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Physics General #1 Anonymous 09/27/2020 (Sun) 12:50:18 No. 4
First general dedicated to physics and related topics. As long as it is for the most part related to physics: post interesting papers, discussions and problems.
Are Tesla's patents bollocks? I mean the wacky ones of course, not shit like AC electricity.
>>33 Probably? There are some legitimate discoveries, but some of his "world wide energy transfer" ideas are probably some form of EM radiation that he might have documented incorrectly. Some of his ideas don't line up with observations seen nowadays.
>>35 It's entirely possible that he thought future conspiracy theorists will try to come up on him and claim "he had a patent for it, so he must've been on to something." Like people do now.
Are LENR a meme?
>>39 Yes, except muon-catalyzed fusion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muon-catalyzed_fusion If you mean "meme" as in "will not break even" then maybe muon-catalyzed isn't for you. It does let you fuse atoms at much lower temperatures, but you need to make muons first, which isn't trivial, and they decay quickly. This Wikipedia article says some methods have promise, but I bet you my ass that those methods are waaaay more immature than conventional fusion techniques, theoretical studies, actual experiments on the matter (heh), etc.

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