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(1.82 MB 500x281 ae4.gif)
https://www.314chan.org/ Anonymous 05/23/2021 (Sun) 11:04:42 Id:000000 No. 2878
Hello, friends, 314chan installed the webring plugin and they'd like to be linked back from the rest of the webring. Could you add them to the list?
(841.20 KB 600x600 88bf01e2e708b64b5f7351f8c7….gif)
>smug adds your site to its webring >smug is goes down afterwards
>>2880 >smug is goes down good, serves them right
>>2881 >Serves them right Fuck you, I actually enjoy /tg/ and /monster/
>>2878 >Smug gets ddos'd by one nigger >Immediately crawls to Cuckflare, the same niggers who stabbed 8chan in the back >Everyone is scrambling around trying to blame Mark, /cow/trannies, Dolphin, Glowniggers, etc. >Turns out it was one butthurt faggot who spammed /monster/'s drawthread for Orc/Elf NTR >Apparently all the people telling him to fuck off and Aux banning him multiple times caused him to go nuclear. How fucking pathetic, both for that autistic individual and for the tr/a/nnies, who are now in bed with one of the murderers of old 8chan.

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