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(140.26 KB 450x399 1565879475627.jpg)
User Support / Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Codexx Root 12/13/2020 (Sun) 04:48:24 Id:a20824 No. 1650
This is a catch-all for site troubleshooting, such as features not working as intended, or for discussion of global rules, policies, and administrative decisions. If you're a regular user and have an issue, post here and we'll do our best to resolve it. Resolved petitions may be merged into this thread for posterity.
>>2867 >>2868 For example, here is a link to a video: (base64) <aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1vSGc1U0pZUkhBMApJdCdzIGEgMjAwNyBjbGFzc2ljLiBMb3ZlIHRoaXMgcmVkaGVhZC4= Enjoy.
>>1650 Niggers.
Fuck sake can you remove the ip geo block on israel? using tor2web is annoying and slow as a brick sometimes. t. glownigger
What's the difference between a warning and a ban? I don't see warnings mentioned on moderation help page. I'm assuming that warning just give the user a message but don't actually stop them from posting like a ban does, but then how does duration affect warnings?
>>2883 Warnings: get message > resume posting immediately Bans: get message > wait X amount of time > resume posting >I'm assuming that warning just give the user a message but don't actually stop them from posting like a ban does Correct. >but then how does duration affect warnings? It doesn't affect them at all. Lynxchan's UI is just shit. I think you can give pseudo-warnings by setting the amount of time to 0, showing how poorly designed is everything.
>>2883 Warnings do not prevent posting. They just give you a message to let you know you've been warned. >how does duration affect warnings If you set the duration to, say, 5 minutes, and the user does not post in the timeframe, they will not see the warning. Since it doesn't prevent them from posting you might as well leave it to the default. The warning will be removed once they are notified. I'll get some documentation on warnings up soon. Note that, at the moment, not filling in the Message portion will say "User was Banned for this post", even if they were not banned. >>2884 >I think you can give pseudo-warnings by setting the amount of time to 0, showing how poorly designed is everything. How else would you do a pseudo-warning or a pseudo-ban? You imply it's a poor design choice, but it's the most intuitive way to do it short of having a "Joke Ban" checkbox... which would set the duration to 0.
Why is the captcha harder than usual and enabled on every board? Even boards that normally have the captcha disabled have it enabled at the moment. Did somebody spam the site again?
>>2889 Also trying to disable it on my boards' settings doesn't do anything.
>>2889 >>2890 There was spam early in the morning and it was turned on globally and set to the highest difficulty. It's now been disabled. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Was there a forced captcha around 7 hour ago? >>2889 I found that one easier than the regular one, which sometimes can be ambiguous
>>2894 There was. >found that one easier Technically it's "hard", but it seems to distort less and add more lines, which can sometimes be easier for a human, but is more difficult for a computer.
>>2892 Thanks.
>>2490 >Under the law as it stands, that board likely is not protected under the 1st Amendment, and makes the site as a whole a massive liability. I keep reading that, but has Hotwheels ever been charged in relation to the former pedo paradise on 8chan? Some users were vanned, sure, but not the admins.
>>2490 Jesus Christ. Rename your site to smugan.ti you crybaby.
(9.94 KB 595x306 lynx 2.6.2.png)
weren't you waiting for 2.6.2 to come out? it came out. >bug or intentional css problem i wanted to customize my cursors. its seems like most lynxchans i can customize the cursors with url . most lynxchan verisons only go up to 2.4, but im not sure if thats the issue? looking for help
(133.02 KB 1452x702 kazu.png)
Please do something about fucking kazu. >now posted in the correct thread
How to access the logs?
(229.46 KB 644x745 PokemonWeight2.png)
>Rule 2) subsection b) Obscene textual depictions involving sex acts with real children are banned. How in the hell is this enforceable in any way? Does this mean fictional descriptions of pedo fantasies with real children, or descriptions of real things that have taken place, or both? In the former case, why does the same logic not apply to visual fictional depictions of sex acts with real children, like the fantasies depicted in UnterAlterBach, or things Shadman has drawn? In the latter case, how do you determine the act was real without evidence that's illegal to view? >>2927 Are you retarded? Have you even tried to find them yourself yet? Here's a hint, They're right there on the homepage faggot, and on the board index for every board.
Also, in the final bit of global rule 2 >Legal, fictional 2D or 3DCG artwork is not prohibited and is not to be conflated with pedophilia or any content banned under this rule. While I find it on it's face immensely retarded to ban any such assertion that loli==pedo due it stifling legitimate debate on the subject, there's further implications to this rule than that. Does this mean posting any lolicon that uses the word pedophile/pedo is verboten? What about lolicon that merely describes traits of pedophilia without directly naming it? How the fuck does this work?
(429.46 KB 213x201 angry dome.gif)
>>2930 It means purely fictional works that have nothing to do with a real child are fine and should not be conflated, not that works using the word pedophile are illegal, actually use your brain for fucking once.
(261.18 KB 700x910 lb00.png)
>>2949 >purely fictional works that have nothing to do with a real child are fine So UAB is banned, because even though it's purely fictional, at least hopefully the Laura B parts are purely fictional, it has to do with real children? Or do you not consider it purely fictional if the fiction is based on a real child in any way? Either way, UAB and some Shadman works would be banned under the logic you've set forward. Some eastern shit would be too, like this. I sincerely doubt the rules ban these things though, believing they are just poorly made in a rush to combat a spike in pedoniggers. >and should not be conflated Should not be conflated in reports, or discussion? I bolded "pedophilia" for a reason. Obviously conflating loli with illegal material that is banned is outright factually wrong, but if that was the only thing the rule said and implied, it wouldn't say loli is not to be conflated with pedophilia, instead just not "any content banned under this rule". A lolicon work using the word pedophile by default conflates the two, and I never implied this was illegal, only against the rules as they are written. Actually use your brain for fucking once and think about the implications of the rules you're reading. That is, if you even bothered to read them instead of assuming "Things I'm not okay with are banned, and thing I am okay with aren't. The rules are well written and Acid is infallible".
>>2959 >So UAB is banned Effectively speaking yes, the BO of /delicious/ in abiding by that stupid rule inadvertently killed the unteralterbach threads that had gone on consistently for the entire time its been out.
>>2973 >Effectively speaking yes No it isn't effectively banned, because that would be actually banned. It's just a grey area on paper that has yet to be clarified, but is most certainly allowed. If Acid made a statement on this, he'd almost certainly allow UAB. As to how he'd clarify the rules in regards to this statement that could be taken to imply it's banning, I don't know what he'd say. He'd have to perform some mental gymnastics to both allow real child parody loli and leave the rules as is when real child parody by default conflates loli and pedophilia.
How do you view the moderation log for a given board? I'm trying to view the log for a board I moderate, but I don't see a link anywhere on the board pages. I see one on the main page of the website, but it looks like that only consists of global moderation. I just want moderation for this specific board.
(1.30 KB 232x32 gay icons.png)
>>3047 >How do you view the moderation log for a given board? It's the book icon at the top right of the page. For some reason it only appears on the board index and catalog, but not in threads. If for some reason you can't see the icon you can check the logs at https://8chan.moe/logs.js?boardUri=yourboard (where yourboard is the URI of your board).
>>3048 That makes sense. I was searching in a thread for it and couldn't understand why it wasn't anywhere to be seen. Thanks! Damn this website's ergonomics are shit!
I can no longer make replies with Firefox 89.0. It's probably those niggers fault, with the gay ass Rust shit that they've done, but I thought you should know.
>>3087 Okay... it appears intermittent. Just ignore me then, I suck cocks.
>>2772 I just find out 2 weeks ago smug /u/ was under raid. And they end up making bunker in our neighbour 9chan. if only they accept futanari
(4.16 MB 1144x640 newfag.webm)
requesting .m4a, .flac support, looking to enhance music grabs on >>>/404/ custom.js when:^)
>>3087 >>3088 Let us know if it continues, and consider checking your developer console (Ctrl+Shift+i and then go to "console" and see if there are any errors). Firefox 89 has a lot of problems. I rolled back to an earlier version. >>3092 I'll look at adding m4a and FLAC to the accepted MIMEs list this evening. Custom JS is patched and working on test, but the update isn't ready yet. Should be this month.
(125.71 KB 500x500 yoba kot.png)
>>3094 thanks for the timely response! would be very nice to have flac and m4a tbh
>>3097 FLAC has been added to the list. m4a had multiple MIMEs, but only one was listed, so I've amended that, too.
>>3098 great, thank you!
>>3091 >Bunker in 9chan Are they retarded? Doesn't 8chan ban loli? That's a lot of /u/ content that's outright verboten,

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