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(89.55 KB 1058x618 webring.png)

Anonymous 12/30/2020 (Wed) 05:08:44 Id: 27bf22 No. 1833
Why is 8chan.moe allowed to list itself on the webring, but it doesn't link to other boards on the webring on its site? I can not find the drop-down box anywhere on 8chan.moe that shows all the boards on the webring. Its like they want to funnel users one way into their site, but not link to the other boards.
>>1833 Go to the Boards page and scroll down. I agree that a dropdown, a sorted list of 8chan boards then <nextsite>'s boards and so on, or something else that is more eye-catching would be better but all linked webring boards are on the board list.
Bump. It's time to address this acid/codexx/whoever.

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