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(113.94 KB 553x643 25.JPG)
General Thread NotADemon Board owner 06/10/2021 (Thu) 00:54:14 No. 348
This thread is for: >Any straight shota media/content/links that don't warrant their own thread. >General conversation/arguments, even if unrelated to straight shota. >Isolated source requests, i.e. "Anyone know what this image is from?" with an attached image, not linked to from somewhere else on the board. >Shilling Advertising This thread is NOT for: >large dumps of straight shota media that warrant their own thread. >Source requests for media already posted somewhere else on the board, i.e. "Anyone know where the image in >>2 is from?". Please keep those source requests in the same thread the media was originally posted in.
(23.27 KB 420x260 87665510_p0.jpg)
I don't really understand this fetish, particularly with guys that are into it. What's the appeal? Why would you be into this? Does it have some overlap with a gigantic women kink? Is it an ageplay thing? Do you want to be a little boy? Why? Hope I don't seem rude, I really just don't see why guys would be into this.
(414.73 KB 850x1587 12.jpg)
>>352 I'll try to only speak for myself >What's the appeal? Why would you be into this? There's myriad reasons, I'd say the biggest is the power dynamic and comfort that comes from the age difference; There's less of a social expectation for the boy to be confident/socially competent, and it's more acceptable or even expected for him to be sexually/romantically inexperienced or nervous. That makes for a very comfortable fantasy. >Does it have some overlap with a gigantic women kink? For me at least, yes, although usually I prefer "Mini-giantess", ~7-10ft tall. Some GFD/role reversal is very appealling because of the social freedom like I mentioned, and size difference definitely improves that. Andin a way, the larger a woman is relative to you, the larger her breasts/hips etc. are by extension, so there's that. >Do you want to be a little boy? Why? I don't want to be ME when I was a boy, I was pretty gross, rude and lonely. I do however find the idea of living out a (lewd) perfect fantasy childhood as portrayed in a lot of straight shota media(i.e. Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou) incredibly appealing and comforting.
>>353 >there's less of a social expectation for the boy to be confident/socially competent, and it's more acceptable or even expected for him to be sexually/romantically inexperienced or nervous Oh! That does make sense, I never thought about that. I probably never would think of that, since I think inexperience in boys is cute, even if they're my own age.
(1.15 MB 689x950 ClipboardImage.png)
>>352 Honestly I believe I'm one of the outliers when I see people talking about why they like /ss/. I'm not into the femdom aspect gentle or not and honestly like when the shota is in charge. I don't think of it more than when you hear a story of a teacher getting caught fucking a student and going "hey way to go kid/I wish that was me" where its more of people wanting to be in the kids body with their current mind, at least that's my reasoning for it. The first real introduction I could think of is the old PBX /ss/ like kamehasutra. For the time it was way higher quality than everything around it and I just gravitated towards Pic related if thats fine
Also this being stickied and bumplocked/anchored is very strange. It makes it so it never appears on the overboard, which is the only way I'll remember this board exists. >>355 That picture is very far away from my tastes. I appreciate your input though.
>>352 Pretty much anything you can think of and a few things you wouldn't think of are reasons why I like straight shota. The biggest reason is that it's a gateway and an easy way to find content featuring women who're either tall, thick, muscular, or older. 'm comfortable with being a manly man, but I feel like a shota is the ideal form for a male to be in when having sex for the sake of receiving maximum pleasure and being or remaining sensitive to the stimuli that women provide. A shota can more easily enjoy being the little spoon or having a spasm-inducing orgasm than a man could. A shota's cock is better able to feel lips on its shaft compared to a man's dick. /ss/ also includes things like guys losing to the pussy, or just porn where the woman isn't merely an easily-conquered obstacle who orgasms with every thrust she receives, and the guy isn't a perpetual piston who only nuts because cumshots are a porn staple. While it's harder for a woman to get off with a younger guy, shotas generally compensate with their energy or youth, and there's way more content where both partners enjoy the sex than in hentai where all the characters are adults. I'm not into guys, but guys looking and feeling very satisfied thanks to the ladies they're with is a hard turn on. What >>353 said also applies. My horniest sexual fantasy is one filled with mutual sexual, emotional and romantic pampering with Christmas cakes, milfs, and other developed women with amazonian or venus-esque bodies standing between 7 to 8 feet tall. A very comfy dream of being a prepubescent house husband to a well-toned tan lady who puts bread on the table, while being regularly drained of my semen at least twice a day. By the way, are you a femanon, or a lolicon?
(393.82 KB 850x1269 110.jpg)
(170.72 KB 850x563 8.jpg)
(175.95 KB 1022x1200 63.jpeg)
(639.94 KB 1000x1000 89164628_p1.jpg)
>>358 Seems to make sense to me now. It seems a bit silly to think it's all that hard to find guys depicted sexually just equal or less experienced than the woman, and have trouble getting those comfy scenarios. IRL those guys are everywhere, I'm even dating one. It makes sense, though, when thinking about it, that ss is the easiest gateway to that dynamic. >femanon yeah Most ss isn't very good, to me, but I like cute boys and cute small pp, so some of it is nice to see. I don't like amazonian women or tits bigger than her head. I just want realistic proportions. Though, I guess I did have a friend when we were 13 who had boobs bigger than her head. Puberty is whack sometimes.
>>363 The big women is more of a thing for the male audience, really, like a "have your cake and eat it too" sort of deal. I don't mind realistic and average proportions, but then it becomes of a cute thing than a sexual one for me. As for the guys depicted, it's not just a matter of experience, but also that most straight porn is for people who insist on guys constantly working to "earn" the sex they get, even during the sex itself, or for people who are all about the idea of sex being more about power than intimacy.
(318.17 KB 1168x1416 1608508249810.png)
>>348 >Isolated source requests, i.e. "Anyone know what this image is from?" Anyone know what this image is from? I know the characters are Kaisa and David from Hilda but I couldn't find the complete picture neither on paheal nor xxx. Looks like a cropped picture.
>>365 The artist is Gothictaco, but she has a history of nuking her accounts due to restrictions against shotacon on most sites. Think she's only really active on Discord or drawpiles with Sinensian. By the way, how many drawfags and other content creators of any kind are present on this board? I know there's at least a few. I'm also pretty sure there's at least a few anons who can at least shitout some greentext stories, MS paint images, or Illusion game/SFM screenshots.
(54.28 KB 480x360 fucking weird.mp4)
I read that JAV post on the overboard before clicking to reply and it's gone but the mark it left on my psyche is here to stay
>>375 I don't whether the guy who made the post deleted it himself or if the BO took action but I'm relieved either way. Where the fuck did this "pedomom" and "pedowhore" shit even come from?
>>376 BO did it, and included a one day ban for reason of global rule 2 violation. And apparently it came from Japan, anon
>>377 >Came from Japan Must be a VPN then, or a SEAnigger. Most of the people like that are ESLs from SEA or South America, or westerners with severe Oedipus complexes. Never heard of any multilingual Japanese speaking that way, not even the most degenerate among them.
>>379 No, he was talking about JAVs, which stands for Japanese Adult Videos. So, what he's talking about came from Japan
>>373 I wonder that too. I know the board isn't popular but I don't know how the traffic looks, I mean shit I've made most of the posts on the board it feels like. I wonder how much we would embarrass ourselves if somebody made a drawthread or something because it would get not artists coming through it
>>385 The /ss/ board on 8chan before it got kicked off the clearnet had a drawthread, but most of it was just request-begging ESLs and captionfags. I swear, I'm envious of the lolicon fanbase due to it having much more quality and active people and drawfags than the /ss/ fans. By the way, someone a while ago advertised his server on this board. Currently it's just turned into a general coomer server, with the original creators leaving due to the loss of focus on content.

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