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Feedback Thread Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 04:19:55 No. 1
Provide feedback here, also, rules shamelessly ripped from /t/, deal with it.
>>1 I don't know how you would like to manage the board, but I'll give you some setup and traffic to start things off. I hope you won't mind some different generals and different subjects, so I'll start on some of those. First post other than the BO, let's hope this chemfag can at least draw in some attention.
(2.80 MB 384x216 samusthumbsup.gif)
>>2 Here we go. This should at least give the board some space to work with; I'll return when I feel like posting again because those were a lot of posts.
Yo BO, are you still logging on once in a while or are you giving up on the board? Just curious - I'd dislike it if it were to fall. I mean, there are a solid 2 users here, including me, but I'd still like it to be somewhat alive.

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