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Board Owner Support and Migration Requests Codexx Root 12/13/2020 (Sun) 05:27:09 Id:abfacc No. 1651 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for Board Owners to get support for running their boards. How do I create a board? First, you should see if the board you want to create already exists. Some boards may be marked abandoned, in which case you can put in a board claim. If the board doesn't exist, you can create one yourself. Create an account or log-in by visiting the lightning bolt symbol next to the CSS dropdown at the top of the page. Once there, make sure you have a verified e-mail address. Then, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and find the board creation section. Enter the URI, name, and a description. After you fill out the captcha and submit, you'll have your very own board. How do I claim an existing board? A board will be marked abandoned if the Board Owner has not logged in for a few weeks. Sometimes, this indicates they've gone missing. If the BO cannot be reached then we will hand the board over to a willing replacement. We recommend sending an e-mail to the administration address of 8moeadmin@protonmail.com. Please include your username on the site and the board you are requesting. How do I create custom CSS? There is an upload field on the board settings page for custom CSS. Upload your file there. Custom board assets such as background images, mascots, icons, music, etc should be posted in the appropriate thread on >>>/res/. This board is for board assets only. This way, you don't need to clutter your board with a pinned asset, or worry an uploaded image will fall off the site. How do I create custom JavaScript? This feature is currently disabled. Soon, you'll be able to request custom JS be activated for your board. You can leave that request here.

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>>3105 Also, there's a typo on the login page for unconfirmed e-mails. >Your e-mail haven't been confirmed yet.

(955.54 KB 1367x1068 Sinon Yoko.jpeg)
A Brief Reminder of Fallback Measures Acid Board owner 06/05/2021 (Sat) 04:38:27 Id:fc16f1 No. 3004 [Reply]
Greetings. With the recent drama passed, I have had some anons contacting me asking if there is a plan or plans on how the site would deal with any sort of major trouble or deplatforming event. Many of you who were here during the "Esther" era already know that we have multiple fallback setups, but it was suggested to me to make a post reminding the oldfags about them and informing the newfags that they exist. If 8moe should go down for a significant time (more than a couple hours) any reason, keep an eye on the site's Twitter and the meta boards of the other imageboard sites. We'll bring updates to the inevitable topics. >If the main domain should be deplatformed <Use the backup domain at https://8chan.se >If THAT somehow gets taken down, which is unlikely as its handled by the guys who handle TPB, we will spin up the https://8chan.cc domain from a Chinese "bulletproof" registrar. >If we lose Cloudflare, the most likely weakpoint in our current setup <We will switch over to the host's in house CDN for DDoS protection. The site will be down for a few hours to a day as the DNS records update, and we'll have to spend a day or two adjusting some settings. Not a big deal. >Its the end of the world and all the domains got yanked. <Access us via the .onion link and Tor Browser/Brave/Dissenter, or visit the proxies on Redchannit. We can spin up tor gateways on redchannit.net, .org, .com, and .xyz on short notice.

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>oldfags >blackedmoe jej

8chan Broadcasting Service Codexx Root 11/17/2020 (Tue) 09:20:00 Id:3ae7e9 No. 1519 [Reply] [Last]
This is the official support thread for https://watch.8ch.moe/ What is this site? A place for anons to stream anything they'd like. You can stream any video you'd like, and users can join chat anonymously. Streams can also be embedded elsewhere for easy sharing. Chat is built around XMPP, so you can connect with any Jabber client. Streams are generic RTMP streams, so you can connect and view them directly. For example, you can watch a stream in VLC instead of on the website. What can't it do? So far, no emotes/images in the chat. This should be available soon. Theme support is poor. The site can have one global theme. User-selectable themes and channel-specific CSS coming soon. The site supports uploading videos and storing clips, but these features are currently disabled. If there's strong interest, I can make it available, but I'd need a way to pay for storage space. Why should I use this? The goal is to provide anons with an easy, convenient way to get a media stream. Other sites actively police uploads to enforce "community guidelines". It can be inconvenient to share some media as a result.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(133.02 KB 1452x702 kazu.png)
Please do something about fucking kazu.

(140.26 KB 450x399 1565879475627.jpg)
User Support / Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Codexx Root 12/13/2020 (Sun) 04:48:24 Id:a20824 No. 1650 [Reply] [Last]
This is a catch-all for site troubleshooting, such as features not working as intended, or for discussion of global rules, policies, and administrative decisions. If you're a regular user and have an issue, post here and we'll do our best to resolve it. Resolved petitions may be merged into this thread for posterity.
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>>3091 >Bunker in 9chan Are they retarded? Doesn't 8chan ban loli? That's a lot of /u/ content that's outright verboten,

(187.91 KB 1400x700 Skies.webp)
(40.93 KB 500x313 Redchannit logo.jpg)
(53.87 KB 640x800 Redchannit early concept.png)
(280.77 KB 1000x1000 Redchannit final concept.png)
(37.07 KB 1280x720 tor deep web.jpg)
Redchannit / Project Crescent Isle 2.0 Acid Board owner 12/13/2020 (Sun) 06:51:12 Id:012171 No. 1653 [Reply]
Original Thread Archive: https://archive.is/Y2T07 Welcome to the official Project Crescent Isle thread. This thread is only for Crescent Isle/Redchannit/Tor related issues including: >System updates >Bug reports >User feedback >Questions, comments, and technical support In the classic Dreamcast RPG Skies of Arcadia, the heroes are a band of Blue Rogue air pirates; swashbucking heroes pursued across the world by an evil empire. In the middle of the game the party discovers a tiny, uncharted island in the corner of the map and they turn it into a hidden fortress paradise. A base of operations, safely hidden from their enemies in a place called Crescent Isle. What is Crescent Isle? It is a clearnet portal to 8chan's tor server (.onion) created by combining a specially configured proxy server called Tor2Web with an HTTP Accelerator cache, all hosted on a dedicated server and with its own domain. What does it do? It allows anons to potentially post on any number of imageboard .onions from the clearnet, using any browser and viewing/posting from anywhere, without needing to use Tor Browser themselves. And they can do it almost as fast as using the site on the clearnet due to the aggressive dynamic caching system that front-loads things like thumbnails and CSS.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1699 This is the most niggerlicious idea I've ever seen. It doesn't provide shit for "security benefits" and you know it. Do you really think you're some god of decentralization and security because you made an ass backwards clearnet->tor bridge? All this does is make it easier for phoneniggers to post when the clearnet site goes down. It's a retarded and insubstantial PR stunt, only better than Bitchute's nonexistent P2P and whatever piece of shit Ron was hyping up on 8coon by the fact that it actually does exist.

Feature Requests and Changelogs Anonymous Admin 06/09/2020 (Tue) 04:32:33 Id:96dae8 No. 134 [Reply] [Last]
Designated thread for all website feature requests. If you don't like the way the UI works, if you notice any bugs, or just have some general feedback then you can post it here.
Edited last time by codexx on 12/13/2020 (Sun) 04:54:03.
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(23.96 KB 737x159 ClipboardImage.png)
>>161 LUH MEOW

(287.54 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)
Operation Organic Activity Anonymous 06/04/2021 (Fri) 22:58:47 Id:3c7c11 No. 2992 [Reply]
Since you faggots (Cakekike and Acid) are already prone to degenerate social media shit-posting, I figure it's time to put those normalnigger proclivities to use and attempt to generate activity in a minimally intrusive manner. This ought to be done through utilizing the various social networks and platforms that have been developed and grown over the recent years, such as federated pleroma/mastodon instances like shitposter.club, peertube, and decentralized LBRY video hosting either through the odyssey platform or desktop application. >the fuck would you even post to these places to generate activity An "official" pleroma 8moe account could post every time a new site update occurs, or the result of hunger game events for boards. Hypothetically it could even be configured to make an announcement every time a new board is created, but that's probably a bad idea considering this site has zero curation on board creation and announcing [Insert pedonigger board here] is god awful optics. Regardless the objective is to generate discussion and discovery about the site in a way that attracts new users that are less likely to be completely cancerous faggots. And by consistently "advertising" the site on platforms that are generally used by autistic individuals to begin with you can maximize the quality of users attracted. Advertising the site on places like twitter and reddit is met with disdain for good reason, the kind of retard using these sites is not the kind of person anyone here wants to interact with. But if the advertising campaign is focused exclusively on platforms that align more closely with the ideals of an imageboard user, privacy, security, anonymity, decentralization/federation, it'll increase site activity while inviting users that are most likely to conform to the existing culture. Anons should discuss which platforms are acceptable, and how they should best be used. A pleroma instance, shitposter.club for example, could be used for site updates, hunger game announcements, and things like that. Maybe even announcing special event threads. An LBRY account could post video content created by anons, such as game night clips or other OC related to the site. Shilling campaigns are a double edged sword, but I think if we have productive critical discussions about how best to approach it ITT we can do it right.
16 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>3102 On this topic it might be worth it to delve into obscure dead imageboards and direct people here. Possibly bad taste to advertise on small boards but at this point I think it's important there's a few mentions of it here and there since literally no one knows this place exists.
>>2992 is everyone here dumb or something? ADVERTISE ON 4CHAN.
>>3107 Sounds like you're missing the point. Not to say that advertising on cuckchan selectively can't be beneficial, but it's more complicated than simply spamming links to 8chan.moe on cuckchan. Cuckchan completely word filters basically every variation of the word 8chan, so you can't even direct link to here if we wanted. Which is ironically another reason why maintaining the 8chan brand was fucking retarded, but I digress. People are very unlikely to try and find a website someone is shilling called 8*cha&n(dot)moe as you desperately try and circumvent the filter. The only instance where you could bring someone over from there is if you were actively conversing with them and told them about this place, which would require being an avid cuckchan user which most (I hope) anons aren't. What I propose is the normalfag anons that participate in larger social media leverage that hobby to namedrop the site in places that make sense and places where there isn't overt opposition. What you want to do is capture the rare kind of user that puts forth significant effort, ideally even potential board owners. It doesn't matter what kind of community for the most part, occult, literature, anything within reason as long as it generates quality posts.

(293.85 KB 1042x1718 ╱zoo╱ is free speech.png)
/zoo/ Anonymous 06/12/2021 (Sat) 01:45:59 Id:000000 No. 3103 [Reply]
There's an abandoned or squatted /zoo/ board. Apparently, /zoo/ is legal, and freeze peach. /zoo/fags should start using the board.

(251.53 KB 1165x1192 Asuka loli and rei.jpeg)
(397.12 KB 1127x630 Globals 2.0.png)
Site Meta Update Acid Board owner 05/12/2021 (Wed) 05:38:29 Id:196953 No. 2514 [Reply] [Last]
SITE META UPDATE 5-12-2021 Well this has been a fun week. I had one of these coming down the pipe anyway since we're over a month from the last one, and considering the current headaches this seems like as good a time as any. Before I go over the usual boring stuff I'll get straight to the issue of the day: /hebe/, their content on /b/ and elsewhere on the site, free speech, and the recent waves of spam. In short, our position is this: Pedos have a right to free speech, but do not have a right to possess or share unlawful content especially on our site. Global Rule 2 has always been quite strong, in my opinion and gave the staff and BOs some leeway to use common sense when removing material or banning users who post borderline material. Leeway is good. Good faith is also good. It means when we doubt what you post, it gets removed but you don't get banned, we don't assume you're a pedo, and nothing else comes of it as long as you don't repost it. Users have a little freedom to make honest mistakes, because the law in this area is murky, grey, and largely untested (yet must be followed.) So we do the best we can. Unfortunately this leeway has been translated into ambiguity about the content allowed under Global 2, which allowed for the rise of /hebe/, the appearance of their target audience, and outsiders from places as varied as /tvch/, /cow/, anonib, and "CIA Triad Security LLC" some of whom have proceeded to cause problems sitewide on both that board and the global level for going on three days. Much of this drama is manufactured in my opinion, and our concern level is low but we owe our anons and board owners a clear response. Please direct your attention to the new, much more specific Global Rule 2. This now hard-codifies what our base restrictions are and have been, but names the particulars. BOs are free to take a harsher stance if they so choose, but these will be the guidelines for global enforcement going forward. That said: We will not be deleting or removing /hebe/ so long as they operate in accordance with the rules. If they wish to have a board purely for discussion of their preferred interests, it is not our place to judge them for that or deny them provided they are in accordance with the Global Rules and the law. Free speech means free speech. Linking or making available unlawful material is already itself unlawful, and is covered fully by Global Rule 1 already. The rest of the site meta stuff Very little to report, honestly. We have received no warrants or court orders since the last update, the hosts and server are doing well, we took on the nice little community at /hisparol/ who have made themselves at home and the site has experienced two months of steady growth. Codexx is working on further improvements for Lynxchan 2.6, and I have a server OS upgrade scheduled for sometime next month that will probably cause a day of downtime, which we will announce well in advance. If anything comes to mind that I forgot, I'll edit it into this OP. As usual this will be merged into the meta sticky after a week of visibility. Onward and upward.
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>>3078 >I blame /pol/ for spurring lunatic individuals into action that I believe wouldn't have otherwise so thats not true. There's a difference between fed posting and merely criticizing systems of belief and discussing political happenings. /pol/ has and had a lot of fed posting, but even that doesn't necessarily influence lunatics. You can make a series of perfectly innocent and well meaning observations about the world from any political perspective that are irrefutably true and with a slightly off intonation a lunatic might be influenced to do something crazy. >The point of contention is whether or not everyones freedom of speech should be violated in the effort to stop lunatics from being fed a bunch of bullshit that poisons their mind towards violent acts. When a jihadist allah ackbars a building full of people I don't say "well they're just a lunatic that would've done this no matter what", I rightfully blame islamic indoctrination for putting into their head that killing random people is a good idea. Does that mean all qurans should be burned and the very knowledge of their existence should be wiped from the history books? Not in my opinion as thats a dangerous slippery slope. I don't think there's an answer, and where you can't find an answer I think it's best to just appeal to the principle. There's clearly an issue with how modern communication works. Humanity is not mentally or physically built to interface with each other through the internet. The internet has done irreparable damage to society that will echo through all of time. As someone who is generally quite empathetic I'm not comfortable with the damage being done through rampant misinformation, but I'm also not comfortable with solving this through losing freedom and autonomy. There are people on the planet, even the majority of people in fact, that should not at any point in their lives spend time contemplating political ideologies as they simply aren't physically equipped to come away with any meaningful conclusion. This is an undeniable truth, but there is no solution I can find to the problem of facebook boomer storming the capital because an anonymous shit-poster on some forum told them to.
>>3079 Your eagerness to disqualify any radicalizing that went on as "fedposting" showcases your own personal bias on the matter more than anything, but aside from that we seem to be in agreement for the most part.
>>3080 I didn't disqualify anything, I specifically agreed that people can be "radicalized" by virtually anything. I don't think we can solve that by simply disallowing strong opinions about controversial topics. At least not on a national or global scale. What I meant was the fed posting doesn't necessarily influence lunatics any more than anyone with a strong opinion about any political issue that is rhetorically effective enough to make the problem seem immediate and concerning enough to the reader. It's incredibly easy to induce fear and panic into the average person with enough rhetorical skill regardless of how edgy or blatant your messaging is. Even without a single shred of malicious intent you can "spur" someone into doing crazy shit or just becoming plagued by anxiety and depression.

(10.12 KB 1131x720 20190906021613.jpeg)
/interracial/ Anonymous 06/02/2021 (Wed) 17:40:08 Id:bbb74c No. 2950 [Reply]
What happened to 8chan.moe/interracial/ ?
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>>2974 >post-fap shame and regret I doubt blacks are even a sizable demographic for blacked shit, its mostly cucks and women. Many nigs don't watch black women shit too. There was a 3dporn artist who started doing blacked nigger shit. Turns out he was filipino and got cucked irl by a white dude and lost his shit.
>>2987 I bet most black guys would be weirded out by this blacked fetish. By only being seen as walking sex machines.
and its back

(31.56 KB 260x418 art.jpg)
Censorship Anonymous 02/15/2021 (Mon) 23:47:32 Id:000000 No. 1951 [Reply]
What is going on with the censorship on this place? Many posts on /pol/ from yesterday disappeared, including innocent post about teeth brushing and sugar. Are you funded by dentistry industry? Or run by jews?
5 posts omitted.
>>2072 >closing a thread and locking it as a BO because you don't like it holy shit what a trash owner
>>2907 The guy is a schizoid who has been making incoherent posts in threads for months. In fact, he's actually accused me a few time of deleting posts from the board (Including posts that were NOT deleted) both on here 'AND ON FUCKING 8KUNT. That's in addition to the fact that you can go to the meta thread and see how insane the guy is as he's been bitching for months over some shit that didn't even occur: >>>/pol/1063 I'll admit that I'm not perfect in operating /pol/, but I have no idea what this Torfag wants.

(322.58 KB 2048x1366 ExB8ef1WEAE337J.jpeg)
I want to create a new sub board who do i contact Anonymous 05/26/2021 (Wed) 00:19:51 Id:fc30ba No. 2893 [Reply]
4 posts omitted.
>>2911 Okay. I personally don't really care too much for "lurk more" circle jerks because people tend to abuse it to mean that everybody that does things differently must be doing it because they are new. Anyway, what is the policy on banning Tor posters? Someone just posted cp from Tor so I banned him for a day. Is there really a point for permabanning Tor users? Because when I tried to post myself I couldn't at first because my node was banned.
>>2912 I don't know, I assume there is no policy site-wide, just board specific. So, ask your BO? I don't know what site administration would say, but it's probably "do whatever you want for your board" regarding how harshly to ban and for what kinds of IPs.
>>2909 I haven't had the time to check /site/ every day this week. I happened to see the request in /c/ under recent posts. The answer is the same, though. Sign up, give an e-mail, validate the address, you can create up to 3 boards as long as the name isn't taken yet. If the name is taken, you can submit a claim via e-mail to any of the admins. >>2912 >Is there a point to permabanning Tor posters Not really. Tor users coming from an IPv4 node don't have an IP, so the only thing you ban is their bypass. They can generate another one. Some IPv6 nodes will have IPs (and IDs, so they won't show as 000000, we're working to fix this) and so you can ban them, but then you're effectively banning that Tor node and all users who pass through it indefinitely. Like >>2913 said, it's your board and you can set the ban policy. We've moved away from issuing permabans at a global level. Shorter bans encourage upset users to take a time out instead of immediately evading, and malicious actors are going to immediately evade anyways. Why ruin that VPN node for everyone who comes after? At some point, we'll lower the length of the default "permaban". We will probably clear out all existing permabans sitewide at that point. We cleared them out globally some time back, but not ones issued on boards.

(1.82 MB 500x281 ae4.gif)
https://www.314chan.org/ Anonymous 05/23/2021 (Sun) 11:04:42 Id:000000 No. 2878 [Reply]
Hello, friends, 314chan installed the webring plugin and they'd like to be linked back from the rest of the webring. Could you add them to the list?
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>>2880 >smug is goes down good, serves them right
>>2881 >Serves them right Fuck you, I actually enjoy /tg/ and /monster/
>>2878 >Smug gets ddos'd by one nigger >Immediately crawls to Cuckflare, the same niggers who stabbed 8chan in the back >Everyone is scrambling around trying to blame Mark, /cow/trannies, Dolphin, Glowniggers, etc. >Turns out it was one butthurt faggot who spammed /monster/'s drawthread for Orc/Elf NTR >Apparently all the people telling him to fuck off and Aux banning him multiple times caused him to go nuclear. How fucking pathetic, both for that autistic individual and for the tr/a/nnies, who are now in bed with one of the murderers of old 8chan.

(7.27 KB 160x182 giko.png)
8chan chatroom nine11#3JE9z6 02/04/2021 (Thu) 06:58:35 Id:792288 No. 1924 [Reply]
Is #8chan @ irc.rizon.net the official 8chan.moe chatroom? Do we have a Matrix chatroom?
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Testing if post is not working. Please don't mind me.

Anonymous 03/20/2021 (Sat) 13:28:39 Id:000000 No. 2142 [Reply]
>8moe boards being actively malicious, spamming cuckchan and other boards with cuckold porn and directing them to the webring I think the age of blind unrestricted board creation needs to die, or at the very least this site should have a few more rules deterring people from being blatant bad actors and engaging in behavior that can be of significant harm to the sanctity of online discourse and content distribution. Spam and raiding boards with inane posts is literally something the 50 cent army does and you now have boards engaging in the same kind of behavior that the CCP does. Platforming people coordinating to spam and subvert other communities violates the NAP. >>>/interracial/549 >>>/interracial/549 >>>/interracial/549
21 posts and 2 images omitted.
>the blackpilled anon sperg allover webring I was in zzzchan meta board reporting something when I spot him making multiple threads all under the same proxy flags. Imagine being this much of a beta
(140.93 KB 513x474 smug_kitty.jpg)
>>2142 >>2151 Reminder that 8chan was created based on reddit's subreddit system and that this was criticized early on. Reminder that 8chan is full of newfags, including the staff, and has long since been a hugbox-circlejerk; mob-rule. Reminder that there is continual overlap between reddit, 4chan, 8chan, funnyjunk, twitter, kiwifarms, and others. Reminder that free speech, like other Enlightenment faggotry, is a long-outdated joke, as it can never be attainable, and that quality discussion and content are not overrated.
>>2872 I'd like to say that: 1) that cat doesn't look smug at all 2) what you said isn't really controversial as you didn't really come to a clear conclusion

ban /hebe/ and do something about /delicious/'s 3DCG thread Anonymous 05/11/2021 (Tue) 01:13:14 Id:3fef73 No. 2435 [Reply]
/hebe/ has photorrealistic Sherry Birkin 3DCG porn up right now. The actress who she is modeled after was 11 when the game was being made. OP claims that many of it comes from the /delicious/ thread for the same subject. I don't know about the legality of this but considering the board it's being posted on this is bad news It also has another webm which according to the filename features Natalia Korda, another Resident Evil character modeled after a real child. Just as an example, AllTheFallen's booru doesn't allow this photorrealistic content and lolibooru doesn't accept it anymore. Do something
8 posts omitted.
>>2435 >ban /hebe/ yes >and do something about /delicious/'s 3DCG no, fuck off faggot
(248.18 KB 606x675 _What Do The Words Mean.png)
>>2843 like squares and rectangles all lolicons are pedophiles, but not all pedophiles are lolicons


no cookies?