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(10.59 KB 300x100 scibanner1.png)
(11.93 KB 300x100 scibanner2.png)
Banner Thread Anonymous 09/27/2020 (Sun) 15:02:19 No. 6
Post banners > no idea about the extension required (GIF and PNG work for sure) > 300 by 100 pixels > science related of course I slapped one together. As you can see, I am a man of science, not of design.
ooh, we have a /sci/ board!
>>7 Yeah another anon made one after I made a /sci/ thread on /t/. Has more posts than nearly all other threads on their catalog.
(10.20 KB 300x100 scibanner1corrected.png)
(11.53 KB 300x100 scibanner2corrected.png)
Disregard the two banners in the OP, I fucked up.
>>34 Added
(13.82 KB 300x100 scibanner2math.png)
>>34 The nitrogens are still nearly invisible, but I can't be fucked at the moment. Had a long day in the lab. Have another banner I made because I had some inspiration.

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