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/ss/ Notice Board

Welcome to /ss/! This board is dedicated to straight shotacon hentai. Please read the rules before creating a thread! RULES:

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Meta Thread

Thread for meta discussion of the /ss/ board, its moderation, and whatever else. Complain about the rules, request changes, call me mean names, etc. Rule 6 and any other rules related to discussion will be enforced much more loosely within this thread. Feel free to post any potential banners in this thread. Banner details: >Max size: 1MB >Current banners resolution: 300px wide by 100px tall; Not mandatory for banners to be this exact resolution, but would be much appreciated. Potential spoiler images are also welcome; No file size or resolution requirements for those but preferably less than 500px.

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/ss/ games? /ss/ games!

Lets have a thread for all games /ss/ related! Played some /ss/ game recently? post it here! Working on an /ss/ game? post it here! Got ideas for an /ss/ game? post it here! Let me start by posting a few I know about. First is probably the most popular recent /ss/ western game. Insexual awakening. Play as a little dude, play minigames, fuck your family and whoever else crosses your path

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interracial straight shota

dark skinned females with shotas or any thing thats interracial /ss/

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General Thread

This thread is for: >Any straight shota media/content/links that don't warrant their own thread. >General conversation/arguments, even if unrelated to straight shota. >Isolated source requests, i.e. "Anyone know what this image is from?" with an attached image, not linked to from somewhere else on the board. >Shilling Advertising This thread is NOT for: >large dumps of straight shota media that warrant their own thread. >Source requests for media already posted somewhere else on the board, i.e. "Anyone know where the image in >>2 is from?". Please keep those source requests in the same thread the media was originally posted in.

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Trap shotas with girls

Don't know why I like it but I like it. Feminine looking shotas having their way with girls! These first few are all by Ankoman

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Small/Realistic Penis Size

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Since it's allowed now

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Superpowered /ss/

All /ss/ related to superheros, supervillains, and all the in between!

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Big dick shotas

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Furry x Shota

Furry females with human or furry shotas.

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'Straight toddlercon' or particularly young/small shotas. Adult women only

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Futa x Shota

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Doujin Dump

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Kloah thread

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Books, fanfics, scribbles of blood on the wall of a dungeon. Cartoons, anime, or IRL; If it has relations between an older woman and a younger man, I wanna know about it.

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