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The backup domain is located at 8chan.se. .cc is a third fallback. TOR access can be found here, or you can access the TOR portal from the clearnet at Redchannit 2.0.

8chan.moe is a hobby project with no affiliation whatsoever to the administration of any other "8chan" site, past or present.

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(53.87 KB 640x800 PCI original.png)

(280.77 KB 1000x1000 Crescent Isle overlook.png)

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Project Crescent Isle: Early Launch Edition Acid Board owner 07/28/2020 (Tue) 23:34:24 Id: 298ab9 No. 532
Hello everyone. INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: >>825 I've been teasing this project for a couple of months as I worked out all the implementation details, so here's the payoff. In the classic Dreamcast RPG Skies of Arcadia, the heroes are a band of Blue Rogue air pirates; swashbucking heroes pursued across the world by an evil empire. In the middle of the game the party discovers a tiny, uncharted island in the corner of the map and they turn it into a hidden fortress paradise. A base of operations, safely hidden from their enemies in a place called Crescent Isle. What is Crescent Isle? It is a clearnet portal to 8moe's onion created with the implementation of a specially configured Tor2Web multiproxy coupled to an aggressive HTTP accelerator cache, and protected from DDoS by a CDN. What does it do? It allows anons to potentially access any number of imageboard .onions from the clearnet, using any browser and viewing/posting from anywhere. And they can do it almost as fast as using the site on the clearnet due to the CDN and aggressive dynamic caching system. How does it work? There is a separate server that is currently running the open source Tor, Tor2Web, and Varnish Cache software programs, all specially configured to play nice together and with LynxChan software. The system uses a single .onion site as a default (8moe in our case) but through the use of specially configured custom subdomains a single Crescent Isle server can proxy traffic for any number of imageboard sites on an opt-in basis. When you go to the site running Crescent Isle, it connects you via encrypted HTTPS to the proxy server, then Tor encrypts your traffic and connects you to the onion site. Due to the HTTP accelerator caching things like CSS, HTML, and thumbnails the site will load and function much faster than it normally would connecting over just Tor. What is Redchannit? A meme, son. "Redchannit" or "Redchanit" was the name of the evil darknet site used by the badguys in the infamous #GamerGate Law and Order episode "Intimidation Game." Since I owned a couple domains for it I used one for the first Crescent Isle server: https://redchannit.net How is Redchannit's Crescent Isle system configured? For the more technical among you: The multiproxy works but is currently disabled by leaving the subdomains blanked, and the tor2web server is locked to HTTP mode, receiving HTTPS connections courtesy of Vanwanet due to lacking support for SSL termination in Varnish cache. The Translation mode is locked to 8moe's onion address and the debug log disabled. The Varnish cache is not running any of the optional logging systems, and varnishlog is not set up to log to disk. There is a temporary log that is held in active memory and overwrites itself. The system is configured to not pass valid XFF headers, REAL-IP or REFERER. This gives the most security and anonymity for users, but it means that User Account functions are unavailable through the proxy and have to be used via Tor Browser. Why is this system important? >Server protection. The actual webserver can stay hidden, safe, and anonymous on the Tor network. >Public portal. Even with the server itself buried in the Tor network, it still has a public face with a human readable domain and doesn't require special tools to access. >Deniability. As a public proxy Redchannit hosts nothing, stores nothing, logs nothing, and caches only to industry standards. >Deplatforming-resistant. The argument that "this public proxy is capable of displaying content from shitlord site X" is a much harder sell to a business than "shitlord site X has Y content on its server pls deplatform." Public proxies are everywhere and even picky registrars and hosts rarely try to hold them accountable for displayed content that they do not store, especially for legal content. >Clearnet fallback. In the event of a catastrophic deplatforming of the main site, Crescent Isle can be used (or brought online on a different server) very quickly if domain names are made public in advance. >One or All. A single imageboard can run a Crescent Isle system very cheaply to serve as the front door to its service. It needs only a mediocre processor and ~4GB of RAM. The prototype was built and tested on a $15 DigitalOcean Droplet before being moved to a production server, and it works with Cloudflare's free DDoS protection. For a small, low traffic site you could run the portal on a laptop in your kitchen. A "full monty" install like Redchannit can serve as a central portal to many different sites as well. >Free, open source. All of the required software is open source and free of charge. The magic is in the esoteric configurations which will also be made available for free, by us. If you don't trust Redchannit for whatever reason, I'll show you how to set up your own Crescent Isle. What's required >A VPS or Droplet with at least 4GB of RAM and a not-shit processor >A domain name for the portal >Debian 10 with Sudo and Nano installed >Tor, Tor2Web, and Varnish installed >Properly set up tor2web.conf and varnish default.vcl config files >The .onion address of your imageboard(s) >Enough IT knowledge to do basic things like service port configurations, systemd configurations, and a little bit of C programming language for the Varnish .vcl configuration syntax. How did you come up with this? Zeronet has clearnet proxy sites that have been around for a while. I conceived of something like that for Tor to make a distributed imageboard system resulting in the first prototype pic above. Doing further research I learned that Tor proxies like onion.ws already exist, but are widely shit on by the tor community because of them using tracking cookies and Google ads, logging and selling user IPs, eavesdropping on logins and cookies, and other sketchy things to pay their bills. Deciding the only safe way was to do it in-house, I looked into adapting their same system (tor2web) to do what I wanted, and I nearly forked it until I figured out that I could use their byzantine config system to make it cooperate out of the box. Once I got it working through a lot of trial and error (due to tor2web being maligned by the tor community and very nearly being abandonware with dead support channels and no updates in 9 months), combining it with an HTTP accelerator cache to speed up user experience was my idea. The End Result You can browse and post on 8moe anonymously via the Tor network from any clearnet connection anywhere, almost as fast as on clearnet, and the proxy and the site server both are far more resistant to being deplatformed. If you use DNS over HTTPS on top of this I think you're about as anonymous as you can get. If the domain gets taken down you can access the site via Redchannit, and if Redchannit gets taken down another one can pop up in minutes as opposed to reworking the entire site itself. From a user standpoint the only things that do not work are post editing and deletion due to the referer header being invalid. Board owners and moderators will need to use Tor Browser to access their tools for the same reason. What's Next? I was going to release this in ~10 days, so there are a couple remaining little QoL bugs and things I've yet to fix/tweak. There are experimental ideas on how to make the proxy work and feel more like the clearnet site in regards to user function to explore, and I'm writing up detailed setup guides for a minimalist and a full monty install so it'll be far easier for other imageboard sites to copy what I've done. The system will work closely with the LynxChan tor-control addon that we're developing to allow somewhat better moderation of Tor users. If other sites would like to opt-in to Redchannit they can contact me via the usual admin email.
Edited last time by Acidadmin on 08/11/2020 (Tue) 02:17:39.
Testing this shit.
>>533 I see you.
>>534 Neato, mate. You should probably make this more publicly known on the site, both this URL and the software. Just mentioning it in the GG thread is far from notable.
(212.71 KB 568x543 y28.png)

>>532 I are retarded. Is this like a proxy that can be used by clearnetfags to access the onion domain without the need of Tor?
>>536 Yes, that's precisely it.
(1.31 MB 1080x1337 sleeptight.png)

Just to be sure, acid, if I already use TOR to post and browse on this site, nothing will change for me?
>>538 Correct. This is for anons on the clearnet, the normal onion will still work fine for Tor browser.
>>532 tl;dr
Se we all torfags now? Neato. Does this have anything to do with your plan to be able to ban specific tor users? As in, if someone is using this to access the site through a clearnet browser, you can ban them individually?
>>541 Exactly.
>>542 But what about actual Tor users?
>>543 Its the same. The tor-control system is just a way to link your posting bypass captcha to a server generated ID that can be banned, and a proof-of-work on the captcha that makes getting a new token take a while so you can't spam over Tor very well. It will affect normal tor users and Redchannit users exactly the same, because it doesn't need any of your data other than the captcha token that you have to get in order to post anyway. A possible change/upgrade to Crescent Isle is configuring the proxy to send valid XFF headers encrypted over the Tor network, and then modifying the target site's hidden service to utilize those headers. There are several minor problems with this setup, not least of all that the individual imageboard has to be configured around it, and I'm unsure about messing with that, so for the rollout and foreseeable future Crescent Isle will run in maximum anonymity mode instead.
>>543 Keep using the .onion. This is for people who can't/won't use Toe.
>>537 I see. So now there will be 3 ways to access the site: - Regular address (for clearnetfags) - Direct onion address (for Torfags) - Onion address through CI proxy (for clearnetfags) Two more things: 1.- will the different BO be able to choose if islefags can post on their boards? 2.- will there be a way to ban individual Tor/Isle users?
>>547 >1.- will the different BO be able to choose if islefags can post on their boards? There's no way to control this separately. Tor users on LynxChan (be they on Tor Browser or coming from a CI proxy) are an all or nothing, sitewide deal. Maybe in a future version of LynxChan. >2.- will there be a way to ban individual Tor/Isle users? Yes. We're working together with Stephen Lynx to develop a "tor-control" addon that will allow for this. Stephen is even taking the idea for the proof-of-work captcha and integrating it into LynxChan itself.
>>545 So if actual Tor users' experience won't change, then this doesn't let you ban torfags at all, just clearfags using redchannit. And if that's the case, that you can identify individual users on redchannit, why not give them IDs on the relevant boards instead of making them look like torpedos? If this Tor2Web server is just a proxy for clearfags to access the site during DDoS, what's stopping the this window server from being DDoSed as well? (I don't understand a bunch of the tech talk if that's already been explained in the OP.) Or it just a backup when the main site is DDoSed because it's less likely they'll attack both?
>>549 I think you misunderstood me anon. Sorry, I'll try to tl;dr it more concisely: <As far as LynxChan is concerned there is no difference between Crescent Isle anons and normal Tor anons. They are treated exactly the same, and the Tor ban system being implemented will affect both equally. Crescent Isle is for convenience, allowing anons to access the site if they don't have Tor and something happens to the clearnet (like the recent hiccups with the bad router near the datacenter). But really, honestly, the main, big reason is to protect us in the event of catastrophic deplatforming. With Redchannit we could literally take all of 8chan onto the Tor network forever, go full darknet, and still be accessible to all of our anons, from any clearnet connection anywhere. Redchannit itself is protected from DDoS by Vanwanet, but Cloudflare and DDoS-Shield both work too.
Edited last time by Acidadmin on 07/29/2020 (Wed) 01:26:09.
>>550 >I think you misunderstood me anon. Then you shouldn't have said "Exactly" when I asked if redchannit specifically let you ban individual redchannit users. As it stands, you misunderstood me.
(9.42 KB 225x225 spurdoOK.jpg)

Can't get to the meme site meself. On reading however, it's a fucking neat idea. I've always figured that easy access is the main driver preventing a lot of tech from being more widely used. zeronet? Cool but saves on the clear and takes some tinkering ipfs? same ditching windows and running your gaymes on linux? needs a double click .exe for winfags to do it etc. I'll check it out when it's back up
>>552 The site's up, but the DNS A record was set up to propagate only last night. I noticed that my work computer cant see it yet either, but my home computer and phone both can. Try power cycling your modem/router/computer to flush the DNS cache and make it update.
>>553 >using your router for DNS gooby plz I guess going for dutch pro-privacy DNSs doesn't make for blazin' speed.
DO NOT FALL FOR HIS LIES This is just privoxy with acid's DNS servers. This will expose user IPs. Stay away.
>all this fucking work for a clearnet portal This is so fucking stupid. It takes 3 seconds to setup a tor profile for any browser you want. Are niggers actually so fucking stupid that they can't configure a SOCKS5 proxy for themselves that you need to setup this convoluted shit? This is such a fucking waste of effort compared to any number of tools you could have spent your time on.
(103.45 KB 450x253 kek at u.gif)

>>556 >>557 >>>/v/73636 >>>/v/73637 In your panic to shill you laid it on a little too thick too fast, but at least you remembered to switch to Tor for the last one.
>>558 I'm not the guy screaming that this is a honeypot. I just think hyping up a clearnet portal like it's some revolutionary development is fucking stupid. You'd be much better off just educating anons on how to use tor in a way that suits their needs.
>>559 How is using tor difficult. It's just slow.
>>560 I didn't say it was difficult.
>>557 >It takes 3 seconds to setup a tor profile for any browser you want. That's a bad idea, though, as normal browsers leak info.
(12.36 KB 255x168 samusthumbsup2.jpg)

Nice job, Acid. If it works - we'll see, this is actually a pretty good solution. I admire your passion for the site irregardless.
>>557 >Are niggers actually so fucking stupid that they can't configure a SOCKS5 proxy for themselves that you need to setup this convoluted shit? Yes. Even something like downloading Tor and clicking on run can be a complex task for some people. This shit exists to allow the brainlets running Chrome™ to access the onion domain without worrying about installing a non-Google™/Microsoft™ approved software.
>>563 Then only use sites you trust like open source imageboards with that browser instance. You're leaking a metric fuckton of info either way if you're using the clearnet and a regular browser, the point of tor in this context isn't to have the users agent be bulletproof, it's to have the site itself be impossible to deplatform. Tor doesn't only exists as a tool for user privacy, and doesn't have to be utilized in that way. This is what I mean when I say teach people to use tor in a way that suits their needs, the idea that the only right way to use tor is in the TBB with all niggerscript disabled is just stupid if all you're doing is trying to shit-post with retards about video games and politics. >>566 Isn't this acid retard the same guy responsible for the zeronet site? That's infinitely more complicated and insecure than getting anons to boot up a browser instance configured to use tor.
>>567 >Isn't this acid retard the same guy responsible for the zeronet site? That's infinitely more complicated and insecure than getting anons to boot up a browser instance configured to use tor. >Here's a site that will never lose it's hosting. <But what about the spammers? >Fine, here's a throwaway ID system so the you can blacklist them easily. <But, what about our anonymity. >You can reset the ID as often as you want, and set the site to force anonymous IDs. <But what about Antifa getting our IP address? >Use the site via a VPN or Tor and you should be safe. <But what about people posting cheeze pizza? >You can blacklist entire boards and their creators, and set it so that you will not see a thumbnail for every file posted. <That's not good enough. >And, here's how you can even encrypt the folder containing the program. <That's too complicated. We're better off sticking with a bunch of retards who'd datamine our IP.
>>568 Is your point that zeronet is or isn't too complicated? Because an onion site accessible over tor sounds a lot simpler to me.
>>569 I think the point they are trying to make is that people demand a "perfect" solution to perceived problems, but they also want straightforward, simple solutions. Zeronet solved a lot of problems and was a good idea, but between it being "too complex" for brainlets and the follow-up D&C where people said it was revealing IPs/downloading CP, etc, people abandoned it. And now you have twenty admins all trying to run their own site their own way and running into trouble doing so, but you don't need to be a genius to run imageboard software on a rented server and buy a domain, and literally anyone can connect to it once you supply that. Consider that people are too stupid even for IPs. People won't even change their DNS. I doubt they know how. The average anon is not actually that good with computers.
>>570 So all the torpedo autism is a projection of anons technical incompetence
I learned a lot from 08, and one of the big things is that there is greater priority among most people for ease of use than for security and stability. A "perfect" website that is hard to use simply won't be used by 99.9% of its intended audience. This also means, indirectly, that a site that can never be deplatformed deplatforms itself. Its that triangle of "distributed <> Secure <> Human readable - Pick 2" rearing its head in modified form. 08 is phenomenal and it will always exist. But something more user friendly is needed too, if we're going to fight the de facto centralization of the Internet on a handful of "allowed" sites.
>>570 >The average anon is not actually that good with computers. Better than the average retard, which is the scary part. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not that knowledge about some of the workings of technology, however, with that being said, I wish to place all the blame on towards the retards who cannot not actually explain how anything fucking works without sperging about all their knowledge like you actually give a shit when all that was wanted in the first place was a simple explanation of what it is and why it's important, so then they proceed to lock everything actually useful behind walls of text while giving all the legitimate retards the shpeel about how "technology is magic". And, it's such a problem that I'd receive a more thorough and better understanding from reading history books than actual books about technology.
So, have you ~shilled talked about this project on other sites? I'm sure smuglo.li and maybe julay.world will be interested in having their own implementations of this proxy thing.
>>577 We were going to reach out to Loleron this week before going live, but between the PLW drama and the downtime over clearnet we launched early. I will be reaching out to Robi soon, and I know he has contact with the Smug admin. At the very least, I hope they will opt-in to us serving their site on redchannit, and at best they will host their own instance and we can all provide portals for each other during downtime. Acid is working to put it into a nice package that is easy to install. The real strength of Crescent Isle, as far as I'm concerned, is that anyone can host an instance. As long as you trust the host, you always have a clearnet gateway. The more people are hosting, the stronger the network.
I spammed the following message on the meta threads of a bunch of different boards in an attempt to spread awareness about this project: Just a heads up: Since the site has been going offline for random periods of time, and because not everyone wants (or knows how) to use the onion address on Tor, Acid has deployed a Tor2web proxy that allows anyone to access the onion link through their regular browsers without the need of additional software. The proxy is located at https://redchannit.net/, and from there you can access to and post on /board/ or any other board without problem. Proof in case you don't believe me: >>>/site/532 Sorry in advance if this causes any trouble.
>Clearnet goes down again for the umpteenth time. >No one using redchannit A huge success!
>>607 Can't fix niggers being lazy.
>>607 I'm using it
>>610 It's literally as simple as bookmarking or remembering redchannit.net. He even used a fucking well known joke at SVU's expense to increase memorability. This is normalfag levels of laziness.
>>610 And you're one faggot. There's not enough faggots like you. Whenever this fucking site "goes down", a single person, me, makes up the majority of posts, and I'm on Tor. Niggers won't use redchannit.
>>615 You aren't a portalnigger, are you anon?
>>607 redchannit doesn't fucking work.
>>617 Yes, I'm a fellow portalnigger, anon. I would never stoop to being a genuine torPedo. What do you take me for, some kind of kiddy fiddling glownigger?
>>619 Fuck you portalnigger. I'll KILL all portalniggers. Don't accuse me of being that filth ever again.
>>618 Works on my machine™. Now back to Tor.
>>620 TOR AKBAR!
(313.00 B 26x26 ClipboardImage.png)

>>617 Portalnigger on Tor and proud!
What's the point of this? Defeats the point of Tor completely.
>>710 How so?
>>710 Half of tor is hiding the sites server. The other half is hiding the user. So it only defeats half of the point of tor.
>>712 This. This is a tor setup for protecting the SITE instead of just protecting the user.

(866.59 KB 945x1200 Asuka oppai.png)

AS PROMISED, HERE IS HOW TO CREATE A CRESCENT ISLE SERVER Sorry it took a bit. To use this, just open the file and go through the README FIRST textfile for detailed instructions. I have also filled the config files with (hopefully) useful comments on what each section does and how to modify them. Also included are the repository files for tor2web itself in case that repository is ever taken offline or a version incompatibility arises. I recommend using the official install instructions, but its better to be safe than sorry. I'm also going to tinker with an install-and-configure script so that a potato could get a PCI server up and running with ease, but making this was the first step to such a thing anyway. But for now, this is the official setup documentation for Crescent Isle.
test test test can i upload media through the redchannit tor2web proxy?
>>922 cool
>>532 The government already has my history up until this point
is it wise to do this for nanochan and nntpchan too?
>>1296 Last I recall nanochan specifically went out of their way to break clearnet portals being able to access their site. Of course this was with the original owner so maybe things have changed.
>>532 sauce

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