.
Section 230 grants protection from liability for censorship and denying service to DNS, server hosts, and ISPs also, so that is definitely not good for small websites or political campaigns. Look at the definitions of who can deny access and censor, it includes them too. This means whoever controls the DNS controls the internet permanently since no one will ever be able to sue them for liability or change the laws through politics.
>>10025 Amazing how there's still autistic niggers like you that don't know what a DNS is.
Christ this place is full of plan trusters too? Where did the non-faggots go after /fascist/ went down?
>>10187 No one here supports Trump. Don't get the wrong idea.
>>9986 it doesn't matter, the courts will make sure they don't help Trump. Trump is so lol boomer, he's always thinking like they think, like the rules or whatever matter. the only rule is "you lose".
>>10209 Who DO you support?
>>10544 there does not exist a means to hope of the people within the system. already a few on the left are realizing kamala won't keep 1 campaign promise. kids still in cages, no living wage, no student debt relief, no thc legalization, no nothing
he mad lmao
>>10547 >no thc legalization She will have her Attorney General change its status from Schedule I (the most restricted controlled substance category) to Schedule V (the least restricted controlled substance category) and then direct the Feds not to enforce any marijuana laws. It will accomplish almost the same thing.
(24.69 KB 336x260 putjew1.jpg)

(76.42 KB 1200x675 putjew2.jpg)

(58.37 KB 640x360 putjew3.jpg)

Trump's the best friend on the pics: subhuman, not white, Jew, mafiosi. Trump allowed transgenders/gays to be in Army. Logic of alt-right clowns: Trump supports White Race, Trump is based, Trump is nationalist. But .. not of your nation LOL

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