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(195.16 KB 2176x1056 8kun vs. 8moe.png)

8moe Seemingly On Track to Surpass 8kun Anonymous 08/25/2021 (Wed) 06:09:57 Id: ec3c57 No. 3841
https://www.similarweb.com/website/8kun.top/?competitors=8chan.moe Will 8moe continue its seemingly rapid growth? That's up to (you)!
bots lol does it feel like there's that many people to you
>>3842 This is pageviews per month anon, not unique poster IPs. Lurkers exist, so yes I do believe there are a significant number of people here, some of whom are dedicated posters. Bots ARE a portion, but they're a portion of all websites, especially on the clearnet. Take that into account when comparing websites.
(150.73 KB 1116x1314 Anon-san, I kneel.png)

>>3841 One data point is not a trend, faggot. And /b/ was just invaded by a pack of flooding niggers
>>3980 Herdniggers squatting /b/ isn't the only factor. Things like 8kun's servers collapsing like a middle east country, causing a couple of boards to move here, a hidden board that has been very active since it's creation, a Canadian bot, and the usual drama over pedos have helped to increase the traffic of the site.
>>3982 Pedo drama should have decreased the amount of people on the site
>>4051 Luckily, /b/ and /hebe/ are not the entire website.
>>4066 Anonymity is on death's door. So this is how we die? Not a bang, but a whisper?
>8moe surpasses 8kun <demoralizers spin this as bad news
>>4157 It is because now the cucking starts.
(238.91 KB 1364x608 3.png)

Is 4 chan broke again?
>>3842 Actually a couple of small communities have moved here, increasing the average activity.
Good line go up, bad line go down
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1383518 "I have already seen some people complaining they can't upload thumbnails on YouTube. And YouTube is apparently asking them to use Chrome." So this is when developer decide that their userbase is in danger
>>3841 >>3974 >>4279 Man what a fall from grace. 8chan used to be one of the biggest imageboards out there, now it's smaller than obscure finger painting forums like this one. Hope you're happy, Watkins. You ruined hundreds of communities and your own website because you wanted the schizo audience.

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