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(818.77 KB 906x4480 dead boards.png)
(182.51 KB 641x641 1527370182584.jpg)
Purge abandoned boards Anonymous 04/23/2021 (Fri) 19:46:27 Id:b91bdc No. 2298
Delete the boards marked as Abandoned that haven't had a single post in the last three months. This will save resources (storage, shekels, global volunteer manpower), free URIs for people who want to use them on different boards, free space on the board list, and reduce the amount of potential attack vectors for bad actors (like glowniggers posting illegal content on an unmaintained board or trolls parking URIs for no real purpose).
It's been on the to-do list for months. I'll see if we can agree on criteria and make an announcement.
>>2300 I don't think time without a post is necessarily a good qualification. Boards with X number of posts should probably be exempt from deletion just based on the content their contain potentially being important. So a board with less than 50 posts that has been abandoned for months is probably fine to delete, but a board with 400 posts might not be.
>>2300 Do 200 Hunger Games matches with all of the existing boards. The top 20 boards with more victories will be exempted from deletion, and the winner of the games will be the public face of the site. If more than 20 boards survive the first purge, a second round of 50 matches will be carried to reduce their numbers. If even after the 2nd round the limit of 20 boards hasn't been reached yet then more rounds of 50 matches will be played until the limit is finally met. This is the only truly fair criteria of deletion and you know it.
>>2298 >trying to do this few months back >get ignored >try again Shameful
>>2335 There are lots of abandoned boards with less than 10 posts that nobody would miss and only clutter the board page and the webring plugins. Some cleanup wouldn't do harm.
>>2298 This is why board creation shouldn't just be a free for all. You end up with dead boards that were never going to be active because some faggot thought it would be a good idea at the time but now doesn't care for the board. The fatass running this site won't bother deleting them though because it requires doing something.
Eh, imo boards should only be deleted upon request of someone wanting to take it under these criteria. Archive boards could get fucked under this for example, or backup boards and whatnot. It would be a shame to lose a board's content forever if it had a good amount of posts, but just happened to not have activity for a few months. Though as some people say, not all boards are created equal. This should be handled on a case by case basis rather than by any automated method imo.

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