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Feature Requests and Changelogs Anonymous Admin 06/09/2020 (Tue) 04:32:33 Id:96dae8 No. 134
Designated thread for all website feature requests. If you don't like the way the UI works, if you notice any bugs, or just have some general feedback then you can post it here.
Edited last time by codexx on 12/13/2020 (Sun) 04:54:03.
(1.71 KB 347x146 ClipboardImage.png)
Kindly requesting an indicator on which page a thread is.
When you get the block bypass captcha wrong it automatically changes the captcha, which is fine, but if it's going to auto change the captcha to a new one it should also wipe the input as well so you don't need to manually delete it.
(15.48 KB 500x100 EX.png)
Idea: Implement secondary banners located under the main ones that promote random boards similarly to how cuckchan has been doing for over a decade. Said banners would be SFW so they can be displayed in all boards, have set dimensions, randomly rotate and contain links to their respective banners. A newsletter at the top of the page could be displayed inviting everyone to create promotional banners for their boards, and while anyone could contribute with designs for their favorite boards, it would be up to the respective BO to decide if the banner is good to represent their board(s).
>>1971 How can I create and submit a translation pack? I was considering translating the site to Spanish for the guys at /hisrol/.
>>2171 Attached is a zipped .json file which has the default language pack. Translate everything inside the quotes. Then I'll look everything over and set it up on the site's end.
>>2177 Are special characters (like Ñ or Á) supported, or do I skip them?
Also do I left things like "errRequestTooBig" untranslated, or are they part of messages?
>>2178 Special characters are fine as Unicode is supported. >>2179 No, leave the left-side values alone. Those are correlated to the messages on the right.
(53.60 KB 1084x240 error.png)
Alright, here's the translated language pack. Special credits to the guy from /hisrol/ who proof read it and made some corrections. I need to point out that I couldn't fix this segment because in Spanish the word "global" needs to go after "reporte" in order to make sense. I considered translating the whole thing to "Usuario X cerró globalmente un reporte..." (User X globally closed a report...") but chose not to do it because that's not the intended message.
>>2184 I"ve added the language pack and switched >>>/hisrol/ over to it. I'll speak with Stephen and see if multi-part lines can be neutral to grammar.
Did you change the fonts? Every text looks a bit smaller and thinner today.
>>2202 The fonts have not been touched. Did you make any changes on your end? I don't think we use any webfonts, excepting the icons and doomtext, so if your system configuration changed it might be reflected in the site.
Could you guys make an "overboard" for that only lists the states that you favorite. For example, if I press the star at the top of the page for /site/, /v/, and /loomis/, and then it goes to the "personal overboard" it only consists of posts from those boards.
>>2211 I'll keep it in mind, but LynxChan is generally allergic to serving custom pages like that. Then again, the bulk of the templating is already done and cached by that point, so it might be feasible with minimal additional overhead.
(447.27 KB 751x534 Dust Off.png)
this has been happening on and off since yesterday, specifically on /v/ (maybe on other boards but i mostly browse /v/) the thread at the top of the page can be hidden, but all the threads below it lose the hide button and become visible while on the front page. the "hidden" flag remains somewhere in the system, because when you try to open the thread in another tab it shows you the stub, but on the front page all threads that you previously hid pop visible once again, unless they're at the top of the page.
>>2215 I'll investigate. Strange that it would occur just now, but it might be an unintended side effect of some CSS tweaks.
>>2223 I've seen various reports about this bug (>>2209 >>2210 >>>/delicious/12583 >>>/v/277089 >>>/v/277156 >>>/v/277611 >>>/sm/4764) but i personally haven't experienced it. One thing I'm sure of is that this started after the new open/hide icons for files were added.
>>2224 >>2215 Patched. Please let me know if the issue continues.
When is going to be implemented a feature that allows you to mark as seen to those threads that you add on the watch threads list? it makes me nervous to needlessly have to refresh and refresh and refresh until it finally notices i had seen everything on a thread that it keeps telling me has new posts, two buttons, one for every individual thread in the list, close to the X, other on top that allows you to mark everyone as seen.
(188.12 KB 2302x1234 lynxhan 2.6.png)
(51.65 KB 544x1124 lynxhan 2.6 2.png)
>>2286 That's something you should ask to Lynxchan's dev, not 8moe's: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan/-/issues By the way, here's a list of new things that will come with Lynxchan 2.6.
>>2286 >>2310 We take all suggestions. Some of them are major overhauls or require a lot of reworking to make function, in which case I usually try to pass it up to Stephen. Sometimes our modifications filter their way up; for example, we already have e-mail validation for board creation and hardcoded thumbnail heights. Thread watching is actually entirely in the Frontend, so it's actually easier for us to just tweak it.
Another thing that could be useful, for me, is a fully-hiding feature, i don't want to see those threads that i had hidden, not even that "unhide thread x/xxxxxx", i dont want to know anything else about them, i dont want to know they still exist, i dont want to burn my eyes with the existence of those crap that i had hidden. >>2310 Chill, man, if it were something that we should revise everytime we had a suggestion, it could be included on the OP. >>2311 Thanks.
(62.96 KB 642x781 samefag.png)
(37.67 KB 615x467 update.png)
(2.67 MB 1280x720 mbajnrcijde.mp4)
(8.67 MB 960x1920 mbajoagegiw.mp4)
(17.31 KB 592x230 inline.PNG)
(reposting here for extra visibility) This ponyfag developed a way to add inline replies support to Lynxchan (see pics and vids related). He posted the files required on https://smelle.xyz/lynx/res/1916.html#2379 This requires replacing a couple of files on Lynxchan, but since that guy was working on it along with 8moe's (You)s implementation I think it shouldn't cause a lot of trouble to implement this feature on the site.
>>2822 I will investigate compatibility tomorrow. Sorry for not replying the first time this was posted; it's been a very busy week for me in real life. We're currently working to rebase our previous changes on top of LynxChan 2.6, so feature development is on hold, but if it's a drop-in feature then it shouldn't be too difficult. Just need to be sure it plays nicely with the refresh script and websockets, and that stuff needs fixing anyways. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Looking forward to placing this one under the "new features" column.
>>2822 >>2823 2.6 rebase is wrapping up. Just finding a few remaining bugs. After that, inline replies will be priority.
(109.59 KB 600x446 i4oYqFy.jpg)
Are board advertisements doable for this site? Such as having a banner of specific boards on top that link directly to other boards if that's possible? I heard this being brought up in the #GG threads long ago.
>>2838 There's no "advertisement" system. Adding one is possible (it's basically a second banner system). It would require some backend work, though. I wouldn't expect it for 2.6 but I can see about 2.7.
>>2840 I see, thank you.
Why not disable the webring addon entirely? What value does it add?
Could you please make the video thumbnail anything other than the first frame? For many videos this is just a black frame.
>>2904 It should be doing that now. Some videos were uploaded previously, so they already have a black frame saved. Eventually, the file will fall off and the next time it's uploaded it will be fixed. Note that for very short videos with only one keyframe, there is no other frame to grab.
>>2914 Thank you
Will the site ever be able to support an "expand all images" function like 8chan used to?
(23.96 KB 737x159 ClipboardImage.png)
>>161 LUH MEOW

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