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Writing Prompt Thread Anonymous 08/10/2021 (Tue) 07:54:12 Id: 9b3548 No. 70
Are you a writelet with no creativity? Are you a writefag that wants to compose something short and sweet? You've found the right thread. Use this website (or any other like it) to pick a writing prompt at random: https://thestoryshack.com/tools/writing-prompt-generator/ Follow the generated prompt and post what you create for critique and perhaps compliments. Nobody worth a hoot cares if it's terrible; what matters is that (you) write it. Proficiency in anything worth doing requires practice, anons. If you prefer, (you) may also write a prompt for your personal use or for other anons to take a crack at. Remember to have fun!
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>>70 If I'm going to talk the talk, I gotta walk the walk. A small red dot atop a slightly bigger black dot drove up the mountain highway, slowly coming into focus in the gas station attendant's eyes. As it grew closer and closer, the attendant sat up stock straight in shock. With his eyes bugging out, he watched as a red man with horns drove towards his gas station on a custom-made chopper. Trying not to panic, he stood up and went to the nearest gas pump, prepared to do his duty even for the strangest of customers. The chopper pulled in and came to a stop next to the attendant's pump; That demon of a man atop it looked at the trembling attendant and said with a smile: "Hey there, son! I needed a city of sin to manifest on Earth to come and meet you, but I may have gone too far with San Francisco. Whoopsidaisies!".
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(31.59 KB 991x374 Untitled.png)

>>70 but what if I don't want to write a romance novel? I just want my character go on an adventure somewhere but it's just giving me romance ideas.
Fine, I'll write some romance in the story but it won't the main plot of the story.If only I could think of a setting I feel brain dead
>>77 Your first prompt had a garden hose, maybe the setting could be a garden?
The lagrange point from Jupiter to Io was always a busy place thought Rose, But still todays shuttle seemed busier than ever. As the northern Viacom shuttle brought to you by taco bell reached the halfway point to destination it slowly fired squirts of liquid oxygen from tiny jets located on the outer surface of the shuttle. It turned slowly in the distant sunlight. Finally flipped head to toe from where it started it's main engine once more slowly kicked on to full power for the deceleration. Rose commuted from Io's main habitat ring each morning on the gallileo shuttle. Soon she would be at work. Jupiters mines produced an inordinate amount of nickel, and there was always a brisk morning and night shift at the diner where she worked. Rose brushed her uniform idlely before returning her gaze out the thick plexiglass. A sea of stars swam past her face. "Everyone keeps ignoring me" she whispers, her attention only on her reflection. The foreward airlock door was tightly sealed. It had to be to deal with the harsh constant pull of vacuum. But today it had taken enough stress, and a small microscopic crack that had been there since its construction slowly widened. It had done so for years undetected by the repair crews who conducted mandatory checks according to checklists constructed by the men who held the jobs before them. Over generations all talent or knowledge had been lost. The job was done to rote procedure and things were being missed more often these days. In 6 years the CEO of Viacom would be sued in civil court for 6 billion dollars, the papers of the day would agree it was a paltry amount, and the ceo's lawyer a shrewd negotiater. Rose knew none of this of course, and where she to learn in the 60 seconds she has left to live it is doubtful she would be comforted by the justice finally done for her own impending death, and the death of 28 other passengers. The cockpit had it's own separate airlock. With a harsh jolt everyone feels the air suck itself from their lungs, there is a brief explosive sound before the quiet and darkness hide the horror. Rose never knew what was happening as she was sucked from her seat and cracked her head on a piece of bulkhead, itself now floating free in space. Seen from afar the scene is less horrifying. It appears to be a ship that has opened it's doors to spill pearls and priceless jewels among the stars. The corpses and other flotsam glimmer from a faint icy sheen imparted by the water freezing out from oxygen. And the man Rose was destined to marry meets her as a frozen corpse half a billion miles from home. An emergency rescue worker, Andy has seen bad accidents in vacuum before, but for a cosmic reason he can never understand, seeing Rose floating in space breaks him. A year from now he will down a bottle of percocet and end his own visions of horror. But for us dear reader this is the end. We turn our gaze from a man floating in the void, his shape obscured by a bulky suit, and further by a blue frozen woman in his arms.
>>81 Now I know what some of you are thinking >but anon that wasn't really romantic Hold the phone cause I got a bombshell for you. Andy was a necrophiliac the whole time. So there. It's not that I didn't pay attention to the plot. It's just that romance takes many forms.
(100.01 KB 2000x1967 pretentiouscritique.png)

>>81 I quite enjoyed the creativity of your setting and the morbid yet almost beautiful picture you painted of frozen people shimmering in the vacuum of space. Your grammar needs some improvement (I suggest trying Grammarly, the free version alone is very useful), and some portions from the prompt could've been better integrated into the story. For example, rather than have Rose whisper "Everyone keeps ignoring me" as a one-and-done thing that could be removed without being missed, she could have a conversation with a diner waitress about how everyone keeps ignoring her at work. You might consider using dramatic irony. You could have Rose complain about her coworkers ignoring a failed safety mechanism she reported at work, then cut to the airlock crack steadily breaking down before cutting back to the conversation, final destination style. Repeat the cuts back and forth until the airlock finally gives way. It'd show that the laziness and degradation of responsibility aren't contained within this once isolated incident, but commonplace across the Greater Jupiter area. It would also add tension for the reader, which is a big plus in this case. Beyond the grammar which (you) MUST correct, my critique is merely my opinion and should be treated as such. Concerning my advice to use Grammarly, I must add a note of caution: In my experience, Grammarly has a nasty habit of trying to make authors conform to its style of writing, even when said writing is grammatically correct. So, use it to correct typos and misshapen sentences, but know that daring to have intricate text and complex sentences is not a bad thing. Kudos to you for becoming a /s/toryteller, and for writing such a nifty look into a mundane sci-fi world! Also lul of course you made somebody a necrophiliac
Edited last time by bajabronze on 08/11/2021 (Wed) 16:03:09.
>>84 >For example, rather than have Rose whisper "Everyone keeps ignoring me" as a one-and-done thing that could be removed without being missed, she could have a conversation with a diner waitress about how everyone keeps ignoring her at work. She has the most beautiful sight a human could ever witness right in front of her. Astral mechanics, the likes of which ordinarily only God himself would be playing with, are being directed by mortal hands according to some vast mathematical model. Almost every human mind since the dawn of our species has led to this. And shes fixing her hair, and complaining about her job. She had no respect for the amazingly horrifying nature of her tenuous position. No awe for the very heavens opening before her. The line is not wasted. It is the point where my contempt for her reaches it's climax. The point where I take you reader aside for a quick slug of whiskey and some fatherly wisdom. Anon, Rose is completely self absorbed, shes kinda a retarded asshole. And the reason she dies is because she lives in a world where that is the norm. The maintenance worker was just as guilty of this sin. Andy who has a fucking job to do is equally found standing around lollygagging and malingering. Do you see my hatred for our species? My pain at our ridiculous naval gazing?
>>84 My grammar is awful though. You are very correct on this point.
(41.12 KB 339x600 navel-gazing.png)

>>87 >The line is not wasted. >It is the point where my contempt for her reaches it's climax. Hence why my suggestion was mere opinion. I respect your perspective on the capability of humans to be utterly egotistical, though I disagree with your hatred of humanity that derives from it. Perhaps you could expand on this point in more obvious detail if you wished to extend the story? I leave that decision to you. >>90 lol
>>91 No your right. I mean I like the juxtaposition of her saying "no one cares about me" while staring at her own reflection. Thus making her an obvious liar. She cares about herself. Logically her statement must be untrue. But she doesn't see it. Just like she doesn't see the stars. I like how tone deaf, and blind it makes her. But yeah I wouldn't have used that particular phrasing if I wasn't prompted to. It just seems ackward there and conveys little of what I want. I may rewrite it. It is short enough.
Oh I remember why I did it like that. The story had to be 150 words at least, and she had to say one specific thing. The whole idea came to me in a flash of laziness. I guess it comes from an instinctive urge to fuck with authority. But following badly written orders to the letter is funny to me. So there should only be one line of dialogue in the entire thing. And the rest was slow space scifi shots because it makes good filler. I was cheating. It was only when I was writing it I realized I had made thoroughly unlikable people and so I killed them all. Yeah it should have had a slow final destination style creeping death thing. But said "meh thats 150 words probably" and ended it as soon as possible. Rocks fell everybody died.
(212.16 KB 500x310 Imageboard AI.png)

>>70 Periodic Prompt #001 You have just acquired the rights to an imageboard run by an AI so advanced it replaces the need for site administration as we know it. Simply train the AI on whatever it needs to run/administrate the site, and it will do it. What do you name the AI, and what do you train it to accomplish?
Early star explorers. They land a bunch of supplies in one central area, and then use lightweight balloons to travel. Maybe rival explorers come to blows somehow, and we have scifi macguyver weapons launched from airships other airships, cobbled together from multiple explorer model balloons. Could be fun. Natural progression of landing, setting up, hopes of the future, actual exploring, drama, dramatic retreat, coming up with war designs, mega battle, call him victorious with awesome planet and maybe ancient ruins or some artefact maybe. Enough story beats for about idk what is that 6?, 10? Chapters.
>>189 Well damn, that's definitely not a short story prompt, but it's definitely something worth writing.
>>190 If you wanted to make >>189 a short story one could just focus on one of the mini skirmishes and imply other ones. Or you could treat it like an anthology of tales from this alternate world.

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