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(200.17 KB 1000x941 itwasadarkandstormmynight.jpg)

Welcome to /s/! Baja Bronze Board owner 08/08/2021 (Sun) 16:50:31 Id: 4ac433 No. 1 [Reply]
This board is dedicated to collaboratively spinning yarns - that is, telling /s/tories to and with your fellow anons. Every thread is a story waiting for you to tell it, and the OP is the primary author. The OP decides just how much input, if any, other anons may have in their story; However, the best of them will happily include others in the creative process. (You) can tell stories in text, images, audio, video, or some combination of them all. The use of drawfaggotry and webmfaggotry are strongly encouraged! To good writefags, I say welcome to the board; I hope you write many compelling tales. To those who know or believe that they are bad writefags, take /s/ as an opportunity to improve in the furnace of imageboard culture. My advice to all aspiring writefags as BO and a recovering writelet myself is this: Read lots of books/scripts by good authors/screenwriters, and PRACTICE. Write something no matter how bad it is, get it critiqued by somebody, and then keep writing. Even people with no writing experience can provide valuable insight. There are only 3 rules on this board (sans global rules): 1. Be Original This does not mean you can’t put a unique spin on an already existing story; It means you can’t copy-paste something and pretend you wrote it. 2. Romance > Smut /s/ is a SFW board. Romance is allowed and even encouraged if you’re capable of writing it, but this is not the place for smut. If you can't tell the difference between the two, don't try to write it at all. 3. Dice == No Dice Dice rolling is fun and can make for good stories, but so can good storytelling all on its own. I leave it to the discretion of the OPs, just don't use it as a crutch.
Edited last time by bajabronze on 08/08/2021 (Sun) 17:22:04.

(160.52 KB 900x900 AppleholicSnoopy.png)

A Meme Is Worth 10,000 words Anonymous 08/31/2021 (Tue) 04:41:36 Id: 859bfd No. 165 [Reply]
This is the designated effortposting thread for all OC memes. Memes are just another form of storytelling, after all! Proven reposts and pornographic memes will be deleted. Have fun!
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(475.19 KB 1280x1104 goa outline.png)

>>175 outlined version with the strap properly outlined
(466.45 KB 1280x1104 GOA seal template.png)

>>176 template
Putting this OC up on the fridge: >>>/v/415378

(270.03 KB 1440x800 A_long_time_ago.jpg)

/s/ QTDDTOT & Meta Thread Baja Bronze Board owner 08/08/2021 (Sun) 17:01:45 Id: f270aa No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
Have a question about where to begin or what story to create on /s/? Want to call the BO a prancing lala homo in a tutu? This is the place for it. FAQ Q: "Howto tripcode?" A: To use a secure tripcode, add ## in your name and a password. Q: "Howto grammar?" A: You can use https://www.englishgrammar101.com/ to learn proper grammar, or you can use grammar correction software like https://www.grammarly.com/ For information on text tags and more, please refer to: https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/posting.html
Edited last time by bajabronze on 09/11/2021 (Sat) 20:08:14.
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(260.72 KB 500x507 Mydisgust.png)

>>158 Alright, this whole incident sent me flying down a rabbit hole of /cow/ worshippers and kiwi-farmers. Having done my due diligence (at least in part), I can safely say that Mark should step down from /v/ ownership as he's been considering. Congratulations spam poster, you've shone me a light into the cruel darkness of this whole affair. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/mark-mann-8chan-moe-8chan-se.91171/page-6
You know whats fun to fo when your tired of writing? Reading. And on that note I'd like to mention that /lit/ has a monthly book klub. All are invited. This month we are reading fight club by chuck palahniuk. It is pretty good and has some changes from the movie. I think you'd like it anon. Anyway heres the link >>>/lit/334
>>178 Y'eeup. This board is in limbo 'till Codex gets back to me on that thing we've been discussing, so a book club sounds like a decent way to relax.

(72.36 KB 450x450 24086_w_450_450.jpg)

Demon: The Fallen a white wolf RPG Anonymous 08/09/2021 (Mon) 06:30:32 Id: 1ffe9d No. 18 [Reply] [Last]
Okay so I wanna run a demon campaign. Whether we start with one guy and eventually gain more, or instead wind up with a one on one personal experience is whatever to me. Either way sounds good. I have done both, and White wolf makes single player experiences relatively fun and easy. Your character, should you choose to make one and join, will be a Demon, a fallen angel. One of Gods own who turned and rebelled. After an unfathomable time spent in hell you escape. And find yourself in the late nineties. Where God appears to have long left his creation, and there are no angels to be seen. Left with no means of answering the only questions you still had, you turn to a personal philosophy to make life meaningful, and continue on in the possessed body you have stolen. We shall, depending on the backstory of your character, have antagonists, and vices. The monster within is the usual pretext to pretty much every WW gameline. And this is no exception. Morality is tracked quite a bit more than say DnD. Anyway if you are interested drop a post here, and we will see about getting you a corebook, and then walking you through character creation. Afterwards we can have the first session here. This site supports die rolls, and miniatures and graph paper are never really seen during a WW rpg anyway. If for whatever reason we do find them necessary I have backups for that possibility as well.
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(10.39 MB 480x360 C.W. McCall - Convoy.mp4)

>>169 A roadtrip sounds AMAZING. We can stop at all sorts of new places, have fun shenanigans and get new members for the convoy. Convoy. That's it! We can eventually gather an entire convoy of people all following Taz throughout America, going on insane adventures and eventually dealing with the undue attention a massive fuckoff convoy would attract. Let's keep going east and see what there is to see in Mesquite.
(129.03 KB 1024x768 1022052376_db9a292d35_b.jpg)

(407.52 KB 1024x769 layton-pkwy-e-at-i-015-1.jpg)

Getting back on I-15 going west you drive for an hour before pulling into Mesquite. Liz pulls out some money and you get the gas tank filled, you stop at the grocery story and buy some canned food and a medium sized pot. Getting back on the road you drive through Arizona before getting into Utah, the terrain has closed in to become very rocky and mountainous. You merge onto i70 near beaver and drive for a few hours before stopping for lunch at a mcdonalds in green river, Taz enjoys the sugar. Continuing on through the night you arrive in grand junction Colorado around 10 pm. Finally feeling safer with a State between you and the trouble you exit there for the night. Liz is tired of driving and wants somewhere we can rest a day or two. Finding the terrain north of the small airport to be drivable and mostly dry desert sand you set off for a couple miles beyond town, finally parking and grabbing a beer from the 12 pack you got at the last piss break. Liz is already asleep in the passenger seat. The car is grateful to finally turn off. You need a new one. Taz disagrees. He says he understands the engine. He has been studying it all day. He wants to try making it work more efficiently while we drive. Max is worried at this idea, but has learned to save his debates for more important topics. This far out the sky is full of stars. And You fall asleep staring at the twinkling.
>>172 Taz is a mechanic now? Go for it, man.

/s/ Banner Thread Baja Bronze Board owner 08/08/2021 (Sun) 17:10:35 Id: c4e89c No. 6 [Reply]
Want to flex your creative muscles without becoming a /s/toryteller just yet? Create a banner for the board! Remember that traditional banner sizing is 300x100. Good ideas for banners include writing cliches, famous authors/screenwriters/playwrights, quotes from the works of said famous folks, etc.
Edited last time by bajabronze on 08/27/2021 (Fri) 21:50:57.
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(37.01 KB 300x100 niggernovella.png)

>>147 I felt that attempt was too cluttered, so here's a better one
>>147 back to cuckchan
<<162 Stay apoplectic, altistic

(1.69 MB 480x362 THEZ.gif)

Writing Prompt Thread Anonymous 08/10/2021 (Tue) 07:54:12 Id: 9b3548 No. 70 [Reply]
Are you a writelet with no creativity? Are you a writefag that wants to compose something short and sweet? You've found the right thread. Use this website (or any other like it) to pick a writing prompt at random: https://thestoryshack.com/tools/writing-prompt-generator/ Follow the generated prompt and post what you create for critique and perhaps compliments. Nobody worth a hoot cares if it's terrible; what matters is that (you) write it. Proficiency in anything worth doing requires practice, anons. If you prefer, (you) may also write a prompt for your personal use or for other anons to take a crack at. Remember to have fun!
Edited last time by bajabronze on 08/10/2021 (Tue) 15:58:51.
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>>91 No your right. I mean I like the juxtaposition of her saying "no one cares about me" while staring at her own reflection. Thus making her an obvious liar. She cares about herself. Logically her statement must be untrue. But she doesn't see it. Just like she doesn't see the stars. I like how tone deaf, and blind it makes her. But yeah I wouldn't have used that particular phrasing if I wasn't prompted to. It just seems ackward there and conveys little of what I want. I may rewrite it. It is short enough.
Oh I remember why I did it like that. The story had to be 150 words at least, and she had to say one specific thing. The whole idea came to me in a flash of laziness. I guess it comes from an instinctive urge to fuck with authority. But following badly written orders to the letter is funny to me. So there should only be one line of dialogue in the entire thing. And the rest was slow space scifi shots because it makes good filler. I was cheating. It was only when I was writing it I realized I had made thoroughly unlikable people and so I killed them all. Yeah it should have had a slow final destination style creeping death thing. But said "meh thats 150 words probably" and ended it as soon as possible. Rocks fell everybody died.
(212.16 KB 500x310 Imageboard AI.png)

>>70 Periodic Prompt #001 You have just acquired the rights to an imageboard run by an AI so advanced it replaces the need for site administration as we know it. Simply train the AI on whatever it needs to run/administrate the site, and it will do it. What do you name the AI, and what do you train it to accomplish?

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